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The deputy and father of three was shot multiple times outside his house as he left for work.

The numbers alone are impressive: 1,200 cops from the LA Police to the DEA. 88 suspects. 44 arrests. All before you had your morning coffee.

Those are the numbers being reported by police in the massive 4 a.m. raid against the Avenues street gang, which has preyed on northwest Los Angeles dating back to the 1950s. The arrested face a buffet of racketeering charges, ranging from murder to extortion to drug dealing. 

But their most alarming crime came in August of 2008. The gang is accused of orchestrating the drive-by assassination of LA County Deputy Juan Abel Escalante. The father of three was shot multiple times outside his house as he left for work at the county jail.

The Avenues have faced raids before for drug dealing, their links to the Mexican Mafia prison gang, and even a series of hate crimes. But none of those were of the magnitude of today’s massive sweep…

Vincent Palermo has found new troubles in Houston

​In 1999 Vincent Palermo, acting boss of New Jersey’s DeCavalcante family, was looking at a slew of charges including the murder of an informant. So instead of spending his golden years in prison, he decided to rat.

Palermo’s testimony would wipe out the leadership of the family, which was the basis of The Sopranos. He served two years and disappeared into the witness protection program, never top be heard from again. But you apparently can’t teach an old mafioso new tricks.

Prior to his arrest, the admitted murderer and extortionist owned the Queens strip joint Wiggles, home to prostitution and drug dealing. Then-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani made it a focal point of his crackdown on New York strip joints. Now he’s reappeared in Houston as Vincent Cabella, and he’s exported his illicit expertise to Texas…

The Mardela Three get dangerous when they’re bored

What’s good for the safety and security of the country is not always good for Police Blunders of the Week. Last week, we told you about doped-up cops driving their SUVs into Starbucks, hiring inept hitmen to kill ex-wives, and moonlighting as bank robbers to earn a little walk around money.

Sadly, our boys in blue were little more restrained this week. So we had to cheat and add some firemen and a fake cop…

No. 5 Mardela Springs Firemen: Three Maryland volunteer firemen seem to really like watching stuff burn. So Kyle James Bradley, Joshua Bryant
Maddox, and Marcus Edward Whitelock decided to use road flares to set fire to a vacant home. Maddox was also charged with arson for burning another vacant home. The reason? “They admitted to … setting the fires because they were bored,” said a fire marshal.

James Hart discovers the weed bartering system is not operative in Maryland

This week’s countdown of five very stupid people who won’t be nominated to the Criminal Hall of Fame anytime soon…

No. 5 Stanley Williams:
The 57-year-old Newark teacher spent 20 years in schools, devoting his life to special ed students. But he seemed to have problems with attendance. In fact, he missed 33 days in one year. So he was summoned to the superintendent’s office to defend his absences. That’s when Williams got the bright idea get a stolen doctor’s prescription pad and forge an all-encompassing excuse. His lawyer would later ask for leniency at Williams’ sentencing for forgery. His excuse? The special ed teacher missed all those days because he’s a coke addict. Needless to say, this excuse last proved successful in 1972. Williams got a year in the slam.

No. 4 James T. Hart: After fueling up his motorbike in New Market, Maryland, Hart decided to see if he could pay for the gas in marijuana. If he entered Classic Fuel and found the clerks rocking some Phish, this might have been a good idea. But since they called the cops, we’re guessing they’re Kelly Clarkson fans. Which leads us to today teachable moment: Never Act Conspicuous While Holding an Impressive Selection of Drugs. Hart was hit with possessing pot, coke, and oxycodon.

Black Dom could use a stint in prison to brush up on his criminal skills. Think of it as time at finishing school.

​It’s been said the Mafia’s in swift decline due to increased police scrutiny and a rash of turncoats. Then again, maybe they just suck at being criminals.

In today’s edition of Mob Watch, we turn now to Dominick (Black Dom) Dionisio, reputed associate of the Colombo Family. He’s currently awaiting trial for shooting a guy in the family’s 1991 civil war, sticking up pot dealers, and robbing a yeshiva worker. But he recently petitioned a judge to have his electronic ankle bracelet removed, contending he’s now legit and gainfully employed at the famed New York pizzeria Lucali’s.

The feds, however, think Black Dom’s full of shit, because he hadn’t been providing any pay stubs since he supposedly started working almost a year ago. They say he’s simply using Lucali’s as a front, perhaps for sinister purposes. So Dionisio countered by producing said stubs — 10 in all. Problem is, they came from the personal account of Lucali’s owner Mark Iacono, not the restaurant. And they were written on sequentially numbered checks, implying that Dom was hastily paid for an entire year all at once.

Unless the judge has an IQ under 40, Black Dom likely won’t be seeing loosened bail conditions.

Ayers was shot by undercover police in Georgia

Reader “Rukiddnme” responds to “Why Can’t Police Get Their Stories Straight in Rev. Jonathan Ayers Shooting?”

“Do you people honestly believe the Agents involved do not feel remorse
for this incident? I am sure they are loved by their families,
brothers, sisters,and their own Church also. There are eyewitness
accounts of the Agents identifying themselves to Ayer’s, and also they
had neck badges.

“You people need to realize that when Ayer’s hit the
one agent with his car, that was assault with a deadly weapon upon an
Officer of the Law, they were well within their rights to take whatever
precautions necessary. For those making excuses for Ayer’s being
“scared”, well do you not think the Agents were not scared also??? He
did throw his car in reverse and run one down,has it ever crossed any
of your minds that when he did so the Agents were scared for their
lives? And by Ayer’s acting in such a way he appeared to be running
from them? and guilty of something!

“And all these redneck comments about “bling” mobiles and calling the
agents “thugs” is bullshit, Narcotics agents do not wear identifiable
“police” uniforms and more than likely will be driving their own
vehicles,thats why its called”undercover”!
And if we reversed the race of the agents and Ayer’s, say the two
Agents were white and Ayer’s was black, there would not be all this
crap going back and forth. And thats a fact, not to mention its in
Georgia, the South where racism and prejudice still runs rabid like a
Talk lawsuits and murder all you want to, these agents are guilty of
nothing, its just a tragedy for all parties involved, shit happens and
that is the case here.”

Last week, we told you about egged houses and Texas deputies who allowed barmaids to play with their shotguns. But this week, America’s Finest got into a little more serious trouble. So with out further delay, we bring you our regular Thursday edition of This Week in Police Blundering Countdown:

Richard Padilla Cramer

No. 5: Richard Padilla Cramer: It seems Cramer wasn’t very good at his job as head of the U.S. Customs office in Nogales, Arizona. When he wasn’t stopping illegals from entering the U.S., he was investing in large cocaine shipments, says the DEA. Before he retired in 2007, agents say he provided confidential info to smugglers and invested $400,000 in one 300-pound shipment. Where does a public servant get that kind of money? We can’t tell you. But he may just have a very prosperous paper route.

William Powell

No. 4: William Powell: While there’s nothing wrong with hoisting a beer or 12 at a biker bar, you might just want to avoid bringing a loaded gun along. That’s lesson we can learn today from this New York City officer, who spent the night getting wasted at a Brooklyn biker joint, then decided to blow a hole in his buddy’s car after his gun accidentally discharged. When police responded, Powell attempted to diffuse the situation with modesty and regret. “Don’t f— with me!” he yelled, according to the New York Daily News. “I’m on the job.” Okay, so maybe he has some work to do on that whole regret thing. But he’ll have plenty of time to practice now that he’s been suspended.

Paris Hilton demonstrates how marijuana is ingested

​For the aspiring criminal looking to launch a drug smuggling venture, there’s no finer role model than the  Jimenez-Acevedo ring of Houston, our featured entrepreneurs in this week’s edition of The Savvy Criminal.

According to U.S. Customs, 26 people — most of them related — began running a pot smuggling ring from Mexico in 1986. With a few well-placed bribes to Mexican inspectors, they imported tractor-trailer loads to America with the weed hidden in secret apartments. Investigators say this was no small-time enterprise. Confiscated books indicate the Jimenez-Acevedo gang brought at least 250,000 pounds into Houston over 23 years, enough to get a reggae band high for more than a week.

But the key to its longevity was tight-knit relationships. Four Jimenez brothers were charged with running the operation, along with two Acevedo brothers. And when they were arrested, it proved to be a family reunion in jail, as aunts, nephews and cousins arrived in handcuffs. Moreover, the group steadfastly avoided bling and worked simple jobs that didn’t arouse suspicions. Among those nabbed were a truck driver, a
mason, a construction worker, a firefighter, and an auto mechanic.

Rev. Jonathan Ayers, right

​Reader “Numquamubisububi” responding to “Comment of the Day: Rev. Jonathan Ayers Thought He Was Being Robbed“:

“I’ll use some of your twisted logic and smears and innuendo to ask
questions that insinuate guilt, just as you did:
1) Why are the police refusing to talk about the incident? Are they
getting their stories straight? Are they doing damage control?

“2) Why
have they arrested and not released the woman’s NAME who was allegedly
with Ayers? Are they leaning on her to give evidence favorable to the
cops and damaging to Ayers in exchange for a lenient sentence?

“3) Why
haven’t the police released the names of the officers involved in the
shooting? Why are they hiding behind a wall of silence? Do they have
something to HIDE?
See, anyone can do it…and it still proves NOTHING…”

Also see: “Sympathy for Police in the Rev. Jonathan Ayers Shooting.”

Rev. Danny Barnes with wife Dena

​A 14-month-old girl in Wheaton, Minnesota is dead. And it’s all because a pastor gave someone a washer and dryer.

Only a month ago, Darryl Kennedy was the best man at Claude Hankins’ wedding. But the two recently had a falling out. Rev. Danny Barnes, who ministers to people with addiction problems in this small town near the North Dakota border, had given a washer and dryer to Hankins. For some reason that upset Kennedy’s friend, David Collins. So Collins confronted Hankins, but ended up getting the worst of it with an eye swollen shut.

Two days later, he charged into Thy Kingdom Come Church with a baseball bat. Hankins grabbed a chair in defense. But Collins had been drinking and
swung wildly, connecting with the head of Hankins’ daughter Aundrea. She would die from the blow a few hours later…

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