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This is just how they roll in Round Rock, Texas law enforcement

​If this is Thursday, that means it must be time for another fabulous episode of This Week in Police Bungling! [Cue the French horns.] In fact, True Crime has such a full menu, we can’t tell you about the Minnesota Gang Strike Force that went rogue itself. Or the officer who stun gunned the daughter of a Cincinnati city councilman. Or the Baltimore cops who staged a fake raid — complete with helicopter — to help with a Maryland state delegate’s marriage proposal.

But we can tell you about saucy barmaids posing with rifles, as the fine deputies of Midland County, Texas come in at No. 5 in our countdown…

Latron Washington: This wasn’t the best way to break into law enforcement

​Forgive Nassau County, New York police for being a little suspicious. They responded to a call outside a Long Island nightclub in which 33-year-old Latron Washington, who claimed to be an off-duty transit cop, said he’d been robbed by five masked gunmen.

But police decided there was something weird when his story didn’t quite match up.

Turns out Washington wasn’t a cop at all, but he did like to play one while out on a night of clubbing. Police found an NYPD jacket, uniform and scanner in his car. More alarming, they also found a stun gun in his pocket, suggesting Washington was likely more than just a wannabe who enjoyed impressing women with his fake cop cache.

He was arrested on charges of impersonating an officer, possession of a dangerous weapon and making a false statement.

Moses Dabud allegedly operated with a creep’s sense of customer service

​On July 25, an unnamed woman was the last customer in the Clackamas, Oregon Furniture Gallery store before closing time. That’s when police say 40-year-old salesman Mussa Isai “Moses” Dabud began to fondle and attempte to rape her. She escaped and notified police. Dabud was arrested a month later.

Authorities, thinking this wasn’t Dabud’s first attack, asked the public for tips on additional crimes. Since then no less than nine women have come forward to say the same thing happened to them, dating back to at least 2005.

Investigators now believe that Dabud is a serial sexual predator, attacking women just before closing time under the assumption they’d never tell the cops. Detective John Krummenaker told The Oregonian newspaper that he expects to hear from even more women. “I believe it to be the tip of the iceberg. I’ve never received so many tips where the callers are victims rather than providing information.”

Mercedes Farquharson, the fake God of Monroe, NC

After living as a fugitive for four years — first in Spain, then in Bulgaria — Mercedes Farquharson is back in a North Carolina jail, accused of essentially enslaving three girls on a Monroe, N.C. farm from 2001 to 2005.

Our story begins in London in the 1990s, when the mother of Jasmine and Holly Lloyd had just divorced and was struggling to raise her two daughters. So she allegedly gave the children to Farquharson, who convinced them she was a God-like deity and ordered them to obey her every command.

Though details are still a bit sketchy, they supposedly moved to a North Carolina farm in 2001, where Farquharson is accused of basically treating them as indentured laborers. The kids, along with another adopted girl named Emma, were starved, beaten and held out of school…

Dayle Shear claims to have predicted Jaycee Lee Dugard’s return

​Benjamin Radford, the “bad science” columnist for the site Live Science, clearly isn’t a fan of the use of psychics in criminal cases. He argues that all too often they make predictions that are “either wrong or so general
and vague that it was useless,” then claim victory when the general and vague come true.

In this instance, he’s speaking of Dayle Schear, a Reno psychic who was hired by Jaycee Lee Dugard’s parents in the abduction of their daughter 18 years ago. On her website, Shear claims credit for “solving numerous
cases including finding lost possessions, locating
missing items, missing
persons, murders, by seeing
into the past, present and future.”

And now she’s claiming she envisioned where Jaycee was generally being held, and predicted the girl would return to her parents one day: “I looked her [Jaycee’s mother] in the eyes and I said… eventually she’ll
walk through the door, you’re going to see her again.”

But Radford has a different word for it: Bullshit…

Have you ever watched those shiny, happy folks on your local morning newscasts and wondered what’s really going on between them? Affairs, perhaps, or at least some enmity? Well, I certainly have, but then again, I’m kind of geared to ask such questions. That’s why the unfolding story of the morning team at WXOW in La Crosse, WI is interesting, to me.

Zach Brown

It’s not even clear that morning meteorologist Zach Brown actually did anything criminal. But he damn sure is being accused of doing something creepy, to the degree that his AM broadcasting partner, Amy Dupont, has reportedly filed a restraining order against the weather dude. From La Crosse talk radio station WIZM:

Channel 19 morning news anchor Amy Dupont has been receiving nasty emails for about a year now. Never threatening, but harassing, with comments derogatory about her, and her on-air work. After putting up with the nasty comments for awhile, she searched the name of the person who signed them. And the name was that of a registered sex offender. That was when Dupont got the police involved. They subpoenaed the IP address of the computer from where the mean-spirited emails originated. And they discovered the source of those emails was not a registered sex offender, but in fact came from an internet address registered to her partner on WXOW’s morning news program, Zach Brown.

It’s almost like the e-mails were ‘coming from inside THE HOUSE.’

WIZM reports that there will be a hearing on June 23 over Dupont seeking a restraining order against Brown. The radio station also reported that WXOW’s website no longer contained any trace of Brown having worked there, but that’s not exactly true, at least at the moment. Brown did, however, have a Twitter account that has apparently been deleted. His last tweet was on June 11, and directed at Al Roker – he apparently had some questions about surgery Roker had some 7 years ago (is that when Roker had gastric bypass?).

It may be that because the e-mails didn’t contain directly threatening text that Brown won’t face any kind criminal charges. Still – if he really did send the messages in question and deliberately chose the name of a registered sex offender to do it, how freaking creepy is that?

Next time you tilt back your morning cup as you’re watching your own local newsfolks bantering playfully on the flatscreen in the breakfast nook, ask yourself which one of those smiley people seems most likely to one day just lose it. Or don’t. I don’t actually wish my method of waking each day on anyone. 

Screencap from Miranda Tozier-Robbins’s YouTube favorites

Who can possibly resist this story? “Ex-Idol Contestant Arrested at Britney’s House!”

Quoting from Star Magazine:

Miranda Tozier-Robbins, a contestant during season five of Idol, was taken into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday morning after she was seen by security guards looking in the windows of Britney Spears’ new home in Calabasas, Calif.

Tozier-Robbins upped the batshit-crazy ante by wearing camouflage as she tromped around on Britney’s flowerbeds and probably more than a few discarded and heavily lipsticked cigarette butts.

eduer2.jpgOn Wednesday, police found the silver Honda Insight owned by missing Cal Poly Pomona student Elizabeth Duer. The 27-year-old landscape architecture student vanished on the evening of September 7 from her home in Baldwin Park, CA, after telling a roommate that she was running an errand.
Duer’s vehicle was found in the parking lot of a bank in Hacienda Heights. Police say they found no evidence of foul play. According to the Whittier (CA) Daily News, Duer deposited $600 in the bank on the night she disappeared. When her car was found it was coated with a layer of dust and looked as though it had been in the lot for some time — perhaps since the night of Duer’s disappearance.
A peculiar and potentially chilling wrinkle to this case is the fact that Duer told others that she feared she was being stalked. She reported a stalker to police in Baldwin Park as well as the Cal Poly Pomona PD. She didn’t give a description of the stalker, she just said she thought she was being followed.
Police in Baldwin Park admit that they don’t have that many leads in this case.
Here’s what we do know, thanks in part to a long article published by the Whittier newspaper:
* Elizabeth may have had a dispute with a roommate in February this year, but police doubt that confrontation is related to the alleged stalking. The roommate allegedly entered Elizabeth’s room without permission. This prompted Elizabeth’s landlord to ask him to move. The roommate said he would go back to Taiwan. Police didn’t confirm whether or not he actually did so.
* No phone calls have been made from Elizabeth’s cell since Sept. 7. There has been no bank activity since she deposited money that same night.
* Elizabeth Duer’s landlord, Betty Tsao, received a strange phone call the night Elizabeth vanished, but earlier reports about that call may have been confusing in part because according to the Daily News, Ms. Tsao “is not a native English speaker.”
* Elizabeth kept a “strict schedule,” most of the time.
* The day she dropped out of sight, Elizabeth baked cakes for herself and her roommates. There was no reason, such as a birthday; she just tended to do things like that for others.
* As Elizabeth left on the 7th, she told a roommate to relay to Ms. Tsao that she’d be back later that night. Ms. Tsao said that this was unusual; Elizabeth “didn’t usually say” such things.
* During a press conference given Thursday, Baldwin Park police Captain Mike Taylor said everyone associated with the missing woman has been very cooperative — including her boyfriend.
It’s hard to figure out what may have happened here. If viewed from a slight remove, that makes this young woman’s disappearance unusually intriguing.
On the one hand, people have faked being stalked in the past. Usually this is due to some form of mental illness. And that kind of mental illness could lead to self-destructive, even suicidal behaviors.
In this case, there’s no sign yet that Elizabeth Duer had any traits that might have made others suspect she was shamming about being stalked. Another tell-tale sign that she may have truly thought she was somehow being targeted: good luck trying to find any trace of the woman online. I can’t say that she didn’t have any personal profiles, because I’m not always able to find such things — but I’m usually pretty good at it, and so far, I’ve found no trace of Elizabeth Duer on Facebook, MySpace, or any other, similar (but less popular) site. She seems to have either had no use for the Web or she made a conscious effort to keep traces of herself offline.
Elizabeth’s family is truly worried. Yesterday I contacted one of her cousins, the owner of a weblog titled Scattered Marbles. She’s posted a number of articles on her blog about Elizabeth’s disappearance, and she told me that Brent Weaver, a cousin who has spoken to the press quite a bit, will be responding to me sometime today. If he does, I’ll post another entry.
In the meantime — Elizabeth Duer is 5’8″ and 120 lbs. She’s a hazel-eyed brunette. If you’ve seen her or have information that may help bring her home again, get in touch with Baldwin Park Detective Mark Harvey at (626) 960-1955, extension #421.
[Whittier Daily News]

Elizabeth Duer, age 27, vanished 11 days ago. On September 7 the CalPoly Pomona student told a roommate she was heading out to run an errand. She left her Baldwin Park, CA apartment — where she’d lived for about a year — in her silver Honda Insight.
Then she just dropped off the face of the earth.
Elizabeth’s cousin, Brent Weaver, told KABC in Los Angeles that it wasn’t like Elizabeth “at all” to simply walk away from everything. To vanish on her own. Brent said that there was “no conceivable reason the family can think of why she wouldn’t have contacted somebody.” Elizabeth Duer, said her cousin, was “not the type of person” to just go away without telling someone.
Before she disappeared, Elizabeth Baldwin claimed she was being stalked. One press source stated that she’d been making this claim for a year and a half. And the day Elizabeth disappeared, something creepy happened. Duer’s landlord, Betty Tsao, received an odd phone call.
The call came around 10 that night. Tsao said it came from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Tsao told KABC that the caller said ‘We have Elizabeth.’
The caller asked questions that just sounded wrong. He asked if Elizabeth was at home. Then he said she’d be home soon.
In his interview with KABC, Brent Weaver said there was another problem with this phone call. The L.A. County Sheriff, Weaver said, “has no record of the call. We don’t know who this guy was.”
Elizabeth’s family believes she had a stalker. She also had a boyfriend, and he seems to think she did, too.
Speaking to another LA TV station, Brent Weaver said, “Her boyfriend thought it was possible that she was actually going to confront this person that she thought was a stalker — and we don’t know that, but that’s what we’re extremely worried about, that if she was going to confront this person, something bad could’ve happened. We just don’t know.”
Elizabeth’s aunt, Pati Weaver, spoke to the Whittier Daily News about her niece’s disappearance. She said that it was strange that Elizabeth left her room unlocked. The whole situation, said Pati Weaver, is “just so unlike” Elizabeth Duer.
Elizabeth is a brunette with hazel eyes. She is 5’8″ tall and weighs about 120 lbs. Her silver Honda is a 2000 model, California plate #5WXE205. Call Detective Mark Harvey at 626-960-1955 if you have any information about her disappearance.
[, and Whittier Daily News.]

November, 2007 news story about David Ajemian, via YouTube and WCVB Television.
Wow, it’s just crazy priest Friday ’round these parts. Our newest frater rabidus is actually not so new at all — it’s former Father David Ajemian, the priest who came to infamy by stalking late-night talker Conan O’Brien.
The first tidbit about Ajemian — it looks as though he has a yen for stalking celebrities no other psycho would think to stalk. According to the Boston Globe, one Lindsay Crouse, ex-wife of playwright David Mamet, has accused Ajemian of sending her “very disturbing” letters. Ajemian allegedly sent one missive to a theater where Ms. Crouse was performing in a play, and the other letter through the mail.
Secondly, there’s this, a statement from the Archdiocese of Boston, issued on September 11:

[…] the Archdiocese of Boston was informed that Fr. David Ajemian, against the wishes of his bishop, Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley, and medical professionals, checked himself out of a medical facility located outside Massachusetts where he has been staying for the past several months. Our understanding is that he plans initially to return to Massachusetts to the care of his family.
As a priest of the Archdiocese of Boston, Fr. David Ajemian made a promise of obedience to his bishop when he was ordained in 2001. In the context of these vows and with his medical care a priority, Fr. Ajemian was instructed to remain at an out of state residential treatment facility indefinitely to receive the care he requires. By his own actions, he has violated this mandate from his bishop. Therefore, he is Absent Without Permission. He is not authorized to function as a priest.
We pray for Fr. Ajemian, for his family and for all those who are concerned about his health and well-being. We also pray for those who have been impacted by Fr. Ajemian’s actions.

So he’s got that going for him.
I did this post about Ajemian for Radar Magazine’s “Fresh Intelligence” blog back in November, 2007. I wanted to check it out again partly just to remind myself of why it may be a really bad idea for Mr. Ajemian (ain’t no Father no mo’, according to that Archdiocese announcement) to be free of daily, proactive medical supervision. The dude is just WHACKED.
He posted on several message boards as Padre009, and was, as you might imagine, something of a troll. It looks as thought NBC removed his messages some time ago, but I can quote the one I found when I wrote the piece for Radar.
Ajemian referred to O’Brien as “Corncob” in his posts and seemed to take umbrage at someone else referring to “complete lunatics” posting on the Late Night message board. He wrote, in part: “”I’m just a two-bit HACK and I don’t even know it!!! My stories and nuttiness are PATHETIC— why?? Well of course because they DON’T MEAN ANYTHING!!! Compared to THE WRITERS who are—- GOLDEN—- AND—- BEAUTIFUL—- AND—- BELOVED … Yes the WRITERS—THE WRITERS— UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING!!!!”
Oy. Here’s hoping someone figures out a way to slip some anti-psychotic medication into this guy’s communion wine.
[E! Online and the Boston Globe.]

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