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nicholas_lorenzo_photoBreakfast reading from the True Crime Report archives: Perhaps there was some confusion on the part of Nicholas Lorenzo, 25. After all, he worked behind a meat counter at a Safeway — so he might have thought beating his own meat was part of the job. Unfortunately for him, he was arrested after asking if he could help a female customer with something while allegedly stroking himself behind the counter. That was extra service she could have done without. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire:Back in 2013, we told you about Boobies Rock!, which sent hot girls into bars to sell merchandise emblazoned with the company’s name that supposedly raised money to fight cancer — although many, if not most, of the proceeds allegedly went into the pocket of the organization’s founder, Adam Shryock. Over the years that followed, Shryock went to jail several times for reasons related to this and other scams, and now he’s headed back again, for failing to file a tax return in regard to his ill-gotten gains. Westword has the story.

jason.granger.natalie.tysdal.daybreakReading from the Voice Media empire: On a recent edition of the morning program Daybreak, co-host Natalie Tysdal was joined by Jason Granger, founder and CEO of Infinity Marketing Group for a segment in which he showed off three phone apps that allow users to track the whereabouts of family or friends. But neither viewers nor staffers at the station knew at the time that Granger was arrested, convicted and served time in jail last year for stalking a former significant othe. Westword has the story.

lori.saine.shooting.facebookReading from the Voice Media empire: Representative Lori Saine was arrested at a major airport on suspicion of introducing a firearm into a transportation facility. Police have now released a probable-cause statement that reveals the make and style of Saine’s weapon: a Kahr Arms 9mm semi-automatic handgun that’s the subject of consistently positive online reviews and a YouTube video that’s been viewed more than 67,000 times at this writing. Westword has the story.

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