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You can get burgers with onions, chili and cheese, but one South L.A. food stand served up burgers with a side of crack cocaine, federal prosecutors allege.
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B.D. Burgers at 10203 S. Central Ave. in Watts was the site of two drug transactions cited in the sentencing this week of 57-year-old Brian Sawyers, who was listed as the owner of the eatery at the time of the crimes, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles.

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On September 1, a Miami-Dade County Police detective walked into Kareta Kafe on SW 40th Street in West Dade, and sat down at the bar. He ordered a beer, which the bartender happily handed over.

He then ordered $20 worth of cocaine, and the bartender gave him that, too.

According to police reports, Kareta Kafe was operating under the most aggressively South Florida business-model possible: Undercover cops say they spent two months blatantly ordering cocaine at Kareta — including one huge, $140 “eight ball” — all while calmly sipping beer, coffee, whiskey, and bottled water from the bar.

kansas.highway.patrol.largeBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Law enforcers from states that neighbor places that have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana have frequently been accused of conducting traffic stops and subsequent drug searches based on the license plates on particular cars. A man who was victimized filed suit and a federal court brought the hammer down. Westword has the story.

kush_slideshowedit_002_1_Looks like no more happy hippies will be browsing the Happie Hippie Smoke Shop, which closed earlier this year after its owners were arrested for selling kush, police say (the drug is also known as synthetic cannabinoid, K-2 or spice, and the substance that has plagued Houston streets and can cause users to act psychotic or zombie-like.)

This week, in continuing its crusade against the kush epidemic,the Harris County Attorney’s Office and the Texas Attorney General have sued the business under the Deceptive Trade Act, and they’re asking a court to make the owners pay $20,000 per violation, which, if a jury wants, can be interpreted as $20,000 per kush packet sold, the county attorney’s office has told us in the past

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