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Thanks to the error of one Harris County Precinct 4 deputy, an untold number of accused drug offenders might be off the hook.

In January, Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman said his office discovered that the deputy, whom Herman did not name, accidentally threw away a large amount of drug evidence while cleaning out the property storage room. Herman said the property room was so overfilled with years’ worth of evidence that “you could barely close the door” — so he tasked several deputies with taking inventory and finding out what could be legally thrown out. “We had four or five people back there doing the right thing—and then we had this one person who evidently did his own thing.”

Since then, three cases have been dismissed as a result.


kush_slideshowedit_002Sypho Turner is only 56 years old, but when he sits on the trash-strewn pavement below the Southwest Freeway overpass near the Wheeler Metro Station in Midtown, the low light deepens his cracked skin, turns his toothless smile into a black pit and makes his battered face look like a well-worn catcher’s mitt. He’d pass for at least a few decades older, perhaps even for a corpse. Years of smoking crack cocaine will do that to a man. But the fresh bruises and scabs on his arms and head — “battle scars,” as Sypho excitedly describes them — aren’t from crack. In fact, Sypho says, he hasn’t smoked crack or even weed in a few years. His scars are instead from kush, the new drug of choice among Houston’s homeless.

Kush gets Sypho higher than he’s ever been. He says he practically floats. But he has to be careful — if he doesn’t eat, kush ties his stomach into knots and makes him vomit. Sometimes he blacks out and hallucinates, or feels things crawling on him. He has keeled over on the spot after smoking kush, smacking his head on the unforgiving concrete. He’s woken up in the middle of the street after being hit by a car, and found himself in Bellaire or Acres Homes without the slightest idea how he got there. One time, when he was being transported to Ben Taub Hospital after a bad reaction to kush, he was so uncontrollably violent that he “went berserk” and tried to fight everyone in the ambulance. They had to tie him down and sedate him. “It feels like you’re dying,” Sypho says. “But it’s the best high I’ve ever had. When you wake up, it’s back to normal. You just want more.”

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get high until our teeth fall out.

If that sounds like your kind of party, then we have a story for you. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials say they recently found methamphetamine embedded in a religious candle shipped from Mexico.

The candle, retrieved at an Ontario air cargo facility, was found in a package that also included a boy’s suit, CPB officials said. Inspection agents were suspicious after determining that the candle found in the package, which had been mailed to Mills Spring, North Carolina, was “unusually heavy.”

edgar.barroso.mug.shot.800.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Last year, Barroso and three compatriots were cuffed after they took pistol-whipped women hostages and threatened to kill their families. But after making the busts, the cops realized there was a much larger operation at play — and the crimes committed in the name of meth were frequently horrifying. Westword has the story.

pueblo.heroin.meth.bust.2.800.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Pueblo, Colorado almost became home to the High Times Cannabis Cup — an indication of how marijuana-friendly it’s supposed to be. But the local sheriff’s office doesn’t like pot at all, seizing nearly 6,000 plants and making 35 weed arrests in just over two months. And that’s not to mention a nearly year-long meth and heroin investigation that scored big. Westword has the story.

julia.johnson.facebook.2Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: On Facebook, Johnson seems more interested in delicious desserts than a life of crime. But she’s the accused getaway-car driver in a caper that saw three young men invading the wrong house in search of drugs and cash — with a now bereft Williams stabbing a middle-school teacher before everything was said and done. Westword has the story.

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