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* No, Seriously, Who the Hell is Clark Rockefeller? — (Boston, MA) Call him J.P. Clark Rockefeller, James Frederick, Clark Mill Rockefeller or Michael Brown. Call him that crazy rich dude who putters around town on a Segway. Whatever his real name and family history, the man known as Clark Rockefeller is on the lam today, and he’s taken his blond, blue-eyed 7-year-old daughter Reigh (say it like RAY) with him. Boston Police say Clark Rockefeller was on a walk with Reigh and a supervising social worker during a court-mandated visit in Boston on Sunday the 27th when a friend in a SUV helped Rockefeller kidnap the little girl. The social worker tried to give chase and was dragged for a bit along Marlborough St. for his trouble.
Clark Rockefeller may have taken Reigh to Long Island, N.Y. intent on escaping aboard his yacht, “Serenity.”
A warrant has been issued for Rockefeller’s arrest. He may be charged with assault (on the social worker) and custodial kidnapping.
There are mysteries within mysteries here, for Rockefeller could be anyone. Though he is a man of means, the storied, wealthy Rockefeller clan has flatly denied any relation to the man. Rockefeller himself has been cagey about the association in the past, once telling a reporter that his blood ties to the Rockefellers were not something that he “would either confirm or deny.”
Aside from being the proud owner of a Segway, Rockefeller is well-educated and is said to have “a European accent,” whatever that means. I found one peculiar post on the Web that may have been written by Rockefeller in late 2007. It only seems to underscore reports that Rockefeller is an eccentric, for “Clark Rockefeller” from Boston, MA wrote in part, “The book reads like a journey through the human soul with no signposts along the way. To stay on the path requires firm reason, so we think, but when the signs fall down, only faith guides the reader’s way. Corporation well understood the limitations of reason as an infallible guide in maintaining our faith in humanity.” He wrote the preceding about a book filled with numbers. Specifically, the RAND Corporation’s A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates.
Even if it was an attempt at humor, Rockefeller’s review of the book was worded in such a dry and blank-faced way that it veered from humor into sheer, inexplicable weirdness. Perhaps no surprise, since someone familiar with the details of Rockefeller’s divorce from wife Sandra Boss told the New York Daily News that he was “a very [expletive]bizarre guy.” [AMW; NYDN]
* Casey Anthony Doesn’t Meet With Parents; Has New Hearing Today — (Orlando, FL) Cindy and George Anthony, grandparents of missing Florida 2-year-old Caylee Anthony and parents of Caylee’s jailed mom, Casey Anthony, arrived at the Orange County Jail around 9 this morning to meet with their daughter. Even though Casey doesn’t have a hearing at the Orange County Courthouse until 1:30 this afternoon, her parents were told she was ‘unavailable.’ During Casey’s hearing today, her attorney is expected to request the judge to block the release to reporters of Casey’s jailhouse phone convos. Lawyer Jose Baez filed his motion around the same time the Orange County Jail released a 15-minute phone call between Casey and her brother Lee. During that call, Lee asked Caylee if she thought Casey was okay. Casey said, “In my gut, she’s still okay […] It still feels like she’s, she’s close to home. That’s still my best feeling at the moment.” [Orlando Sentinel]
* Stepbrother, 15, Arrested for Murder of Stepsister, 14 — (Tucson, AZ) Late Monday Pima County Sheriff’s Deputies answered a call at the home Sheldon Andrew Pruitt, age 15, shared with his family, including his 14-year-old stepsister, Alexandria Salinas. According to authorities, Salinas was on the phone earlier that evening when her stepbrother came into her room and shot her in the head. No adults were at the home at the time. [KOLD Tucson]
* Georgia Scout Leader Charged With Molestation — (Lawrenceville, GA) Lawrenceville Cub Scout leader Harry Brett Taylor, age 44, has been charged with child molestation. He’s accused of fondling a child in his care. Taylor may have been molesting a relative for what the Atlanta Journal Constitution described as “an extended period of time.” An 8-year-old boy was spending the night with one of Taylor’s kids when Taylor allegedly fondled him. The boys knew each other through Cub Scouts and Taylor was their leader, but the sleepover was not a scouting event. Taylor is being held without bail in Gwinnett County detention. [AJC]
* King Cuyahoga to be Deposed? — (Cleveland, OH) In January, 2007, Jared Klaus wrote “King Cuyahoga” for the Cleveland Scene. Klaus’s article detailed the wheeling and dealing that was afoot in Cuyahoga County, OH government, and its central character was portly county commissioner, Democrat Jimmy Dimora. Klaus’s portrait of egomaniacal back-slapping pols may have been prophetic in tone, at least — it was clear by the end of the story that something shady was up in the halls of Cuyahoga County power.
Yesterday, at 9 a.m., a major corruption probe was launched with a bang in Cleveland. Two hundred agents from the FBI and IRS raided Cuyahoga county offices, businesses and homes. One of the main targets: Jimmy Dimora. A good deal of evidence was gathered from several locations, including a U Haul truck’s worth of stuff from Dimora’s home. At this time, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made. []

Cindy Anthony’s 911 calls made on July 15 just keep coming back to haunt her. A third conversation was released today.
It reveals Anthony as anything but her daughter’s defender. On July 15, she was worried sick about her granddaughter, 2-year-old Caylee, and contemplating taking the child away from Casey Anthony if Caylee was found.
The most tell-tale portion of the newly-published transcript (which you can read in full by clicking the link at the bottom of this post) was a conversation recorded between Cindy and Casey, when they thought the 911 operator was switching them over to another operator.
Speaking to Casey, Cindy Anthony said, “My next thing will be to file a child thing and we will get her […] If that is the way you want to play, we’ll do it.”
Casey Anthony responded, “That’s not the way I want to play.”
Cindy said, “Well then you haveā€¦” and Casey cut her off, saying she wanted “one more day.”
Cindy Anthony said something then that seemed to express just how bizarrely patient she’d been with her daughter, “No,” she said, “I’m not giving you another day, I’ve given you a month.”

Missing Orlando, Florida toddler Caylee Anthony’s grandmother refuted claims made in court that detectives could smell decomposition in a vehicle used and later abandoned by Caylee’s mom, Cindy’s currently-incarcerated daughter, 22-year-old Casey Marie Anthony. Here is what she said to Fox News: “Do me a favor […] Put a little piece of pizza or any piece of garbage in your car today and leave it shut up for 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 days in this heat and then come back to me in 19 days and tell me what it smells like.”
Cindy Anthony’s increasingly desperate-seeming statements on her daughter’s behalf smack more of a woman who has lost a grandchild and now finds herself valiantly trying to hang on to her daughter, who may eventually be charged with that grandchild’s murder.
Because in 911 calls made July 15, when Cindy first contacted police about Caylee’s disappearance, she didn’t seem so self-assured about issues like the nasty odor coming from her car.

The police in Orlando seem to doubt there’s anything to the story of the slab being poured on the 4th of July. It may be as solid as the supposed sightings of Caylee in Georgia.
Original Post
Missing 2-year-old Caylee Anthony’s family may have poured a new concrete slab in their backyard over the July 4th weekend. That’s the word from a tipster in Orlando, where the little girl was last seen alive around June 9, this year. The Anthony family — her mother Casey, 22, who is currently in jail on charges related to Caylee’s disappearance — and Caylee’s grandparents, have not confirmed or denied the tip.
On July 4, Caylee had been missing for nearly a month. Eleven days after the holiday, Casey Anthony finally went to police with her bizarre and unbelievable story of leaving her toddler with a babysitter and then just never seeing her again. Though Casey’s mother may have prompted the young woman’s meeting with the authorities, Cindy Anthony has since been her daughter’s staunch defender, insisting there’s no way Casey killed Caylee. Cindy has promoted tips from the public stating that her granddaughter has been seen on planes going from Orlando to Florida, and made statements to the effect that her daughter is trying to tell the police what happened, the problem with the cops is they just want the story to be clear.

Casey Marie Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, says there’s been a ‘credible’ sighting of missing 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. Caylee’s grandmother confirmed the tip. According to Cindy Anthony the tip came in a voicemail from an Orlando woman. Anthony says she returned the woman’s call.
The tipster said she was on a flight from Orlando to Atlanta when she saw Caylee. The child appeared to be accompanied by an older woman. The tipster spoke to both the toddler and the older woman, and the little one actually gave her name, pronouncing her last name just as Caylee supposedly does, leaving out the “h” — ‘Antony.’
The tipster’s neat little story continued: the little girl gave her age as 3. Caylee Anthony is nearly 3 years old.
So — a missing child is with a mysterious older woman on a flight out of Orlando. Her companion allows her to talk to a stranger, and apparently sits idly by as the little girl gives her correct name and age. Oh, and the little girl doesn’t pronounce her “th” properly. Right. Lord knows there isn’t another 2-year-old on earth who mispronounces her name.
Yesterday, a sadly realistic assessment of what may have happened to Caylee came out in a bail hearing for Casey Anthony.

That kooky ex-cop Drew Peterson, he of the missing and mysteriously dead wives, can’t seem to stop running his mouth. According to a report published today in the Chicago Sun-Times, a couple of Peterson’s friends wore wires over the course of the last 7 months, and they caught him talking out of school quite a bit.
Because you know, that’s what cocky, psychopathic sons-a-bitches do when they think they’ll never get caught. More after the jump.

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