Browsing: Heroes reading from the Voice Media empire: During a startling news conference , Police Chief Nick Metz essentially argued that the actions of Richard “Gary” Black Jr., who had just gunned down a naked home intruder trying to kill his grandson, caused an officer to fatally shoot him. Specifically, he said that Black failed to comply with at least five orders to drop his gun issued by officers over the course of thirteen seconds prior to the trigger being pulled. However, Metz acknowledged that Black, 73, might not have heard these demands because of a hearing impairment related to his service during the Vietnam War, which earned him a Bronze Star-Oak Leaf Cluster medal and a Purple Heart. Westword has the story.

richard.blackBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: Richard “Gary” Black was killed by police while defending his family from a naked home invader identified as Dajon Harper, 26. One of the officers involved in the Black tragedy had taken part in a fatal gun-down just 34 days earlier. But for an attorney who represents Black’s family, “The key is that he was a hero. He should be sitting in the mayor’s office getting a commendation, not in the morgue.” Westword has the story.

john.adsit.denver.police.youtubeBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Officer John Adsit is officially retiring because of injuries he sustained after being hit by a car while working crowd control during a December 2014 protest about a grand jury decision in the death of Ferguson, Missouri, resident Michael Brown. The damage Adsit sustained was so horrific that despite countless hours of rehab and more than two dozen surgeries, he was only able to return to the job for about a week or so over the approximately 29 months that followed. Westword has the story.

It took nearly three hours for cops to storm Orlando nightclub Pulse and take out America’s worst mass shooter. After the dust cleared, 50 were dead, including the suspect.

Was the long wait a mistake?

The Los Angeles Police Department invented the SWAT team in 1967. So we asked Scott Reitz, a retired LAPD SWAT team firearms and tactics instructor, what he thought of the response in Orlando.

jamie_katz_pet_detectiveKatz is South Florida’s real-life pet detective. Every day, beloved animals go missing, but because animal shelters are overwhelmed and police are busy with higher priorities, pet owners are often left helpless, growing more frantic with each passing hour. Katz, a licensed private investigator with a background in criminal justice and a pair of scent-sniffing canines, has capitalized on solving a problem that otherwise has no good solution. Since opening her pet-finding business in September 2015, Katz has taken 88 cases and has been successful in 53 of them — 60 percent. With GPS technology, shoe-leather canvassing, and knowledge of the latest pet-napping scams, she has worked to recover roaming tabbies, stolen French bulldogs, and even a talking parrot.

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