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Jesse Dimmick, consider yourself flunked on your first remedial hostage-taking test

​One of this first rules of hostage taking is to never fall asleep. Though this make come as a surprise, sleeping makes it a lot easier for your hostages to escape.

That’s the lesson we can take away from the case of Jesse Dennis Dimmick. He was wanted for murder in Aurora, Colorado, as well as burglaries in Colorado, North Carolina and Louisiana. So when Kansas police spotted him yesterday in a stolen car, they naturally gave chase.

Dimmick crashed and fled on foot. But they soon saw him in a second stolen car and reengaged pursuit. All told, the chase covered 50 miles, until Dimmick crashed in the yard of newlyweds Jared and Lindsay Rowley. He ran into the house and took them hostage…

Mercedes Farquharson, the fake God of Monroe, NC

After living as a fugitive for four years — first in Spain, then in Bulgaria — Mercedes Farquharson is back in a North Carolina jail, accused of essentially enslaving three girls on a Monroe, N.C. farm from 2001 to 2005.

Our story begins in London in the 1990s, when the mother of Jasmine and Holly Lloyd had just divorced and was struggling to raise her two daughters. So she allegedly gave the children to Farquharson, who convinced them she was a God-like deity and ordered them to obey her every command.

Though details are still a bit sketchy, they supposedly moved to a North Carolina farm in 2001, where Farquharson is accused of basically treating them as indentured laborers. The kids, along with another adopted girl named Emma, were starved, beaten and held out of school…

Timothy Kissida tried to trade his hit-and-run BMW in in the Cash for Clunkers program

Today we begin our inaugural voyage of the Monday Stupid Criminal Countdown, where we visit those whom self-respecting bad guys would never invite to dinner.

5. The Snoring Fugitive: When probation and parole officers came looking for Chad R. Kortin of King, Wisconsin, he managed to escape out the back door of a rural cabin. A fisherman saw him dive into the Wisconsin River and disappear. Alas, our hero wasn’t meant for a life on the lam. He was captured the next morning when a nearby resident heard a strange noise coming from his wood pile. Police found Kortin there snoring away.

4. Pot Smoking Police: Honolulu cops Shayne Souza and Kevin Fujioka were playing at a police softball tourney in Vegas when they decided to get intimate in their van with Ms. Marijuana. A cop approached to ask them to move their illegally parked vehicle. But the officers panicked and drove off, and were eventually caught after they abandoned the van and fled on foot. Both are expected to be fired…

The FBI’s notion of what Whitey Bulger looks like today

​The FBI is still on the hunt for Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger more than a decade after he fled the city before he could be charged on 19 counts of murder, money laundering, and drug trafficking. The agency has released new age-enhanced photos that hopefully depict what he now looks like on the verge of turning 80.

Bulger, the basis for Jack Nicholson’s character in The Departed, ran the Irish faction of the Boston mob while serving as an FBI informant, ratting out Italian rivals to diminish the competition. He became close to his FBI handler, John Connolly Jr., who tipped Bulger off before he could be arrested, allowing him to bolt town with his girlfriend, Catherine Greig. (Connolly is currently serving a 10-year sentence.)

Bulger was last seen in London in 2002. The FBI believes he has money stashed in banks around the world, funding his life on the lam. Though there’s been a flurry of recent sightings in Florida, he’s also thought to have traveled from Ireland to South America.

If you happen to see the guy, it’ll be worth your time to call the FBI. There’s a $2 million reward for his arrest.

A handy video from the SLCPD about grifter Kari Ferrell.

I blog about non-crime subjects for a new site called Today I posted a brief entry there about a wanted, alleged con woman from Utah, one Kari Ferrell, age 22.

Essentially, Ferrell talked her way into employment (very briefly) at Vice Magazine. She was pierced, tattooed, asian, elfin, forward, funky, funny – in other words, catnip for a certain breed of New York-centric media person, especially folks who are also in their 20s, like Ferrell herself. Then someone at Vice googled her and decided she wasn’t such a good hire after all. They most likely got this

She’s been a very bad girl – $60,000 worth of bad – but at first, I didn’t think Ferrell merited a post here. Why? For one thing, the New York media/gossip blog juggernaut Gawker has gone absolutely stark raving nuts over Ferrell’s story. They have both a Kari Ferrell tag and a Hipster Grifter tag, to name a few related to this tale of tats and bounced checks. That’s a lot of comprehensive coverage by a very popular site. I couldn’t figure out what to add to that. 

I also felt that journalist Doree Shafrir did an outstanding job detailing Ferrell’s story for the Observer. You can read that here.

The big deal of the day today for Gawker and then the post that I created for ASSME was Kari Ferrell’s MySpace profile (there’s some incredibly gross and offensive art on the profile – click at your peril) which was just about the only bit of Hipster Grifter-related online arcana no one had published yet.

Over the weird art, the self-consciously eccentric statements, a brief statement that Kari Ferrell repeated several times on her MySpace profile leaped out at me: “I have every single interest you have. I am your carbon copy.”

If there were a handbook for grifters, that statement would be the boldface epigraph on one of the first pages.

It said everything about her. Kari Ferrell was stating, whether she meant to or not, that she would mold herself to be whatever you wanted. She was saying there really isn’t a Kari. There’s the Kari you want to see, no matter who you are. That might sound kind of awesome if you haven’t been around the bend yet, but it’s actually scary as hell – because Kari was plainly telling anyone astute enough to notice just how grifters slide in under their marks’ radars. Grifters are often sociopaths, and that means they often don’t have much of a real personality all their own. They prey on others for everything. Their lives are predatory, or perhaps in Kari’s case, parasitic.

Most people who knew Kari Ferrell prior to her bizarre celebrity (thanks to Gawker, really) were probably blindsided by any scams she ran on them. But ironically, I really think a big clue was on her MySpace page the entire time. Most people just don’t want to or don’t know how to notice such a thing. I’m not sure I would, in their shoes. At least not right away. And when I was in my 20s, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

If you’re in NYC, keep an eye out for Kari Ferrell. It’s hard to miss that tattoo. Otherwise, she’ll just keep preying on others.

And remember – if anyone close to you ever makes a statement remotely similar to “I have every single interest you have. I am your carbon copy,” you should immediately become very suspicious. Unless that person is, like, your identical twin or something. Or clone. Even then, I’d probably be wary.

The Salt Lake City Police have a nice jumpsuit waiting for the Hipster Grifter. Tell them if you know anything about her whereabouts: (801) 799-3000.



Left: Michael Collins, age 34. Right: Teven David Collins, age 16. Keeping sociopathy in the family.

The U.S. Marshals, Skamania County, Washington authorities, and America’s Most Wanted are after a father and son team accused of attempted murder. From

On Feb. 9, 2009, cops say a nature-loving resident of Washougal, Wash. was the victim of a vicious carjacking which left him hospitalized. Robert Tracey, 52, had come to the Dougan Falls area for a day of cross-country skiing.

Police say Michael and Teven Collins walked up Tracey, took his car keys and told them they had to kill him.

He was beaten repeatedly, in and around the head and torso with a stick, dragged in the woods and left for dead.

Tracey survived the attack and he crawled to a nearby creek. Eventually a group of hikers came to his rescue.

Investigation subsequently identified Tracey’s alleged attackers as the Collinses, pere et fils.

The father, Michael, is a registered sex offender, and the son, Teven David, is wanted on probation violations. They could be in Vancouver, Washington, California, Arizona or New Mexico. Cops are worried. According to AMW, authorities fear the Collins boys could try to kill someone again. And succeed. 

From Teven Collins’s MySpace

They are, after all, pretty tight with each other. On his MySpace page, Teven Collins had a photo album reserved just for pics of him and his dad. 

There the pair had posed for photos doing all the things a registered sex offender dad and probation violating son should do together – smoking something out of a pipe, drinking whiskey, making lewd faces and tonguing photos of half-naked women – you know, the usual.

Teven Collins gave a brief bio in his MySpace “About me”:

My name is Teven Collins, i used to live in Vancouver Washington but i just moved to Cali baby!! if you like me, ill like you. if you hate me ill hate you that’s how i am. i never let the man get me down!!! Ive been on my own for a couple years now. its been a blast to move out of your house at 13…. im single now…:( but i want a GIRL. i like emo punker chicks. but i don’t judge on what a person looks like…but this is me!!:) love or hate.

As noted by Washington State reporters covering the case, Teven last updated the site on Feb. 1.


Michael Collins gave his age as 29 on MySpace and went by the screen name Uriah. He hadn’t written much on his profile, but like Teven Collins he gave his location as “anywhere i want, new mexico,” and his last login was also Feb. 1st. He also had a photo album devoted to photos of him bonding with his boy.

Two material witnesses have been arrested in this case and are being held in Skamania County on a half-million dollars bond apiece.

Michael and Teven David Collins may still be in Robert Tracey’s black 1998 Ford Explorer, Washington State license plate #455YHY.

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Michael and Teven Collins, call Skamania County detectives at (509) 427-9490. 

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