Browsing: Homicide from the Voice Media empire: Mere months after getting a tattoo on the left side of his chest that read “Save Your Heart for Someone Who Leaves You Breathless,” Corey Clemons’s heart stopped. In the immediate aftermath of his fatal shooting in Aurora two years ago, few details were released, and that remained the case even after Lloyd Rickey Henderson was arrested and charged with the crime days later. Westword has the story.

harold.mortis.mug.shotReading from the Voice Media empire: Harold Mortis has been sentenced to forty years in prison for the 2016 murder of Tyrone Adair Jr., a performer better known to local music lovers as BossMan Goodie. But Mortis’s senseless act also played a major part in the death of the hip-hop club where the slaying took place, even though the nightspot didn’t close for good until nearly a year later. Westword has the story.

richard.darling.mug.shot.800.croppedReading from the Voice Media empire: On Halloween night of 2015, 34-year-old Richard Darling allegedly committed a truly horrific crime. He was accused of murdering an acquaintance, Rey Pesina, then dismembering and “filleting” his body before putting it in a barrel and setting it ablaze. More than two years later, Darling has been found guilty of first-degree murder, and in the wake of the verdict, the district attorney’s office that prosecuted him released his arrest affidavit, which offers shocking details of the circumstances that led to Pesina’s death. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media Empire: Reporters and anchors covering February 14’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, frequently mentioned the disturbing similarity between images from the latest tragic event, during which seventeen people died, and those from the April 20, 1999 attack on Columbine High School. But Columbine’s terrible legacy has been felt consistently over the intervening eighteen-plus years. As documented below, the Parkland incident was at least the 208th school shooting to take place in Columbine’s wake. Westword has the story.

Dreion.Martise.Dearing.mug.shotReading from the Voice Media empire: Hours after the Deputy Heath Gumm, the name and a past booking photo of arrested suspect Dreion Martise Dearing began to surface in local and national media reports. But in the wake of a tweet asking several outlets to remove the mug shot or any reference to Dearing, Sheriff Mike McIntosh essentially castigated the press for compromising the Gumm investigation, even though all of the information appears to have been obtained from official law enforcement sources. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire: Aidan Zellmer, age fifteen, has been charged as an adult for the  June 2017 murder of Kiaya Campbell, a ten year old.. Zellmer, who had not previously been identified by name because of his age, will be among the youngest individuals in his state’s recent history to be prosecuted for a homicide in the adult system. Westword has the story.

dandy.dans.interior.facebookReading from the Voice Media empire: A year ago, a homicide outside Players Club anchored a roundup of eight slayings at one state’s strip clubs. And the violence connected to such venues didn’t end there. In recent months, there have been two more incidents at so-called gentlemen’s clubs, resulting in a first-degree-murder charge against Jared Chavez. Here are the details of all ten incidents. Westword has the story.

harold.henthorn.facebook.800Reading from the Voice Media empire:The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal by Harold Henthorn, whom authorities say killed his second wife, Dr. Toni Henthorn, by pushing her off Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012. In so doing, the jurists let stand a July 2017 affirmation of previous rulings by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, which rejected Henthorn’s arguments regarding what his writ to the court calls “the doctrine of chances.” Specifically, the document, on view here, maintains that the original court biased the jury against him by allowing testimony about the suspicious death of Henthorn’s first wife, Lynn, and a serious accident suffered by Toni the year before her death. Westword has the story.

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