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Here’s a happy little video to start your week. An aggressive skinhead poseur does his best to bait a mild mannered homeowner into a fight. The skinhead is obviously playing to the crowd — it’s being videotaped, after all — while the mild-mannered guy does his best to avoid a fight. But when he’s finally forced to go — well, just enjoy for yourself.

Kevin Salyers is not just a pervert. He got his ass kicked by a guy in a wheelchair.

‚ÄčHere’s a story from Westminster, Colorado that will shine up your day: Police say 34-year-old degenerate Kevin Salyers sexually assaulted a young girl at the local Wal-Mart, then tried to flee.

Wheelchair-bound Cameron Aulner was working at a table in the front when he heard someone yelling to stop the creep from leaving. Despite his injuries from falling off a roof, Cameron tackled the perv and held him down till cops arrived.

Salyers was charged with sexual assault. Cameron, in turn, stands accused of being the biggest man in Westminster, Colorado.

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