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calle-ocho-street-fightDaymi Fernandez

There’s no good reason to get into a fight at Miami’s annual Calle Ocho festival. Everyone is happy, the food is delicious, and you could even watch a dude wolf down 158 croquetas at this year’s El Croquetazo eating contest.

So huge congrats to these morons, who took a good thing and beat it over the head with a chair.

On Sunday, a massive street brawl broke out at the festival, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary. In the clip uploaded to Facebook and then widely shared, at least ten people can be seen throwing random haymakers at one another and slamming each other onto the soaked pavement. A poor group of festival workers stood behind a fence, literally penned in by the fight.

jonathan.sdao.mug.shotBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Sdao is a former student at Maine’s Colby College, and last May, just prior to graduation at the institution, he was reportedly among a crowd of between 200 and 250 students who’d gathered around a bonfire — though it would be more accurately described as a dumpster fire fueled by flaming mattresses and furniture. Things got wetter from there. Westword has the story.

michael.torres.mug.shotBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Torres was busted on suspicion of harassment, domestic violence and violating a protection order for repeatedly hurling the projectiles at his girlfriend’s window early yesterday morning. And to add that special touch of creepiness, the icy mounds were soaked with blood — presumably his, though there are no DNA test results yet to prove it. Westword has the story.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 6.13.49 PMScreenshot/Twitter

A group of white nationalists that don’t think they’re white supremacists traipsed around the Rice University campus and placed at least four “recruitment” fliers on trees and traffic-light boxes as part of their mission to save white people from the genocide they see on the horizon.

According to Rice University police, students began reporting the fliers and chattering about them on Twitter. One flier, signed by the American Vanguard, said, “We have a right to exist” with a picture of white people’s faces, and another said “Defending your people is a social duty, not an anti-social crime” with a picture of mom and child, according to Rice spokesman B.J. Almond. Others posted at Texas universities including Texas State and the University of Texas – Dallas drew inspiration from President Donald Trump.

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