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feature-openerReading from the Voice Media empire: Loose, blood-red vomit poured from Demetri’s mouth, his half-digested noodles swimming down the Chautauqua Trail. A few feet away, Lewis propped himself against a rock, his tremoring body kicking up dirt in the final rays of the sunset. Demetri’s stomach heaved, searching for something else to eject. But the only thing left in his body was heroin. Westword has the story.

harrison-garcia-featureCourtesy of Dania Jimenez

High above a leafy Westchester neighborhood, a helicopter full of federal agents zeroes in on a gated house with a red-tiled roof. On the ground, a Homeland Security SWAT team surrounds the ranch-style home on a dead-end street off the Palmetto Expressway. Scores of agents in body armor crouch nearby, rifles ready. It’s around 5:30 p.m. on a sun-drenched Friday in October, and the 40 agents lie in wait as a confidential informant places a call to lure out their suspect.

Soon enough, a Chevy Suburban pulls out of the driveway, and the agents watching from the sky give the go-ahead. Four blocks from the house, an agent steers a Dodge Charger toward the SUV and slams to a stop in front of it. The Suburban veers onto someone’s front lawn. Other cars materialize behind it, and more feds jump out. “Put your hands up!” the agents holler as they converge with guns drawn.

They shatter the window on the driver’s side and haul out their guy: a 26-year-old aspiring music producer named Harrison Garcia.

scott.pack.facebook.2015Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Scott Pack has been indicted bya grand jury for one of the largest-ever fraud cases in the marijuana industry. The grand jury’s findings tie Pack to what prosecutors describe as a massive operation that grew marijuana for out-of-state distribution and previously led to the indictment of sixteen people. Among those indicted along with Pack is Renee Rayton, a former marijuana enforcement officer. Westword has the story. reading from the Voice Media Empire: Mike McCarron is facing a methamphetamine charge even though he’s never knowingly possessed or used the substance. Prosecutors are pressing the accusation because they say a small amount of marijuana found in his truck tested positive for meth, even though a McCarron follicle analysis shows no trace of it in his system. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire: Members of the Justice Department’s Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety have been ordered to “undertake a review of existing policies” regarding federal marijuana law enforcement, among other things. Their report is due on or before July 27, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws believes the document may use as its template a list by a fellow at the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation of eleven ways the administration of President Donald Trump can shut down legal cannabis. Westword has the story. reading from the Voice Media Empire: After some but not all of Eric Jarrin’s marijuana was stolen, the Colorado resident reported what had happened. But because the crime took place in Wyoming, which has some of the strongest anti-cannabis laws in the country, the police officers who responded didn’t bother going after the thief. Instead, they promptly arrested Jarrin and fellow Colorado pal Christopher Rathe, whose actions raise an important question: Were the pair too stoned to remember they were in a state where pot is illegal? Westword has the story.

carfentanilBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Carfentanil, an extremely powerful synthetic opioid best known as an elephant tranquilizer, has been linked to at least two heroin-related deaths. But an expert on addiction who’s recently helped treat patients who’ve used the substance says it could have played a role in even more fatal overdoses, thereby quietly contributing to the shocking rise of heroin deaths in the state. Westword has the story.

rocky.allen.portrait.2Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire:  Rocky Allen, an HIV-positive surgical technician sentenced last year to six and a half years behind bars for allegedly swapping out needles in order to inject himself with the synthetic opioid fentanyl, has been ordered to spend an additional year in captivity for taking an unauthorized trip before reporting to prison. Westword has the story.

luggage.thinkstockBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Fying with marijuana is still not okay despite a TSA glitch that briefly suggested otherwise. But a new survey suggests that it’s happening a lot anyway. A report from “the world’s first travel dating website” shows that more than half the respondents have taken cannabis with them on a domestic flight Westword has the story.

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