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Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: A gang member used an automatic rifle to shoot and kill a member of his own gang in the middle of Baseline Road, police say. The two alleged gangsters, who had arguments over a woman, were passengers in separate cars on Tuesday morning when 22-year-old Moises Gutierrez grabbed his rifle from the backseat and opened fire on the vehicle behind him. Phoenix New Times has the story.


Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: A motorcycle club called the “Sons of Hell” is suing several Arizona law enforcement agencies, alleging multiple violations of their constitutional rights. The bikers claim in a federal lawsuit that cops treat them as a gang “based solely on their associations and friendships with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.” Phoenix New Times has the story.


Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: A Child Protective Services employee was arrested in a plot to hinder the prosecution of her boyfriend, a Mexican Mafia gangster, who was convicted of second-degree murder last month. The employee, 62-year-old Elida Perez, “has a long history of association with criminal street gangs,” according to court documents. Phoenix New Times has the story.

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The Santiesteban drug clan — which made millions by running grow houses all over South Florida and smuggling pot up the coast to New York City — now appears to be falling apart. Earlier today, one of the gang’s leaders, Derrick Santiesteban, pleaded guilty to drug, money laundering, and murder charges. His wife, Yadira, also copped to money laundering. A third gang member, Raul Ramirez, admitted to tending to the grow houses. Miami New Times has the story

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