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Kate Waring vanished in June after dining with two friends

UPDATE: Police have made another arrest in the murder of Kate. See update after the jump…

After going to the gym, a drug store, and dinner at a Japanese steakhouse with friends, Kate Waring disappeared in the night of June 12. The well-to-do woman from Charleston, South Carolina had drug problems in the past, but this didn’t look like a relapse. Her mom said she’d vanished without her clothes or her daily medicine.

When her father Thomas Waring filed a missing persons report, he said something strange had happened between his daughter and two friends, Ethan Mack and Heather Kamp. She was scared of the pair, but dad didn’t say why.

Now it turns out that Mack and Kamp had dinner with her that night at the steakhouse. Though they claim to have dropped her off later in the evening, the evidence is starting to say otherwise…

“Little Japanese” did time in an American prison for extortion

​Vyacheslav Ivankov — aka “Little Japanese” — was leaving the Thai
Elephant in Moscow in July when a sniper shot him three times in the stomach. The 69-year-old Russian Mafia boss spent months in the hospital before succumbing to his wounds last week.

It was a fitting end for the Mafioso whose career spanned four decades, two continents, and even endured communist rule. Police believe he was murdered for trying to settle a beef between two warring Moscow crime factions.

During his career, Ivankov specialized in gun-running, racketeering, drug
trafficking and extortion, both in Russia and the U.S. He spent 11 years in a Russian prison on a robbery conviction in 1980. A year after he was released in 1991, he moved to America — but didn’t end his criminal ways…

What do you do with a former Aryan leader who’s killed four men behind bars? Send him to Colorado.

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Misty Croslin, a serious piece of work

UPDATE: See Ronald Cummings, Misty Croslin Arrested for Drug Trafficking.

The Haleigh Cummings case just gets weirder and weirder — at least for the players involved. Police in Palatka, Florida say Misty Croslin-Cummings, recently divorced from Haleigh’s father Ronald Cummings, was robbed Monday night in the parking lot of an apartment building.

According to the police report, “two or three black males
jumped on Cummings taking her purse and pulling her out of the
vehicle.” Croslin fought her way back into the car and the driver sped off. But a third woman who was with them chased after the men. Cops found a

“crushed pill bottle with unknown
pills inside” at the scene.

One of the women with Croslin told police that they’d come to the apartment building to buy drugs. No one was arrested, but this latest episode doesn’t bode well for the last person to see Haleigh before her disappearance. Croslin’s already failed a polygraph test, and two weeks ago she was stopped in a road rage incident. This week she was divorced from her husband of only seven months.

Police believe the accused marijuana swindler looked nothing like this

​Police aren’t providing his name, apparently to save his relatives, his entire line of ancestors, and everyone who smokes pot from embarrassment. But according to Chris Aston, police chief of Johnston, South Carolina, a man called the other day to complain he got ripped off in a drug deal.

The man said he paid for an unspecified amount of weed. But the dealer never delivered, nor would he refund the price of purchase. Apparently believing that the Better Business Bureau lacked the clout to deal with this kind of situation, the man called the cops instead.

We’re not sure if police decided to bust him, or invoked the mercy statute for the helplessly pathetic. Details are sketchy. But we are sure the man has a bright future ahead — perhaps in the lucrative swampland real estate field, or more likely in Congress.

Darrin Daily used a 14-year-old for bondage and sex with a dog

UPDATE: Darrin Daily advertised underaged sex on Craigslist. See update after the jump…

Darrin Daily lived with his two young daughters in an apartment Newberg, Oregon. His hobbies included smoking pot, unemployment — and if you believe police — have group sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Cops were first alerted to the pedophile after a 15-year-old girl told them Daily gave her marijuana and alcohol, then bedded her. Detectives searched his computer and found photos of a 4-year-old who apparently was also abused. The also found images of a 14-year-old girl, and this is where the story gets really depraved.

The girl told police she’d been having sex with Daily on weekends since February. Their trysts involved bondage and a dog named Buddy. But somewhere along the line, Daily decided to place ads on Craigslist inviting others to join the fun… 

Ubalda Olvera, the Michael Kors of auto theft

​Give Ubalda Olvera credit for a little criminal foresight. When he decided to steal a Cadillac in Marquez, Texas, he didn’t want witnesses to identify him by his clothes. So he decided to do it naked.

The downside is that prowling around nude tends to get noticed. Soon police were after him in a high-speed chase that produced some impressive stats. Miles traveled: 60. Counties covered: 3. Speeds reached: over 100 mph.

Alas, our hero crashed in a ditch in College Station, Texas, then tried to hail a ride with another motorist before he was arrested. Police believe he was either under the influence of PCP, or pioneering a bold new fashion sense in the field of auto theft.

Anthony Lawrence and Shamel King’s crack crew pulled in $500,000 by suing New York 20 times

​New York City gets sued 200 times a week. And since its payouts this year have already reached $637 million as of July 1, it’s naturally reticent about going to trial. But it appears the city has become so zealous in settling at all costs that pretty much anyone can game the system. Even if you’re a notorious Brooklyn crack gang, which has pulled in $500,000 by repeatedly suing New York…

christtina galpeau.jpg
Christtina Galpeau needs a new man friend.

There are stupid criminals, and there are really stupid criminals. And then there are our Stupid Criminals of the Week.
5. Christina Galipeau and Eugene Jackson: We all crave McDonald’s french fries from time to time — it’s pretty clear evolution wants it that way — but Christina Galipeau, 22, and Eugene Jackson, 33, took things a bit far during their recent stop at a Massachusetts McD’s.
After receiving the wrong size of fries — not the wrong style burger or the wrong flavor of shake, but the wrong size of fries — the two began hurling change at the offending cashier and another employee, apparently a 54-year-old woman, as if she didn’t already feel bad that she was 54 and working at McDonald’s. Since change is not good for accuracy, police say Jackson then picked up a cone from the recently washed floor and chucked it across the counter — maybe because of the fries thing, or maybe because he once got rejected from working at McDonald’s. We’re guessing the latter.

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