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kenneth.atkinson.fox31.1Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Atkinson, a beloved physician who’d practiced in the area for thirty years, rushed to the aid of the woman when her husband, Kevin Lyons, emerged with a gun in his hand. He killed Atkinson and wounded his wife and another woman before being taken into custody — and his initial court appearance was filled with bizarre behavior. Westword has the story.

detectives_recall_cold_casesCourtesy of Miami Police Department/via Florida State Library and Archives

Retired Miami-Dade Police Det. Greg Smith spent 31 years investigating some of Miami’s most brutal crimes, from drug-fueled shootouts to heartbreaking family disputes turned violent. But ask him which killing he can’t get out of his mind, and he’ll answer without a moment’s hesitation: the 1967 murder of Coral Gables Police Officer Walter Stathers.

Read about the unsolved murders that still haunt Smith and four other detectives.

Curtis Maxwell and Ebenezer Nah have been charged with aggravated assault causing bodily injury. Harris County Sheriff's Office

Curtis Maxwell and Ebenezer Nah have been charged with aggravated assault causing bodily injury.

Getting stuck in the Harris County Jail because you can’t afford to pay the bail amount listed on a chart can have immediate consequences that can be worse than losing a job or a scholarship. In the past, a diabetic was booked without access to insulin, leading him to vomit dozens of times until he passed out three days later. A man arrested for visiting with his children for too long during a scheduled visit was smothered to death by guards in riot gear after they accused him of creating a weapon from a smoke detector.

And last week, according to authorities, two inmates beat a man to death in a holding cell. He was in jail for less than 48 hours.

Pasted_Image_4_8_16__3_36_PMFlorida Keys residents have waited uneasily for months for answers about what happened to 26-year-old Tara Rosado and 30-year-old Carlos Ortiz, who were found shot in the head in the bedroom of their Tavernier home last October while Rosado’s three children slept nearby.

Now, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says it has arrested the men responsible — Jeremy Macauley and Adrian Demblans. The motives behind the killing revolve around a chance discovery of a huge cocaine load during a deep-sea fishing expedition, a failed tattoo shop business plan, and an extortion plot gone wrong.


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After Louis Piper didn’t show up to work for a few days, his coworkers informed the police. They went to his South Beach apartment in the Sunset Harbour neighborhood Wednesday and found the 61-year-old’s decomposing body. That explained the foul stench neighbors had been smelling. Police believe Piper may have been dead for four or five days before they found him.

Police now have his 30-year-old lover, Jonathan Alonso, in custody.

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