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nwaalen.jpgNatasha Waalen’s body was found at half-past midnight. She was lying in the street. Her beloved motorcycle was wrecked nearby.
It looked like the 28-year-old professional acupuncturist was the victim of an accident.
Then police told her father, Jeff Waalen, that Natasha’s injuries were not consistent with a motorcycle mishap.
Things were not what they seemed.
Tasha Waalen didn’t lose control of her bike that night. A press release from Anoka County, Minnesota authorities stated that “Multiple factors are not consistent with a motor vehicle accident.”
Police believe the accident was staged by Natasha’s live-in boyfriend, Ryan P. Boland, age 33. They arrested Boland, the father of Waalen’s 4-year-old child, the day after Tasha was found dead on that quiet sidestreet.
Jeff Waalen said that the idea that Boland may have murdered his daughter was “hard to accept.”
“It would be easier for me to believe something else,” Jeff said, “than thinking it was the guy she had known for 10 years.”
Tera Gilmore, Tasha’s older sister, wouldn’t comment on Boland’s arrest. But she told a local television station that Tasha “was a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, friend to many, many people and I always said I wish I had a little Tasha in me because she was always so carefree, outgoing, so much fun. She was just a great person to be around.”
Gilmore said her niece, Tasha’s daughter, was staying with family. About Tasha’s death, she said, “We’re just all just waiting for someone to wake us up from this nightmare.”
Ryan P. Boland is in the Anoka County Jail tonight. Come Monday, he may face charges of first-degree murder.
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edhall2.JPGGuess this is my day to do some follow-ups on really creepy guys in the news.
Edwin Hall has been sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, raping and murdering Kelsey Smith. If anyone ever deserves the death penalty, this guy probably does, but he decided to plead guilty last July to keep his ass out of the hot seat. Hall abducted the 18-year-old in June 2007 from a Target in Overland, KS. Searchers found Kelsey’s body 15 miles and four days later across the state line in Missouri.
Hall will go away for life without parole and another 47 years (concurrent).
Hall spoke in court today, saying he couldn’t “find the right words to say,” but he was “so sorry” for what he’d done. “That’s it,” Hall finished, “That’s all I can say.”
Hall’s attorneys tried to have a pity party for the defendant prior to his sentencing, but bereaved mother testimony trumped “poor little killer” testimony. Kelsey’s mother took the stand and said that life was “about choices.” Then she asked the key question: “When does one have to take responsibility for their own life?”
At least Hall was caught before he could do more. Because I’m pretty sure that if he’d had the chance, he would have definitely tried again. Life sentence or death penalty, whatever — good riddance to this flat-eyed psycho. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

edhall2.JPGGuess this is my day to do some follow-ups on really creepy guys in the news.
Edwin Hall has been sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, raping and murdering Kelsey Smith. If anyone ever deserves the death penalty, this guy probably does, but he decided to plead guilty last July to keep his ass out of the hot seat. Hall abducted the 18-year-old in June 2007 from a Target in Overland, KS. Searchers found Kelsey’s body 15 miles and four days later across the state line in Missouri.
Hall will go away for life without parole and another 47 years (concurrent).
Hall spoke in court today, saying he couldn’t “find the right words to say,” but he was “so sorry” for what he’d done. “That’s it,” Hall finished, “That’s all I can say.”
Hall’s attorneys tried to have a pity party for the defendant prior to his sentencing, but bereaved mother testimony trumped “poor little killer” testimony. Kelsey’s mother took the stand and said that life was “about choices.” Then she asked the key question: “When does one have to take responsibility for their own life?”
At least Hall was caught before he could do more. Because I’m pretty sure that if he’d had the chance, he would have definitely tried again. Life sentence or death penalty, whatever — good riddance to this flat-eyed psycho. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

russianvictims.jpgBecause you know you really wanted to find out more about the Russian cannibal satanists, I went the extra mile for you, the reader, and with the aid of Google’s translation service, my dusty old Russian/English dictionary and some other odd little tools acquired through my other career (as an opera singer — had to have at least a nodding acquaintance with a number of languages), I put together this post with a few more details about the horrific crimes carried out in late June this year in the historic Russian Federation city of Yaroslavl.
I never write about crime in graphic, gruesome detail and am not about to change that, but I still recommend anyone with a low tolerance for this kind of thing think twice before continuing. You’ve been warned.
The investigation into the murders of 4 Russian teens continues in Yaroslavl. As many English language publications have noted in recent days, the teens were goth kids. Their killers were self-avowed satanists.
A few odd facts about this case have been misreported by English-speaking media. Hopefully I can fix that without adding too many goofs of my own.
The teen victims — all aged between 15 and 17 — vanished late last June, sparking a minor frenzy in local press at the time. No surprise there; American media would go bonkers — even in this political season — if 5 nice-looking teens just dropped off the face of the earth in the space of a few weeks, in the same general area.
The missing kids, Olga Pukhova, Andrei Sorokin, Varya (or possibly Varvara) Kuzmin and Anna Gorokhova, may have said that they were attending the “Invasion” Music Festival in Tver. If so, that was a lie — the festival wouldn’t take place until early July.
Their bodies were found in a remote, wooded area on August 12. The teens had been cut into pieces; their heads, arms, legs were removed. Hearts were cut from some of the victims’ chests, scalps were removed, genitals excised. The remains were burned and some of the pieces eaten.
Near the burn site criminalists found a dead cat nailed to an inverted cross. In the ashes, they found curly, red, human hair from the head of one of the 3 female victims.
According to Russian press sources, 8 suspects were arrested that very day: seven teen males and one girl. All were said to be between 17 and 19 years old. They also reportedly came from ‘very affluent families.’
Because the victims and alleged killers were so close in age, investigators in Yaroslavl believe they were all acquainted prior to the murders.
Some English-language outlets have reported that the remains of the victims were found 250 kilometers — about 155 miles — from the home of the alleged ringleader of the group of killers. Actually, the burn pit was 250 meters — just over 800 feet — from the home of Nikolai Ogologbyak, aka “Graf.”
The same English sources have also stated that Ogolobyak said that Satan would help him ‘evade responsibility’ for the crimes, because the alleged cannibal had ‘brought him […] many victims.’
Russian press reports actually attribute this statement to one of Ogolobyak’s followers, Anton Makovkin (spelled “Makovin” in some articles). Makovkin was known to his friends as “Dr. Got.”
Another, unnamed member of the Graf’s and Dr. Got’s gang of fun-time cannibals tried to explain why he turned to Satan. He said he’d ‘tried to turn to God,’ but that didn’t bring him money. After praying to Satan, the teen said, his situation improved.
The gang had been at their work for a while. Alexander Voronov (aka Raven, Hitler and Ethiopia), told of a drunken ramble through a cemetery in 2006 with Ogolobyak, Makovkin and two others, Konstantin Baranov (aka Klyk) and Alexei Chistyakov, the appropriately nicknamed “Dead.” That night the boys decided to poke around in a freshly-dug grave. They ended up disinterring a young woman. Voronov then described a grisly foreshadowing of the murders of Pukhova, Sorokin, Kuzmin and Gorokhova. He said they cut the corpse into pieces and that he ate a portion of the heart before the teens left the graveyard. The body was found by the authorities and a report was written. Until Voronov’s confession, police thought they had an unidentified murder victim.
Police may have missed an opportunity to stall the alleged cannibals. In May this year, (May 1, specifically — Walpurgis Night) they began doing things like crucifying cats. At one point, they were even detained by police — only to be released a short time later.
They probably thought their dark prayers were being answered.
A religious expert based in Yaroslavl, Eugene Mukhtarov, said he did not believe that the killers in this case were true satanists. One example of his contention that the group led by Nikolai “Graf” Ogolobyak were simply ‘home-brewed’ or wannabe satanists was the size of the group. “Satanists [form in groups of]thirteen people, not eight,” Mukhtarov said, “[The] thirteenth – [is the]Master, the one who creates the organization.”
In the first entry about this crime, at least one comment noted that the terms “goth” and “emo” were being used interchangeably in this story, even though there are distinct differences in the two teen subcultures. That may be true here in the U.S. and perhaps in the U.K., but research proved to me that the Russians tend to lump them all together into one group of kids with a strong attraction towards the morbid.
Similar crimes have happened here in the U.S. — the Manson murders come to mind — but they don’t always have the stunning, straight-out-of-a-horror novel aspects to them like we’re reading about here. It is easy to think they will not happen again. At least not any time soon. But I suppose I’m a terrible pessimist, sometimes, and don’t feel so sure about that.
If something similar happens in the U.S. again, though, I feel compelled to point out that the killers won’t be real satanists, real goths or real emos here, either. Such criminal acts are always much more about one charismatic, powerful psychopath who finds a way to assemble a group of weaker-minded lackeys around him — think Rod Ferrell and his Vampire Clan. It sounds as if Nikoai Ogolobyak fit that bill here. If I translated one of the articles I read correctly, it stated that Ogolobyak was clever enough to masquerade as a fairly upstanding teen in public — even to the point of singing in his church choir. The other teens arrested along with him were described by their teachers as “weak-minded,” and that comes as no surprise.
Such a demonic dynamic is always out there, waiting to resurface. It may only be a matter of time.
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NOTE: More detailed post here: “A Little More About the Russian Cannibal Satanists.”
skitzcross.jpgYes, in this blog I tend to just cover crimes happening in the U.S.A., but some stories reach right the hell across the oceans and grab my attention and just demand I take note.
The case of the missing Russian goth kids is just such a story. It reads like a suspense novel plot that was rejected for being too gruesome and improbable. Sadly, way too many English media outlets are now reporting the story as fact, so let me tell you what I’ve learned so far.
In late June this year, four kids were lured to the edge of the forest surrounding Yaroslavl, an ancient city located about 155 miles to the northeast of Moscow. They were enticed with the usual coin of the teenage realm, socially-speaking, the promise of a party — in particular, partying with alcohol.
On June 28, several teens approached Olga Pukhova and Anna Gorokhova. The girls went for their night of partying and never returned home again.
Then the alleged killers invited Andrei Sorokin and his girlfriend Varya Kuzmina along for some fun.
According to Russian authorities, all the victims styled themselves as goth kids. Goth in Russia isn’t all that different from goth in the United States, save that the Russian public has responded differently to the subculture — with a great deal of judgment, even violence towards kids identified as goth or emo. The Russian State Duma — roughly analogous to the American House of Representatives — has even held hearings on possibly regulating websites that might be of interest to emo kids and legislating a goth kid’s ability to go to school.
The folks giving these parties seemed to be cut from the same cloth as their victims.
The four victims gave their families similar stories. They said they were headed to a music festival. But each pair actually got in touch with the alleged leader of the Satanic killers, Nikolai Ogolobyak.
At least one of the kids almost got the word out that something bad was afoot. Varya Kuzmina called a friend from Ogolobyak’s place and she said that she didn’t like it there. “Something’s not right,” said the teen, “I’ll tell you about it later.”
Later didn’t come, for Varya Kuzmina. Nikolai Ogolobyak’s followers were a dark and bloody universe away from your everyday goth kid or emo cutter.
Russian authorities say Olga Pukhova, Anna Gorokhova, Varya Kuzmina and Andrei Sorokin were stabbed 666 times. The teens — all of them 16 or 17 — were then dismembered.
Then the Satanists built a bonfire. They threw the body parts of the victims into the flames. Later they ate some of the roasted pieces.
Britain’s Sun, not necessarily the best news source for anyone (unrepentantly tabloid, sometimes in the same fashion as the old Weekly World News), reported that after police found the hideous crime scene, they were able to extract some of the victims’ hair from the ashes of the charnel fire.
The killers marked a place in the woods where some of the victims’ bones were discarded with an upside-down cross.
Eventually, Russian authorities arrested Ogolobyak and accomplices Ksenia Kuznetsova, Alexander Voronov and Anton Makovin.
Nikolai Ogolobyak wasn’t concerned about his arrest. He allegedly told police that Satan would help him “avoid responsibility” because Ogolobyak had “made lots of sacrifices to him.”
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patakimorales.jpgThe ‘do-ragged wondertwins of douchebaggery there on the left are in custody tonight in Virginia. Authorities there arrested Leslie Morales, age 21, and 22-year-old Daniel Pataki earlier today.
Police in Charlotte, NC believe the pair murdered Morales’s 46-year-old mother, Alexandria Salem. Salem was found stuffed inside a bag beside a Dumpster early Tuesday.
The couples’ red Chevy Cobalt dropped the dime on them. The Virginia State PD collared the pair after spotting the car.
I wrote about these two yesterday:
Take Mama to the Dumpster: The Murder of Alexandria Salem.”
Both Morales and Daniel Pataki had personal profiles on MySpace, as did Morales’s mom, the murder victim, Alexandria Salem. The previous entry guides you through the sites and asks if there were any hints in the online communication found on those pages as to why Alexandria Salem ended up dead beside a Dumpster.
Police from North Carolina are headed to Virginia to question the pair.

rchristensen.jpgRosemary Christensen, a 43-year-old Belleair, Florida realtor, vanished on August 26, 1999. Rosemary’s husband, Robert Glenn Temple, claimed he saw Rosemary at their condo that night. For reasons that will soon be clear, only Christensen’s last meeting with a client was considered a confirmed final sighting of the woman alive.
For his part, Temple said he left the condo around 7 that night and he never went back. Temple claimed that he had no idea whether or not anyone was with Rosemary prior to her disappearance.
The following day, Robert Glenn Temple left Florida altogether. He traveled with his then 22-year-old girlfriend, Lesley Stewart, to Decatur, Illinois. Temple said he tried to call his wife, to no avail.
By August 30, Rosemary Christensen’s co-workers knew that something was wrong. They must have suspected Temple of some involvement in Rosemary’s disappearance, because the couple had a history of domestic violence. Additionally, Temple was having an affair when Rosemary vanished, and truth be told, Robert Glenn Temple was no stranger to homicide. Well, to be specific, manslaughter.
In 1974 Temple — then 24 — was living with Brenda June Cravens and 18-month-old Jason Scott Cravens in California. On June 22 that year, little Jason was discovered in the bathtub of a hotel room, dead, with cuts and bruises on his body. The FBI arrested the couple in Los Angeles on September 6, 1974. Later that year Temple pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and Brenda Cravens copped to being an accessory.
So… police searching for Rosemary Christensen were certainly suspicious of Temple. On the morning of August 27, 1999, he and Lesley Stewart bought supplies intended for cleaning and painting. You know — the stuff you might use to conceal the scene of a crime? And then there were those missing pieces of carpet from the condo Temple shared with his wife, a household item with a bloodstain on it, and a decidedly tell-tale new coat of paint on a wall in the residence.
But the cops didn’t have a body, and Robert Temple knew better than to cooperate.
That part about not having a body has changed, now. On September 8, two days ago, the Pinellas County Sheriff reported that they’d recovered the remains of Rosemary Christensen.
Temple, already in jail in California on other charges, will now face murder charges and extradition back to Florida.
It took 9 years, but it looks as though Robert Temple’s alleged secrets finally came back haunt him.
Most of the time, bodies just don’t stay hidden the way they’re supposed to. They will out. There are others, living in Florida right now, who would do well to learn about the disappearance — the murder — of Rosemary Christensen. A lot of rain falls in Florida. The sandy earth runs, and old, cold secrets come to light. Just ask Robert Glenn Temple.
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Sometime last week friends and co-workers grew concerned about Richard Hernandez, age 38. The Dallas man was last seen leaving the Wal-Mart where he worked, and then no one heard from him again. He’d been at the Wal-Mart for 8 years. It wasn’t like Richard to just not show up.
Cops went to Hernandez’s apartment in northwest Dallas for a welfare check, and they found blood. Lots of blood. Richard Hernandez’s one-bedroom home was an abattoir.
The floor in Hernandez’s apartment was covered in blood. The walls, streaked with blood. The couch, covered in blood. A warrant issued later in Denton County, TX stated that it looked as though the bathtub had been used to dismember the body of Richard Hernandez. The Dallas County medical examiner ruled that tissue samples found in the tub were from internal organs.
sethwinder.jpgSeth Lawton Winder, age 29, once lived at the same apartment complex. The apartment manager remembered him, and she told police that she’d seen Winder near Hernandez’s place on Wednesday and Thursday, after Hernandez went incommunicado.
Authorities picked Winder up and charged him with using Hernandez’s debit card. On Sunday, they took a blood-soaked backpack into evidence. Inside they found items belong to both Winder and Richard Hernandez.
The worst evidence was yet to come. Investigators got in touch with Winder’s dad and searched the elder Winder’s garage. There they found, in the words of the Dallas News, “a digital camera with pornographic images of Mr. Winder in Mr. Hernandez’s apartment.” The Dallas NBC affiliate was less circumspect about the “pornographic images.” In an article published online, NBC 5 reported that “police have pornographic cell phone pictures of Winder and Hernandez.” Other items owned by Richard Hernandez were also found inside the same garage.
Seth Winder had been living rough in a tent in The Colony, TX. A search of the tent yielded a sword and more items owned by Richard Hernandez. Those, too, were covered in blood.
Seth Winder’s father has asked that his name be kept out of articles about the murder of Richard Hernandez, but he did make a statement: “I just want to make sure everybody understands that he is insane […] He is mentally ill, and he’s been that way since probably early 2000. … He’s been arrested numerous times, and I told the police every single time that he’s crazy and they wouldn’t listen.”
Winder’s father has also said that his son is fascinated with knives. Seth Winder has been a danger to his family in the past, as well — his father said Winder tried to strangle his mother 3 years ago.
Homeless drifter or no, Seth Winder did indeed have a MySpace page. He created the profile on July 20, 2008, and apparently didn’t log in again after making the page. His headline was made-up word: “golfretrology.” Under “About me,” Winder wrote, “sexy fucker, deep thinker.” Below that, under “Who I’d like to meet,” Winder stated, “you.”
Kind of chilling, in hindsight. Otherwise there wasn’t much to see. Via the profile, Winder stated his “General” interests were “sex drugs & r&r.” His hero was “spiderman.”
There were no photos of Winder himself, but there were two works of art — one a digitally-altered photo of a woman dancing between two speakers, the other a painting, possibly by William Blake.
Winder’s arrest marks only the 3rd time in 3 decades that Dallas authorities have gone ahead and filed charges of capital murder, even though they don’t have a body. Dallas Police Lt. Craig Miller told NBC 5 that with the evidence collected, police feel like they “have a strong case to go ahead — even without a body — to file a capital murder charge.”
[Dallas Morning News and]

moralespataki.jpgIt wasn’t just another Tuesday morning for the owner of Carolina Cleaners in Charlotte, N.C. No — it was 7 a.m. and they were looking at a body in a bag by a Dumpster. The person who found the body was doing a morning garbage run and they noticed that the bag in question was too large, and that it had been placed by the Dumpster sometime the night before.
Must have been like waking to a day scripted by David Lynch. This whole story might be Lynchian, but for the fact it’s real.
The body belonged to Alexandria Salem, age 46. Charlotte-Mecklenburg authorities believe Salem was murdered by her daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend. So they have murder warrants out now for Leslie Michelle Morales, age 21, and her boyfriend, Daniel Francis Pataki — he’s 22 years old.
The Charlotte authorities say they think Salem was murdered at a Motel 6 prior to her body being dumped. They have interviewed a number of guests there as well as residents at a nearby pair of apartment buildings.
Everyone in this tale of woe apparently had a MySpace profile:
* Daniel Pataki
* Leslie Michelle Morales (she goes by “Lisa”)
* Alexandria Salem
Pataki’s last log-in was on 9/9/08. His headline read, “I love my baby and there is not a thing anybody can do to change that even the slightest bit. Im in love, and I always will be!” His profile photo showed him and Leslie Morales in “gangsta” get-up, wearing do-rags and shades. The photo was probably a tongue-in-cheek attempt to look hard, however — Pataki’s profile seemed to speak of an inward-looking guy who liked to read and write.
Under “About Me,” he wrote the following:

People have so many views of me. Some of you may hate me, and some of you may like me. I really don’t care if you hate me, because I can live without hate. But like me or love me, your always welcome. So yeah, I’m an asshole to some, an angel to others, but mostly just in between. I would say more, but then where’s the fun part of messaging :) Anyways, need to contact me privately or something or need my actual response, catch me on AIM at shyguywriter. Don’t let the name fool you though, I’m far from shy. Anyways, im out of school, looking for work so I can live out my life…

Pataki also kept his MySpace blog updated through 2007. One of his more interesting posts was made on April 9, 2007. It read as follows:

Hey people. Never thought that this would have happened to me, but it did. I am out of a home. I am officially homeless in 12 hours. Pretty much, my gf and me are getting kicked out because 1, there is not enough room here. 2, my dad’s girlfriend is a bitch and doesnt want us around anymore. So anyways, were out on the streets tomorrow. Its gonna be hard, but I have a fighting spirit and were not gonna stay on the streets for long. So people, I need you to do something for me. Pray for our safety, and that we are going to make it. We need all the help we can use right now.

Over a month later, Leslie “Lisa” Morales posted a comment on that entry, using a private MySpace profile. Morales wrote, in part, “well aint that some shit, i am in the same exact situation with my bf […] but you have to just suck it up and deal with it sometimes, bcuz i know that if you guys stick together and never let go…..if you do that then i know that you guys can get through anything….. […] just hang in there and just keep on loving each other and take care of urselfs and everything will be ok…….i promise you that…”
On her public page, apparently created while she was living in East Palo Alto, CA with Pataki, Leslie Morales had the following headline: “I AM WHO I AM, LIKE IT OR NOT, I DONT CARE:)” In the portion of the profile asking who her “heroes” were, Morales posted, “MY MOTHER AND MY FIANCE:) I LOVE YOU BAYBAY:) YOU 2 MAMA:)”
alexsalem.jpgAlexandria “Alex” Salem was Leslie’s 2nd “top” friend. Mother and daughter had a partial running communication going on via MySpace comments, the most substantive being comments left by Morales on her mother’s profile. Did the provide insight into the reality of this mother-daughter relationship? Perhaps. One thing was clear — Morales didn’t like living in East Palo Alto. She left this comment for her mother on May 22, 2008: “i am in the process of getting the hell out of this place […] i hate it here. but anywho i am going to call you next thursday that is coming up soon.”
Later the same day, Morales sounded like a million other twenty-somethings in over their heads and ready to regress for a bit. She wrote:

hey momma, we need your help. we recently bought a car because we were tired of walking everywhere in the heat and figured it could help us move our stuff on the trip. But, we are scared that the car will break down on us in the middle of the US. So we dont know what to do. Whether to sell the car or try to get our money back (500$) or just risk it. please help and please reply soon.

It seems like Alexandria Salem tried to get in touch with her daughter. Morales left this open letter to her mother on May 24:

hey momma,
i am so sorry that i didnt call you back like i said i would but the family wouldnt let me use there phone. but i promise you that i am doing my best to figure out something about this trip and how we are going to do it. i promise you that i will keep in touch and i will keep you posted about everything.
i have to go for now but i will talk to you later. i love you and please dont worry, everything will be ok.
i love you!!! c~ya

There are thousands of miles between East Palo Alto and Charlotte, NC. Seems like there must have been a few thousand more between the daughter who called her mother one of her heroes and addressed her in such a loving (if pleading) manner and the daughter who now stands accused of murder.
The suspects, Leslie “Lisa” Morales and Daniel Pataki, are said to be driving a red Chevy Cobalt, North Carolina tag #XKY-6459. If you see the vehicle in question call 911 immediately. If you have information about this case, call 704-432-TIPS.
[, link 1 and link 2. See also: Charlotte Observer.]


i rather be misconstruted [sic] than be under conclusions
u aren’t the least of my ruins…
— from “Chaous [sic]and Confusion,” a poem by Irma Simeus.

A wig, a hairbrush, a sandal. A dead woman inside a Honda.
Saturday, West Palm Beach, FL, and the cops come to check out an abandoned car in the housing complex on Elmhurst Road. Inside the car they find Irma Simeus, age 22. Near the car they find the wig, the hairbrush, and the sandal.
Irma’s family says the car and the other items were hers.
They also tell the media they don’t know who would kill Irma, a single mother to 4-year-old Javon. Irma’s sister tells a local TV station that Irma had no enemies, but they are “gonna run through it to see if there are people she perhaps rubbed shoulders with the wrong way…”

When i close my eyes I can still see your smile
and i can still feel the times
where your advice would console me.
Apart of me feels like maybe you not leaving me lonely
because these memories carry me.
They talk to me and I feel them all so suddenly.
Sometimes I still feel like you are here with me.
— from “Memories that keep me sane,” by Irma Simeus.

Irma Simeus just completed college. She studied to be a medical assistant. One of her profiles on a poetry site, “intensedtherapy,” provided a succinct self-description: “I write my emotions pure and simple and i capture my emotions thru my words. I have been writing since i was about 11 or 12 and haven’t stopped ever since.”
Irma’s family says she loved to create. Not just write, but sing. Poems found online, attached to an e-mail address that also brings up Irma’s MySpace profile in a search of that site, read like lyrics.

And i can’t believe i fell for your lies
but than usually i am the one who puts on the disguise.
And the phony way that you used to care for me wasn’t nothing but a phase
because i am moving on to financial success
while you let your financial assets go down to waste.
— from “Standing Ovasion [sic]” by Irma Simeus.

Some of Irma’s poems appeared to be intensely personal. One, “My Angelic Demon,” was remarkable for the anger it showed. Reading Irma’s verse it was hard to not wonder if the poem was connected to some real and perhaps even potentially dangerous events in her personal life. A portion of the poem:

Damn revenge is a bitch.
Honestly I never thought about lyin to you
but shit you thought i was pregnant so what else could i do?
Too bad you never knew I was the one who turned your metro off too.
The same chick that accessed all your passcodes
and did things you never thought i would boo.
I found out about the side bitch so I did what the fuck that i had to do.
Laughing to myself thinking about how I also was the master behind the office calls too
Shit it wasn’t my fault that I got people in places that will lie for me too.
But my favorite part is sending the fake letter you thought
was from my Doctor’s Office you fool.
You think you got An Std but karmas a mother ain’t it boo?
i would actually tell you that now you are a fool
just like the child you think that you fathered from me too.
The best part of it all is i know it’s all a lie
But You think it’s the truth.

If Irma Simeus was addressing a real ex in that poem, I imagine the police may want to speak with him.
The following is from the Palm Beach Post article about Irma’s murder:

Detectives have yet to specify how Simeus was killed but are calling the death a homicide. Anyone who was in the Elmhurst Road area, west of Haverhill Road, on Friday night or early Saturday morning can call the sheriff’s Violent Crimes Division at (561) 688-4000 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 458-TIPS (8477).

Maybe, if someone has reason to call those numbers above with answers to this mystery, we’ll find out why the wig, the brush, and the sandal trailed up to that blood-spattered Honda at the end of that road. Find out if Irma’s “Angelic Demon” had the scales fall from his eyes and decided it was time for his own brand of revenge.
[ and the Palm Beach Post. Additional link: article written by Irma Simeus for]

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