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In one message to the student, Schultz writes that she’s “not sure if you are a boy or a
man” and that she “can see why they advise against this but I just had
to break all the rules.” Perhaps regretting the messages a little later,
she then wrote back and said, “Damn what was I thinking…” The 17-year-old student outed to school officials days later, saying Schultz was “annoying” him. City Pages has the full story


Maybe it’s just us, but Destiny Adams’ mugshot seems to show a woman who you’d be well-advised not to piss off. Someone did, though, and says that as a result she keyed his pick-up truck and caused $2,000 in damages, cops said. For her part, Adams wonders how it’s possible to cause such damage by keying a 10-year-old truck. Houston Press has the story.