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After reporting a car-jacking at 3 a.m. in Dallas, a cab driver called police to inform them he was “mistaken.” Apparently, the cabbie suddenly remembered that he’d actually met a woman at 7-Eleven or something. The cops returned, and took what seems to be the most convoluted statement ever — from a now injured cab driver. Dallas Observer has the full story.


Amanda Woods is a bartender at a Texas pool hall. After getting off work, she told police she had had ‘a few drinks.” She was seen going 80 mph down a large residential street at 4 a.m., running two red lights before finally smashing into two cars, killing one person. After blowing a .20 on the breathalyzer, she appeared in court with a black eye and an arm in a sling. Houston Press has the story.

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​Parks spent the weekend locked up after police identified him as the man who allegedly threw a metal vise through a moving car’s windshield, leaving an unsuspecting driver with bad facial injuries. Then, just hours after being freed from the slammer, he found himself back behind bars after a Wisconsin drunk driving escapade. City Pages has the full story.

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