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Drug addled asshole Kenny Tamon Jackson beat his son for wearing the wrong gang colors

Saturday morning’s Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

Seattle Surgeon Hires Hit Man
Michael Mockovak tried to get the Russian Mafia to whack his business partner.

Are Florida Kids More Violent?
Or are Florida courts? 70 percent of the nation’s juveniles serving life for non-murder offenses are from Florida.

4-Year-Old Wore Wrong Gang Colors
Kenny Tamon Jackson gets only time served for beating his 4-year-old for wearing the wrong gang colors. See our original story here.

Eduardo Ravelo: A prolific hit man who murdered his way to the top

​He’s wanted for racketeering, drug peddling, extortion and murder. He’s accused of being a boss of the Barrio Aztecas in El Paso, 3,500-man strong gang specializing in murder-for-hire for Mexico’s drug cartels. And he’s believed to be hiding just across the Texas border in Juarez.

But though he’s listed among the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, the agency can’t seem to catch him. He’s believed to have even had plastic surgery and altered his fingerprints to avoid arrest.

Agents say Eduardo Ravelo is lives quietly and modestly with his wife and children, which has made his capture especially hard. But if you believe prosecutors, he’s also a one man crime wave…

Rapist Michael Clemmons personifies the dumb jock

Tuesday morning’s Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

Ever Heard of This Thing Called Evidence?
Three Santa Ana City College football players plead guilty to raping drunk woman… and taping the crime.

The Edinburg, Texas Pot for Inmates Program
Police send truckload of bananas to prison — with 25 pounds of marijuana included.

Murder by Clock
Kira Roueche is accused of beating a man to death with a clock.

Michael Noyer: Leaving your unemployment check at the scene of your burglary is estimated to make it 147 percent more likely you’ll be caught

In today’s episode of The Beginner’s Guide to Crime, we introduce you to the concept of not getting caught. Though a basic proposition to the advanced criminal, it remains a rather elusive idea for remedial practitioners of the trade:

That would include Michael Noyer of Manchester, New Hampshire. Last week, police were called to an apartment where someone had broken in and was burglarizing a young girl’s bedroom. The father went to investigate and found Noyer hiding behind a door.

Dad apparently had not kept current on his Bally’s membership; Noyer managed to flee. But the bad guy left behind an important clue in tracing his whereabouts: A day planner, which included a handy unemployment check bearing his identity…

Brittni was beaten to death, set on fire, and then buried outside Albuquerque

UPDATE: Accused killer Ryan Vigil commits suicide by hanging himself in his cell. See update after the jump…
Brittni Carlini, a 20-year-old college student from Albuquerque, New Mexico, was excited about a snowboarding trip she had planned for last weekend. So she went to the home of her friend Ryan Vigil to retrieve a snowboard. That’s when she disappeared.

Her parents reported her missing the next day. The trail quickly led to Vigil, 19. He admitted that they — along with another friend, Christopher Midyette, also 19 — got into an argument over the trip. As Brittni was leaving, Vigil says Midyette smashed her in the head with a baseball bat. The pair then took her to a remote area, dug a grave, doused her with gas and set her on fire, then buried her…

Speakeasies make a comeback in L.A., but they bring with them a few problems

This delicious Breakfast Reading is on us, courtesy of the fine men and women of the Village Voice Empire:

Chaos in the Casitas
Lawless, south of the border style speakeasies get a grip on L.A.

The Anti-Semites of Human Resources
A worker at Administaff says he was thrown in a dumpster, tied to a fence, and shot with BBs — all for being a Jew.

Dude, Where’s My VW Bus?
Van stolen in Washington 35 years ago turns up in Long Beach cargo container.

Carol Thomas was murdered for selling rock salt that was supposed to be meth

Reader “Jackie” responds to Carol Thomas Kidnapped, Murdered in Missouri. She says James Reardon has two kids, and they need a father:

“First off, She got herself into it. She was the one who sold them the
rock salt. She should have knew from the start that was not the right
thing to do. No, i do not think that she should have been killed. But,
since i know James Reardon(White Boy) personally, i do not agree with
him getting the death penalty or life.

“I think that all 3 of them
should get the same amount of time though. They were all involved, they
all knew what was going to happen & never chose to leave. White boy
has kids and they deserve to have a father in their life. Even if it
consist of just seeing him in prison. I know these kids, his little
girl is only 2 and he also has a son that is younger than a year. They
deserves to remember their father. And im sure that he regrets what he

Craig A.
Dunn was on home arrest for a parole violation when Louisville police decided to pay him a routine visit. That’s when officers discovered a homemade aluminum
foil tube burnt at one end. They also found a teaspoon burned on the underside with residue of suspicious origin contained within. Hmmm, what could that be?

But the 52-year-old Dunn claimed the items didn’t belong to him. He said they probably belonged to Jesus, who was setting him up. While He may have died for our sins, He apparently draws the line at Craig A. Dunn.

Alas, police don’t seem to be buying the Jesus Conspiracy Defense. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

He may have won $500,000, but what’s that compared to the riches found in the pharmaceutical trade?

​Adam Jasinski, who won $500,000 in the reality show Big Brother 9, wasn’t content to simply live good with all that money. Like dumb crackers everywhere, he decided to parlay it into even bigger money by becoming a major league drug dealer…

Was a $500 loss and Carol’s death worth a lengthy prison sentence?

Reader “Cassandra” responds to Carol Thomas Kidnapped, Murdered in Missouri.

“Carol was a friend of mine, the first friend i had when i moved to
missouri.Yes she was involved with drugs and shes been ripping people
off for quite some time now, but she was supposd to have a life ahead
of her instead she was brutally beaten 3 people and then murdered over
500 dollars.

“I knew all the parties involved and none of them had their
head on straight, but nobody deserves to have their life taken over 500
dollars worth of dope. Didnt the convict ever think that they would
rather be out 500 dollars rather than spend the rest of ther life in
prison, because thats what they deserve, too bad missouri doesnt have
the death penalty…

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