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carlos-quijada-screen-captureBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Think you’ve got the worst landlord ever? After hearing about the accusations against Carlos Quijada, you may reconsider. Quijada is accused of having sex in an apartment shared by male and female tenants and then using the woman’s wedding dress to clean up afterward. And it was all caught on video. Westword has the story.

riverside-dating-app-suspect-2Riverside Police Department

Oscar “Manny” Mandujano-Quinonez allegedly used online dating sites not to steal hearts but to steal purses. The Riverside Police Department is investigating Mandujano-Quinonez, who was arrested yesterday on suspicion of grand theft, for several incidents, according to Detective Bryon Adcox.

“We found multiple victims and their personal belongings,” Adcox says — and there may be more. So far three victims, from Moreno Valley, Hemet and Riverside, have been identified, according to the detective. “One woman got ripped off a couple months ago, and the case spiraled from there,” he says.


The driving infractions and fines had piled up on Robin Clearey, who stood before Magistrate Joe Licata after she got ticketed for driving without a license, for driving with expired registration and because her car didn’t have taillights.

She had been through this many times before, she told the judge, and at that very moment she also had a criminal case pending for driving with an invalid license, for which she would stay in jail unless she paid a $3,500 bond. Licata warned her that, if she didn’t pay the fines for these tickets and renew her license after paying surcharges to the Department of Public Safety, “you’re gonna get arrested every time you get pulled over.”

That was nothing to her, Clearey responded — because she had already become trapped in a cycle of arrests.

“It’s nothing to me either,” Licata told her. “It’s job security.”

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