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His wife says Michael O’Riley abused and threatened to kill her

​Given the evidence, it’s almost impossible to say. Last week, Lodi, California police officer Heather Metcalf was driving in an alley when a woman charged her squad car and tried to climb through the back window. She said her husband was trying to kill her.

“She was standing in the alley and was just streaming tears,” Metcalf told the Lodi News-Sentinel. “When she saw me, she just charged at me. I’ve seen a lot of scared people, but I’ve never seen anyone that terrified.”

The woman, who’d immigrated from China 22 months before, had moved to Lodi to be with her new husband, Michael Patrick O’Riley, a California corrections counselor, firearms instructor, and former Alameda cop. The woman told Metcalf she’d been abused and held captive for nearly two years. O’Riley was arrested nearby while loading guns into his car. But given the details released so far, nothing about the case seems clear…

New information indicates Phillip Garrido, charged in the 18-year abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard, may have been raping women and young girls over nearly four decades.

Police now say he was arrested in 1972 in California, accused of drugging a 14-year-old, then taking her to a motel and raping her. But the charges against Garrido, 21 at the time, were dropped when the victim refused to testify.

Police in Reno also say he was arrested in 1976 when he pretended his car was broken down and a woman gave him a ride. He supposedly handcuffed the woman and taped her mouth shut, then drove her to a storage shed where he repeatedly raped her.

Dayle Shear claims to have predicted Jaycee Lee Dugard’s return

​Benjamin Radford, the “bad science” columnist for the site Live Science, clearly isn’t a fan of the use of psychics in criminal cases. He argues that all too often they make predictions that are “either wrong or so general
and vague that it was useless,” then claim victory when the general and vague come true.

In this instance, he’s speaking of Dayle Schear, a Reno psychic who was hired by Jaycee Lee Dugard’s parents in the abduction of their daughter 18 years ago. On her website, Shear claims credit for “solving numerous
cases including finding lost possessions, locating
missing items, missing
persons, murders, by seeing
into the past, present and future.”

And now she’s claiming she envisioned where Jaycee was generally being held, and predicted the girl would return to her parents one day: “I looked her [Jaycee’s mother] in the eyes and I said… eventually she’ll
walk through the door, you’re going to see her again.”

But Radford has a different word for it: Bullshit…

A generalized news report about finding Jaycee Lee Dugard

Today we know that while Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two daughters were living in captivity with predatory psycho Phillip C. Garrido, Dugard was also Garrido’s employee (work slave perhaps a better term). She the main worker behind Garrido’s printing business, perhaps even a bit of a creative force, consulting with clients on style, format and design, using the name “Allissa.” While this provided what many might assume were multiple opportunities for Dugard to tell someone about her plight, she was in a psychological situation more deeply traumatic than most of us will ever understand, and she never seized opportunity. Dugard never conducted herself in anything but a businesslike manner, using an e-mail address registered to Garrido: [email protected].

Fox News segment about alleged Dugard kidnapper Phillip Craig Garrido.

Police in Pittsburg, CA are investigating alleged Jaycee Lee Dugard kidnapper Phillip Garrido in connection with a series of prostitute murders. According to the Sacramento Bee, Garrido is being looked at as a person of interest in murders that occurred in the Bay Area in the early 90s. Many of the victims from that spree were found in an industrial area where Garrido worked at the time. This comes on top of the 28 charges leveled against the convicted sex offender in connection with the 18-year-long captivity of Dugard, who vanished from her bus stop when she was 11.

It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Garrido is a viable suspect in these murder cases. He has the requisite history of sexualized violence as well as an apparent psychotic, religious mania often present in the sorts of serial killers who have committed similar crimes in the past.  

In 2006, a neighbor called the Contra Costa County sheriff’s department to report a backyard encampment at the home of Phillip Garrido (see raw video of encampment above), the man now accused of kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard and holding her hostage over an 18-year-period.

Unfortunately, admits Sheriff Warren Rupf, the deputy who inspected the yard that day blew it off as a code violation, not knowing that Garrido was a registered sex offender — though the sheriff’s department had that info.


(See the end of this post for an update.)

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The 58-year-old registered sex offender arrested in connection with the abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard is named Phillip Craig Garrido. Garrido, fortunately for those of us who want to see what crazy really looks like, had a blog:

He was also planning to start a website: In case you doubt the blog belongs to Garrido (who gave the GodsDesire URL in the blog), here is the registration address for the owner of

Administrative Contact:

Garrido, Phillip [email protected]
God’s Desire
1554 Walnut Ave
Antioch, California 94509
United States
(925) 754-2687 Fax —

According to court records a search warrant was issued for the address for God’s Desire, 1554 Walnut Avenue in Antioch, CA, on Wednesday. Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, have been arrested and are being held on $1 million bond.

A homemade video about select missing childrens’ cases. Jaycee Lee Dugard at 1:40 in.

UPDATE: “Meet Phillip Craig Garrido.”

From The Charley Project, a website devoted to missing persons:

[Jaycee Lee] Dugard was last seen walking to her school bus stop on Washoan Boulevard in her hometown of South Lake Tahoe, California on June 10, 1991. A gray two-tone 1980 mid-sized Ford or Mercury sedan, possibly a Ford Grenada, Mercury Monarch or Mercury Zephyr, made a u-turn on the street where Dugard was walking between 8:05 and 8:15 a.m. An unidentified man and woman were inside the vehicle. The woman grabbed Dugard and forced her inside the car, then the vehicle sped from the scene.

The following is from an article published today on

CONCORD, Calif. — A young woman walked into the Antioch Police station and announced that she was Jaycee Lee Dugard – the girl who was snatched by an abductor from a Lake Tahoe area school bus stop in 1991.

That’s right. It may be that 18 years after her dramatic disappearance, Jaycee Lee Dugard has resurfaced, alive and physically well, in California.

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