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Pouillon, left, even protested outside church daycare centers

​After anti-abortion protestor James Pouillon was murdered in Owosso, Michigan Friday, pro-life activists and conservative Christians began calling him a martyr, comparing him to slain Dr. George Tiller, and demanding condolences from President Obama.

They wondered how Tiller, an abortion doctor, could create so much outrage — even from pro-life camps — after being murdered in a Wichita church, while Pouillon could be gunned down and not get a peep from Obama or groups like Planned Parenthood. But the answer’s pretty simple. He’s just not a sympathetic character.

You may have not liked what Tiller did for a living, but he did it in private with those who willingly sought his services. Pouillon, by contrast, protested outside churches, high schools, even car dealerships, with signs depicting aborted fetuses. We still don’t know if his killer was rabidly pro-choice, or just didn’t like the way Pouillon shoved his beliefs so graphically in front of kids. And therein lies the rub…

Her stalker isn’t exactly winning his way into her heart

​A Los Angeles court has ordered 24-year-old Zachory Loring to steer at least 100 yards from The Hills star Audrina Patridge and her brother Mark. It’s hard to believe, but Patridge is unimpressed by his attempts to woo her.

When Loring first showed up at her home in August, he presented her with poems and, for reasons unknown, a picture of a woman being strangled, which doesn’t generally have the same pull as a dozen roses. The next time he showed up he sat on her porch for seven hours. And the next time he hung out near some trash cans.

As experts on the amorous arts will tell you, this kind of behavior rarely takes the A train to a woman’s heart. “Ms. Patridge is in great fear of returning to her home and is
currently staying outside of Los Angeles County due to her fear for her
personal and physical safety,” Patridge’s lawyer wrote in her request for a restraining order.

The smart money says this guy won’t make a very good husband

​Any dog owner might expect a four-month-old puppy to occasionally pee on the floor. Since they don’t speak our language, they tend to be a little slow with the potty training. But when Steven Lawrence Maldonado’s new German shepherd peed on the floor, he took it as an act of aggression.

Police were called to his Las Cruces, New Mexico apartment after residents said a woman was screaming. They say Maldonado had been hit and dragged his fiance across the floor. After beating on his wife-to-be, he hit and kicked the dog, then threw it against a wall.

The dog’s injuries were too severe to save it, and Maldonado has been charged with battery and animal cruelty.

Little tip for the bride-to-be: This is probably not the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Updated video above…

Vadim Ignatov: Muslim hater may also be welfare cheat and religious psycho

​It’s safe to say Vadim Ignatov doesn’t like Muslims. On more than one occasion he went to neighbors Suzanne and Fadi Hachem to curse them and tell them to “go home,” according to Portland, Oregon police reports. “He said, ‘Oh, they’re praying loud,'” Suzanne told KATU-TV. “And he started saying f-words.”
But Ignatov wasn’t content to be an abusive yet harmless neighbor. The Hachems’, who have three children, say he also fired shots into their in upscale Portland home on three occasions. The first came June 19, then again on August 29. Two days later, he was shooting at the house again. No one was hurt, but it’s left the Lebanese family frightened for their lives.

Yet for a man seemingly intent on keeping the Muslim hordes from America, Ignatov isn’t exactly a model of patriotism. After he was arrested, police launched a separate investigation into welfare fraud …

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s once again time for another episode of True Crime’s Top 5 Creeps of the Week, featuring the most depraved people found in these here United States. We begin this week’s countdown with that creepiest brand of creep, the guy who videotapes friends in his own bathroom…


No. 5 James Reed: This Laurelville, Ohio man was a generous host. Whenever guests came to his house, he’d secretly videotape them when they went to the bathroom, just so he could savor the visit later. Police discovered cameras rigged to a vent that produced more than 200 DVDs and videotapes over a decade. One scene showed a 7-year-old girl, and police also found child porn downloaded in his computer. James Reed, say hello to your new cellmate, Big Corky from the Aryan Nation. He’ll love to hear how you went perv on all those white women

Michael King raped and murdered a police detective’s daughter

​In last week’s episode of This Guy’s Gotta Die, we introduced you to uber-creep Michael Jacques, convicted of raping a 9-year-old, then raping and killing his own niece. We turn today to an equally large piece of shit by the name of Michael King.

He’s been convicted of the 2008 Florida case of Denise Amber Lee, a wife, mother of two young boys, and the daughter of a police detective. A jury convicted King of abducting Denise from her home, then taking her to his house, where he raped her and shot her in the head. She was buried in a ditch.

During the trial, jurors heard recordings of Denise’s 911 calls made in the midst of the abduction. She was heard pleading with King: “I’m sorry. I just want to see my family. … I just want
to see my family again. Please. … Oh, please, I just want to see my
family again. Let me go…”

Thomas West, baby puncher

​When police arrived at the Swanton, Vermont home of Thomas J. West, they found a badly injured two-month old. West, who was babysitting the girl, claimed he didn’t know how the infant got hurt.

But on further questioning, West confessed that he became frustrated when he couldn’t get the girl to stop crying. So he dropped her on the floor and then punched her in the head. Yes, he punched a two-month-old baby in the head.

The girl is now in the hospital with skull fractures, and West has been charged with first-degree domestic assault. He might just decide it’s wiser to stay in jail. As we learned earlier today, the slam can be a lot safer for creeps like him. He’s likely not looking forward to facing the girl’s father once he’s released.

The kids beat raccoons to death for points and fun

​A group of at least 15 people in rural Wisconsin invented a new game, according to the state’s Department of Natural Resources. The high school friends would run around the woods clubbing wild animals to death, scoring points for each slain critter. Though details of the point system are unclear, one can logically conclude that the winner will be granted Beaver Dam High School’s prestigious Most Likely To Become A Serial Killer Award.

Thankfully, the DNR received a tip involving this twisted little game. While the game wasn’t a criminal offense in Wisconsin, agents have done their best to make these little bastards pay. They’ve loaded up five juveniles and 10 adults age 22 and under with 158 violations of state game laws.

The charges range from illegally killing protected wild animals to hunting without a license.


​Juston Lee Bruno is proof of the theory that pit bull owners are often mentally and testicularly challenged. A witness in Beaumont, Texas called police to say Bruno, 30, had taken a 74-year-old neighbor’s toy poodle and thrown it to his pit bulls. When cops arrived, they found one of the dogs chewing on the poodle’s carcass.

Ida Scott says Bullett was given to her by a daughter-in-law. It was of particular comfort to her husband Andrew, who is frequently hospitalized for diabetes. “Bullett was just
about what keeps him alive,” Scott’s sister, Virginia Hardin, told the Houston Chronicle. “He
sleeps at the foot of my brother-in-law’s bed. When he was in the
hospital, he would talk to (Bullett) over the phone. No matter what he goes through, when Bullett’s here, he manages to smile.”

Bruno’s now facing felony charges of animal cruelty.