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Patricia Perez-Gonzalez, 26, and her boyfriend, Alberto Companioni, 31, were living a life of extravagance in the stereotypical way some outsiders think all Miamians live. But it turns out they may have been funding that opulent lifestyle with a complex criminal operation of credit card fraud.

Beginning in 2014, the couple stole people’s personal information to obtain American Express personal cards, prosecutors say. The victims were primarily senior citizens, and the duo would have the cards sent to random locations. They racked up charges on luxury vacations, designer clothes, and exotic cars.

candy_and_melCourtesy of Chicago Tribune Historic Photo Archive

O.J.-mania is once again gripping America this month thanks to The People vs. O.J. Simpson, a new FX series dramatizing the sordid trial that gripped the nation in the mid-’90s. But it was fifty years ago this year when Miami found itself in the center of one of America’s most unbelievable criminal cases — one that created its own tabloid frenzy with an equally unbelievable ending.

The case featured a beautiful woman, a young lover, and allegations of incest and murder, all to get millions of dollars of inheritance. And it all played out in downtown Miami to thousands of popping flashbulbs.

Glendale police say they’re submitting felony charges against the teen who provided the gun in the pre-Valentine’s Day murder-suicide of two teen girls at their high school. The families of both of the deceased 15-year-olds in the February 12 incident at Independence High School don’t want the boy, who’s also 15, charged, police say in a statement issued today. But the cops are submitting the boy for charges anyway.





Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: A Tempe criminal-defense attorney is accused of shooting his secretary/girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, an event the victim says he recorded on video with his iPhone. Attorney Joe Palmisano, 48, is the alleged shooter, and police say he shot Ryan Hall Tin the parking lot of Palmisano’s law office. Phoenix New Times has the story.


Prosperous German immigrant Jovica “Joshua” Petrovic warned his young American wife Megan that he had “Croation blood,” his own code for “don’t fuck with me.”

After their torrid — sex occurred with the lights on — tumultuous, affair and marriage collapsed, Megan figured out why they weren’t in the dark: “revenge porn.” That was only one play in Petrovic’s obsessive strategy of humiliation, stalking and harassment online and through the postal service. Petrovic ended up in federal prison.

“I want you to win the Pulitzer Prize,” he told a reporter for the St. Louis Riverfront Times when he met with him.

Here’s the story: “Sext Fiend: Jovica Petrovic tried to embarrass his ex-wife to death, and revenge porn was the name of the game.”

Gentlemen: If you’re going to join a “Sugar Daddy” website, take a few simple steps before emailing nude photos of yourself and agreeing to send your new online ladyfriend thousands of dollars. First, reverse image search her nude photos to see if she’s just sending you random pornstar pics. Second, don’t include your face in your photos. A fellow in Las Vegas did neither and ended up getting scammed by a Florida woman who later threatened to send his wife the pics and to kill his family if he didn’t send more cash. Miami New Times has the story

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