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Jose Campos-Quintani will not have bragging rights in the joint

Campos-Quintani has had his robbery privileges revoked after being outsmarted by a 72-year-old granny. According to police, Quintani broke into the woman’s home in
Charlotte, North Carolina through a basement window.

The woman called 911, but the bad guy knocked the phone out of her hand. So she grabbed a can of air freshener and kept blasting him in the eyes. The woman — who uses a walker — was thrown to the floor. But she still managed to outsmart Quintani. “I said, ‘Why don’t we get to know each other better, get some wine,” she told WCNC-TV. “Well, thank God the police were there then.”

Martin Rodriguez Guerrero didn’t know the boy named after him had been kidnapped

​Martin Rodriguez Guerrero and Tammy Silas, his girlfriend of two years, often discussed having a baby. They worked at a remodeling company in Ardmore, Alabama — he in construction, she in translating for the Mexican workforce. But for some reason she was unable to give birth.

So Martin wasn’t surprised when Tammy began discussing adoption. She’d apparently spent months preparing for the baby’s arrival, buying formula and blankets. Martin, not the inquisitive sort, didn’t probe too much on how all this was supposed to go down.

When she called to have him pick her up at the airport, saying she’d adopted a baby in Texas, he had no reason to believe it wasn’t legit. The boy they would call Martin Jr. was healthy and happy. What he didn’t know is that Tammy had stabbed the mother of the newborn eight times in order to kidnap the boy…

Here’s a happy little video to start your week. An aggressive skinhead poseur does his best to bait a mild mannered homeowner into a fight. The skinhead is obviously playing to the crowd — it’s being videotaped, after all — while the mild-mannered guy does his best to avoid a fight. But when he’s finally forced to go — well, just enjoy for yourself.

Kevin Salyers is not just a pervert. He got his ass kicked by a guy in a wheelchair.

​Here’s a story from Westminster, Colorado that will shine up your day: Police say 34-year-old degenerate Kevin Salyers sexually assaulted a young girl at the local Wal-Mart, then tried to flee.

Wheelchair-bound Cameron Aulner was working at a table in the front when he heard someone yelling to stop the creep from leaving. Despite his injuries from falling off a roof, Cameron tackled the perv and held him down till cops arrived.

Salyers was charged with sexual assault. Cameron, in turn, stands accused of being the biggest man in Westminster, Colorado.

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