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edgar.barroso.mug.shot.800.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Last year, Barroso and three compatriots were cuffed after they took pistol-whipped women hostages and threatened to kill their families. But after making the busts, the cops realized there was a much larger operation at play — and the crimes committed in the name of meth were frequently horrifying. Westword has the story.

pueblo.heroin.meth.bust.2.800.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Pueblo, Colorado almost became home to the High Times Cannabis Cup — an indication of how marijuana-friendly it’s supposed to be. But the local sheriff’s office doesn’t like pot at all, seizing nearly 6,000 plants and making 35 weed arrests in just over two months. And that’s not to mention a nearly year-long meth and heroin investigation that scored big. Westword has the story.

julia.johnson.facebook.2Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: On Facebook, Johnson seems more interested in delicious desserts than a life of crime. But she’s the accused getaway-car driver in a caper that saw three young men invading the wrong house in search of drugs and cash — with a now bereft Williams stabbing a middle-school teacher before everything was said and done. Westword has the story.

Virtually everyone agrees – from defense attorneys to legal scholars to appellate court judges – that a cop violates your constitutional right against an unreasonable search if he or she escalates a traffic stop into a roadside vaginal or anal probe.

It’s unclear, then, why the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has defended its deputies’ actions in the case of Charneshia Corley, who was pulled over for allegedly rolling through a stop sign near the corner of Ella and Barren Springs. According to Corley’s attorney, “The deputies slammed this 21-year-old girl facedown on the ground and got on top of her. The deputy grabbed her pants, pulled her pants down all the way past her ankles, while officers held her legs. Then one of them stuck her fingers up inside her.” 

Very fake carrots, very real drugs. U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Very fake carrots, very real drugs.

If you try to sneak something past border security and get caught, then you’re not a particularly good smuggler. But some smuggling failures are way worse than others, like this half-hearted attempt on January 10 to hide more than a ton of marijuana inside thousands of fake carrots. It’s not unusual for people to try to smuggle drugs (or people) alongside produce, but it’s definitely different to totally circumvent the actual produce part and just create your own veggies, as these guys tried (and failed) to do at the border near Pharr, Texas.

Here are some other weak tries to illegally transport things in and out of Texas.

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