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Was a $500 loss and Carol’s death worth a lengthy prison sentence?

Reader “Cassandra” responds to Carol Thomas Kidnapped, Murdered in Missouri.

“Carol was a friend of mine, the first friend i had when i moved to
missouri.Yes she was involved with drugs and shes been ripping people
off for quite some time now, but she was supposd to have a life ahead
of her instead she was brutally beaten 3 people and then murdered over
500 dollars.

“I knew all the parties involved and none of them had their
head on straight, but nobody deserves to have their life taken over 500
dollars worth of dope. Didnt the convict ever think that they would
rather be out 500 dollars rather than spend the rest of ther life in
prison, because thats what they deserve, too bad missouri doesnt have
the death penalty…

What’s Dr. David Goroway, a millionaire chiropractor, doing involved with all of this?

Tasty Breakfast Reading for your Thursday morning, served piping hot from our reporters around the Village Voice Empire.

Machine-gun blasts, a half-kilo of blow, and a millionaire chiropractor. WTF?

The Creepy Teacher
Kansas coach poses as 19-year-old girl on Facebook to swap naked pics with young boys.

Raising Money for a Doctor Killer
eBay yanks auctions to raise money for Scott Roeder, accused of killing Wichita abortion provider George Tiller in his church.

William Fenzau was found stabbed multiple times in the chest

Sunday’s Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire:

Rush to Justice
Miami police scurry to make an arrest in the murder of a gay meth dealer. Blame it on the 48-hour deadline imposed by reality TV.

He Robbed the Wrong Woman
A Seattle women stabs home invader in the shoulder, then chases him down the street.

Fido Don’t Fight No More
A dogfighting ring is busted in Boynton Beach, Florida thanks to an alert animal control officer.

Come to think of it, $7.50 for a small jar of shitty coffee has gotta be some kinda of sin

Breakfast Reading of weirdness and adventure from around the Village Voice Empire:

$6.3 Million in 5 Minutes
From Michael Mooney at New Times, the trail of a brazen French art heist ends in South Florida.

The Last Member of the Hippie Mafia is Captured
A fugitive Buddhist monk is arrested in a 40-year-old hash smuggling case.

Price-Gouging at Pelican Bay
Inmate sues when price of Folgers goes from $6.40 to $7.50.

Alex Martin

If you’re on the nominating committee for the Criminal Hall of Fame and are trolling for potential inductees, you’re in the wrong place, my friend. These are our Stupid Criminals of the Week.
5. Alex Martin
OK, kids, new rule, courtesy of a really dumb guy in Florida: When trying to pawn stuff you stole from a friend, go at least two counties over.
When Alex Martin walked into a Fort Myers pawn shop recently, he was shocked, and probably pretty bummed, to be greeted by his friend Keith Miller. It didn’t take long for Miller to notice his fishing rods — the ones that had recently gone missing from his garage — in Martin’s very red hands. “I said, hey, Alex how you doing?” Miller told a Florida TV station. “He looked at me like a deer in the headlights.”
After trying unsuccessfully to convince a chuckling store audience that he’d actually borrowed the rods from Miller, Martin ran for it. But, as you may have guessed, he wasn’t smart enough to elude police for long. He was arrested and charged with grand theft. Criminal justice experts believe Martin has no idea what any of these words mean.

Kate Waring vanished in June after dining with two friends

UPDATE: Police have made another arrest in the murder of Kate. See update after the jump…

After going to the gym, a drug store, and dinner at a Japanese steakhouse with friends, Kate Waring disappeared in the night of June 12. The well-to-do woman from Charleston, South Carolina had drug problems in the past, but this didn’t look like a relapse. Her mom said she’d vanished without her clothes or her daily medicine.

When her father Thomas Waring filed a missing persons report, he said something strange had happened between his daughter and two friends, Ethan Mack and Heather Kamp. She was scared of the pair, but dad didn’t say why.

Now it turns out that Mack and Kamp had dinner with her that night at the steakhouse. Though they claim to have dropped her off later in the evening, the evidence is starting to say otherwise…

“Little Japanese” did time in an American prison for extortion

​Vyacheslav Ivankov — aka “Little Japanese” — was leaving the Thai
Elephant in Moscow in July when a sniper shot him three times in the stomach. The 69-year-old Russian Mafia boss spent months in the hospital before succumbing to his wounds last week.

It was a fitting end for the Mafioso whose career spanned four decades, two continents, and even endured communist rule. Police believe he was murdered for trying to settle a beef between two warring Moscow crime factions.

During his career, Ivankov specialized in gun-running, racketeering, drug
trafficking and extortion, both in Russia and the U.S. He spent 11 years in a Russian prison on a robbery conviction in 1980. A year after he was released in 1991, he moved to America — but didn’t end his criminal ways…

What do you do with a former Aryan leader who’s killed four men behind bars? Send him to Colorado.

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The Caged Life
The nation’s most secure supermax prison is called ‘The House That Tommy Built.’ Meet Tommy.

The One That Didn’t Get Away
For more than 19 years, Dennis Earl Bradford has lived with the
knowledge that he raped an eight-year-old girl, slit her throat, left
her for dead in a field — and got away with it. Until now.

Luck of the Drug Dealer
It seems the only one who hasn’t been drilled in the ‘Dan Tang Drug Trafficking Organization’ is Dan Tang.

Misty Croslin, a serious piece of work

UPDATE: See Ronald Cummings, Misty Croslin Arrested for Drug Trafficking.

The Haleigh Cummings case just gets weirder and weirder — at least for the players involved. Police in Palatka, Florida say Misty Croslin-Cummings, recently divorced from Haleigh’s father Ronald Cummings, was robbed Monday night in the parking lot of an apartment building.

According to the police report, “two or three black males
jumped on Cummings taking her purse and pulling her out of the
vehicle.” Croslin fought her way back into the car and the driver sped off. But a third woman who was with them chased after the men. Cops found a

“crushed pill bottle with unknown
pills inside” at the scene.

One of the women with Croslin told police that they’d come to the apartment building to buy drugs. No one was arrested, but this latest episode doesn’t bode well for the last person to see Haleigh before her disappearance. Croslin’s already failed a polygraph test, and two weeks ago she was stopped in a road rage incident. This week she was divorced from her husband of only seven months.

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