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alfredo.chavez.croppedReading from the Voice Media empire: The two shootings happened a few weeks and a few miles apart from each other. In both cases, juveniles crept into back yards in residential neighborhoods in the dead of night, hoping to boost marijuana plants being grown outside. The owners of the weed responded with gunfire. Somebody died. But the outcome of the cases couldn’t be more different. Westword has the story.

samuel.brunelus.mug.shotReading from the Voice Media empire: While opioid addiction is widely understood to constitute a national crisis, there’s disagreement about how best to tackle the problem, with some advocates arguing in favor of a health-care focus and others backing get-tough law enforcement tactics. But the latter approach fell short in the high-profile case of Sam Brunelus, who was busted on suspicion of manslaughter in the deaths of two men to whom he allegedly provided heroin laced with carfentanil, an extremely powerful synthetic opioid best known as an elephant tranquilizer. Westword has the story.

30000.block.highway.24.simla.marijuana.murdersReading from the Voice Media empire: A local sheriff’s office revealed the discovery of two men who’d been shot to death west of Simla, Colorado, at what’s characterized as an illegal marijuana grow. The incident feeds into the law-enforcement narrative that cannabis sales have led to increased violence in the state days after the fifth anniversary of the 2012 measure that sanctioned sales of recreational pot in the state. Westword has the story.

robert.mears.facebookReading from the Voice Media empire: The recent arrest of Robert Mears for allegedly attacking a ranger while under the influence of LSD isn’t an everyday occurrence at Rocky Mountain National Park. But officials confirm that drug-related incidents in general have been on the rise at RMNP, the fourth-most visited national park  in the country. Westword has the story.

jack.splitt.facebook.portraitReading from the Voice Media empire: Last year, Jack Splitt, the namesake of Jack’s Law, a landmark bill that allowed young medical marijuana patients like him to take their cannabis-based medication at school, died tragically at age fifteen. More than a year later, Mark Pedersen, who made MMJ suppositories that helped alleviate the pain suffered by Splitt as a result of a condition associated with his cerebral palsy, faces five felony pot possession and manufacturing charges that flowed from the investigation into Splitt’s passing, despite the fact that there’s no evidence the medication harmed him in any way. Westword has the story.

nic.sheff.illustration.facebookReading from the Voice Media empire: “I didn’t think the problem could get worse,” admits addiction expert David Sheff, whose son was nearly beaten to death during his years as a methamphetamine addict. “But it’s gotten worse and worse and worse to the point that suddenly, overdose is the number-one killer of people under fifty in this country. It’s unthinkable: 175 people a day dying, and every one of them has a family that says, ‘This can’t happen to me. Not my kid or my wife or my husband or my parent. No way.'” Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire:  In May, Michael McCarron was arrested on a methamphetamine charge, even though he’s never knowingly possessed the substance, because a small amount of marijuana in his possession registered positive for meth according to two field-test kits known as NIKs. Now, an examination at a lab shows that the cannabis wasn’t laced with meth after all, and he’s both relieved and frustrated. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire: After more than two years, the prosecution of a massive federal drug investigation dubbed Operation Black Rhino is nearly over, thanks to the conviction of Jorge Loya-Ramirez, a Mexican citizen living in Denver who allegedly used a taco truck as cover to deal nearly 200 pounds of methamphetamine and cocaine in kilogram quantities. And he wasn’t the only Black Rhino target to earn punishment. The U.S. Attorney’s Office reveals that of the 38 others named in one of four federal grand jury indictments related to the inquiry, only one had his case dismissed. Westword has the story.

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