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Matti SaariFor the second time in a year, there has been a major school shooting in Finland. Nine students were killed and two wounded during the rampage.
Matti Saari, age 22, walked into the School of Hospitality in the city of Kaujahoki around 0800 GMT — 11 in the morning local time — wearing black and carrying a duffel bag. He may have been carrying explosives as well.
Saari was wearing a ski mask by the time he opened fire on students who were hunkered over a test in one classroom. He then moved around the building, firing at others, including school janior Jukka Forsberg, who told Finnish media that he heard “several dozen rounds of shots,” possibly from an automatic pistol.
Saari was ultimately apprehended, but not before he attempted suicide. He was reportedly being treated at a Kaujahoki medical center.
This school shooter had a playbook to follow. It was written by 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who opened fire earlier this year at a high school in Jokela, a town in southern Finland. Like Auvinen, the Matti Saari may have posted videos about what he was planning on YouTube.
According to Finnish news outlet YLE, a number of videos were found on YouTube showing a young man practicing at a firing range. The young man said he was from Kaujahoki.
YouTube removed the videos, but other sites have attempted to publish them. They are short, and some show only target practice. One, however, shows the Saari standing over the camera with an automatic handgun. In English, he says, “You’re next,” and then fires just below the camera, several shots. The image accompanying this article was taken from that video.
The London Times reported that the YouTube videos were posted by a Mr. Saari, who was 22 and from Kaujahoki. He visited the site one more time an hour before the shootings occurred. He was a fan of the Bavarian electro-industrial DJ Wumpscut and also used the screen name Wumpscut86.
Another YouTuber was quick to grab the videos and has posted them with the parts that violate the site’s Terms of Service blanked out. reported that Finland has the third-highest rate of gun ownership in the world, behind the United States and Yemen. Adults needly only register a weapon with a shooting club.
On his now-deleted YouTube account ( has a screencap made prior to the account going poof), Saari posted song lyrics. The last lines read:

Whole life is war and whole life is pain
And you will fight alone in your personal war
This is war!

Note: appears to have the videos Saari originally posted on YouTube, but be warned: this site’s ads are not safe for work.
[, and Also: a nod to some intrepid poster at Drew Curtis’s for putting up the link to the copied videos.]

izamora.jpgThe Associated Press has identified the suspect in a Washington State shooting spree as Isaac Zamora, age 28.
The spree left six dead and two wounded. A deputy from the Skagit County Sheriff’s Dept. was among the dead. A Washington State trooper was injured during the police chase that ultimately led to Zamora’s arrest.
A spokesperson for the Washington State Patrol said that Zamora had “a mental illness.” The AP also indicated that Zamora was in Skagit County detention as recently as early August.
Dennise Zamora, a healthcare worker, told the AP she was Zamora’s mother. In an interview she described her son’s severe mental illness and said that she was “devastated for the families” of the victims. Dennise Zamora also said that she wished that either she or her son had been killed rather than the 6 who died.
In another interview with a Seattle-area TV station, Zamora’s mother said, “This is the truth: I love him, but I would of rather it would have been him than any of them. Its’ not his fault that he is mentally ill.”
Isaac Zamora’s mother has apparently tried to help her son in the past, but she has been limited by the fact that her son is no longer a minor. Zamora has been in and out of jail for theft and drug-related offenses and may have even been homeless for a time.
Isaac Zamora was on a special list of Skagit County offenders who were watched due to issues such as mental illness.
Zamora did have a MySpace page, but he hadn’t logged in since December of 2007 and there really wasn’t anything there, save a birthday comment from a friend, left in August, 2007.
Perhaps because the victims of this spree were scattered over several crime scenes, making the investigation much more complex than usual, none of their names have been released.
Zamora is in the Skagit County jail. [Seattle Times and the Bellingham Herald.]

shootingspree.jpgAn allegedly mentally ill man with an extensive criminal history apparently went on a rampage today in Skagit County, WA. Six people were killed and two were injured before he was taken into custody.
The insanity began with a police call to a home on Silver Creek Drive in Skagit County.
When the responding deputy wouldn’t answer hails from dispatch, more cops went to the scene. There they found two dead people, including the deputy.
The toll rose when two workers were found shot to death at construction site near the Silver Creek Drive address. Victim number 5 was found nearby.
Somehow the shooter was spotted at a gas station. He shot a witness there and fled the scene. A police chase ensued down Interestate 5, the shooter firing wildly much of the way. In the process he wounded a state trooper and killed an innocent driver.
Finally the shooter pulled up to a police station, where he gave up. Police say he began discussing the crime spree right away.
So far, that’s just about all there is on this story. There’s likely to be much more,later, so look for an update later tonight or tomorrow.
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During a press conference in Knoxville today, police revealed troubling new details about the Sunday morning shootings at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church.
Jim David Adkisson, the alleged shooter, apparently hated liberals. In a letter found after his arrest, he pledged to strike out against the “liberal movement.” The Unitarian Universalists are about as liberal as you can get, as churches go.
According to Knoxville police, Adkisson entered Tennessee Valley Unitarian intending to kill just as many people as he possibly could. The congregants who tackled Adkisson and held him until the police arrived saved a good number of lives.
What was one of Adkissons supposed triggers, aside from TVUUC’s perceived liberalism? What could have caused this military veteran to strike out in authorities are now investigating as a hate crime?

The second victim killed today during the mass shooting at Tennessee Valley Unitarian in Knoxville, TN was Linda Kraeger, age 61.
Knoxville Police say the shooter was 58-year-old Jim Adkisson. Adkisson has already made an appearance before a Knox County judge. His next hearing is on August 5. His home may be searched tonight.
Authorities say Adkisson has yet to say anything of consequence regarding the crime he’s accused of committing.
A report published by the Knoxville News Sentinel leaves the impression that there was an element of sheer hatred in Adkisson’s alleged assault on TVUUC this morning. A quote from one of Adkisson’s neighbors seems pretty telling: “We were talking one day when my daughter graduated from Bible college, and I told him I was a Christian, then he almost turned angry.” Adkisson, says neighbor Karen Massey, was forced to go to church by his parents.
This post will be updated and revised.
[WBIR; Knoxville News Sentinel]

The gunman’s timing seemed particularly tragic. Nearly 200 parishioners inside the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church [website] in Knoxville, TN were listening to children sing a song from Annie Jr. in service this morning when all hell broke loose. According to church member Steve Drevik, a 40-something man with long blond hair walked in and started shooting. The weapon of choice was a shotgun, and the man was firing at random.
Before the man was tackled by three men from the congregation, 6 people were critically wounded. A seventh person was killed.
The dead man was named Greg McKendry, and according to witnesses, McKendry lost his life in an act of sheer heroism.

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