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Pagans’ territory sprawls from Ohio to New York

​Some 50 members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club have been arrested in a plot to intimidate, beat, and murder their way to becoming the premier biker gang on the East Coast. According to the indictment, they’ve been on a campaign to crush smaller clubs or force them into allegiance to take on their rivals the Hells Angels and the Outlaws.

The charges against the gang are a smorgasbord of major felonies, including kidnapping, robbery, extortion,
and conspiracy to commit murder. When rival bikers entered their territory — which sprawls from Ohio to New York — they were “intimidated, threatened, attacked, beat, robbed
and sometimes killed them,” says the indictment.

In one case, Vice President Jesse Moore ordered the kidnapping and assault of a Road Disciples member to pressure the gang into kicking back extortion payments. Moore’s also accused of conspiring with a prison guard to kill and inmate suspected of ratting on the gang…

Here’s the plan: You build a homemade helicopter, fly it onto the jail roof, and bust me outta here. No, really. I’m serious. It’ll be easy.

​Jamal Shakir may have been in the gifted class when it came to running the Rollin’ 90 Crips, which reaped mayhem and murder from Nashville to Los Angeles. But when it comes to hatching escape plans, Shakir is strictly special ed…

A memorial for Derrion Albert

Reader “New Creature” responds to “Brutal Video: Honor Student Derrion Albert Killed by Chicago Mob.” She’s worked with street kids this troubled, and believes they’re beyond redemption:

“I’ve worked with street kids in the past, and honestly thought I had a
gift for it until I was called upon to take a temporary position at a
public school in an “alternative classroom”. I learned quickly that all
the love and compassion in the world would not be enough, but was only
viewed as weakness.

“I’m ashamed to say I lasted only two days before I
finally decided I’d had enough. That classroom was merely grooming
those kids for prison. We have a whole culture of young black men whose
dream it is to be the top-dog in the joint, and their school age years
are spent practicing. They are without hope, and making excuses and
feeling guilty only makes it worse. Dear God, give us wisdom.”

UPDATE: Derrion Albert was an innocent bystander caught in the middle of a brawl between rival factions from his high school. See update after the jump…

This is an absolutely brutal video released by Chicago police. Kids outside the Agape Community Center riot, smashing boys in the head with large boards and killing 16-year-old honor student Derrion Albert of Fenger High School.

Three kids have now been arrested in the murder — Silvanus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16. All are being tried as adults. It’s still too early to say why Derrion was caught up in the assault. Some say he was an innocent bystander. But his family says he was targeted because he didn’t want to join a gang…

Thumbnail image for Juan-Escalante.jpg
The deputy and father of three was shot multiple times outside his house as he left for work.

The numbers alone are impressive: 1,200 cops from the LA Police to the DEA. 88 suspects. 44 arrests. All before you had your morning coffee.

Those are the numbers being reported by police in the massive 4 a.m. raid against the Avenues street gang, which has preyed on northwest Los Angeles dating back to the 1950s. The arrested face a buffet of racketeering charges, ranging from murder to extortion to drug dealing. 

But their most alarming crime came in August of 2008. The gang is accused of orchestrating the drive-by assassination of LA County Deputy Juan Abel Escalante. The father of three was shot multiple times outside his house as he left for work at the county jail.

The Avenues have faced raids before for drug dealing, their links to the Mexican Mafia prison gang, and even a series of hate crimes. But none of those were of the magnitude of today’s massive sweep…

Mayor Eddie Perez is is charged with extortion

​Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, a former gangbanger turned thrice-elected boss of Connecticut’s largest city, seems to have never left The Life behind. In January, he was charged with trading favors to a city contractor in exchange for improvements on his home. Today he was arraigned on new charges of extortion.

Prosecutors say the mayor tried to shake down developer Joseph Citino, who wanted to purchase city-owned property. The problem, say police, is that Perez’s pal, former state Rep. Abraham Giles, already had a sweet scam running on that property. Giles was leasing the land from the city $500 a month, then turning around and subleasing it to a parking company for $2,250
a month. If Citino wanted the property, he was going to have to kick Perez and Giles $250,000 to make it happen.

The mayor steadfastly maintains his innocence on both charges. He even wrote an opinion piece for the Hartford Courant titled “Why I Won’t Resign.” Giles, meanwhile, is busting out the age card. “I have a very difficult time conceiving of how an 83-year-old man extorts anyone,” says his lawyer, John Kelly.

Antonio Saunders, patriot and Blood

​Army soldiers Frank Calderon and Antonio Saunders apparently got into a beef at 32 Degrees nightclub in West El Paso, Texas. They were asked to leave and the fight continued in the parking lot, before both drove away. But according to Calderon’s companion, Kay Yem, they were stopped at a red light when Saunders caught up with them again.

That’s when Saunders pulled a gun and fired five shots, plugging Calderon in the chest and stomach.

Saunders, who’s said to be a member of the Bloods when he’s not fighting for his country or shooting fellow servicemen, turned himself in the next day to military police at Fort Bliss.

A St. Paul 4-year-old gets a fashion lesson from these assholes

​Stamp Kenny T. Jackson’s forehead with a giant L for Loser. The reputed St. Paul, Minnesota gangbanger has been charged with malicious punishment of a child for allegedly smacking his 4-year-old.

According to St. Paul police, Jackson’s stepfather called 911 complaining that Jackson was throwing things around the house. He supposedly ripped a blue shirt off his four-year-old son and was hitting him because the kid was wearing the colors of the Crips.  

Jackson, according to the stepdad, is an efette member of the Bloods, the Crips’ dreaded rivals.

When police arrive they found the kid scratched, crying, and with a shirt. Jackson denied that he’s an asshole of the aforementioned magnitude.


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