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houston-press-feat_img3_31John Domingues rushed to the corner of Francis and Sampson, in the heart of Houston’s Third Ward, as soon as he heard the call for “shots fired” crackle over his police radio. It was just after midnight when Domingues pulled up near the row of shotgun houses and saw Jason Rosemon, a fellow Houston Police Department officer, standing at the north end of the street. When Domingues stepped out of his cruiser, he could see what Rosemon was staring at: Kenny Releford, 38, was on the ground bleeding from two gunshot wounds.

img_7447Marco Torres

Prosecutors say Shannon Miles walked up to Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth as he gassed up his cruiser, put a pistol to the back of the deputy’s head, and pulled the trigger. When Goforth hit the ground, police say Miles emptied his semi-automatic pistol into the deputy’s back. While officials first blamed the Black Lives Matter movement and its “rhetoric” for encouraging the public assassination of a cop, here’s what we’ve learned since: Miles has a long history of serious mental illness, the murdered deputy was at the scene with his mistress, two other deputies have been fired for sexual relations with that witness, and a third has since been terminated for trying to spark an “inappropriate relationship” with the woman. How the high-profile murder of a sheriff’s deputy morphed into a telenovela.

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