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aurora.century.16.800Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: The families of 28 victims — many of whom survived, but with horrific injuries — filed sued against Cinemark for the July 2012 massacre that left a dozen dead and seventy wounded, arguing that the lack of minimal security precautions meant the company deserved some of the blame. Here’s why the jury disagreed. Westword has the story. reading from the Voice Media Empire: The dad was a hard-working bus mechanic who returned home from work during the wee hours, little knowing a group of gang members were laying in wait for a rival. They allegedly mistook the father for the target with tragic results — but not all of them were punished equally. In fact, one wasn’t punished at all. Westword has the story.

samuel.pinney.mug.shot.800.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: At first, authorities who discovered the two men whose bodies were found in a burning truck had been the victims of a terrible traffic accident. But more investigation revealed that they’d been dead before being incinerated — and before long, Pinney and others involved in what’s thought to have been a drug deal went wrong were under the microscope. Westword has the story.

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