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Fifty years later, Marlon Brando would still have trouble landing a legitimate job

‚ÄčThe New York Waterfront Commission, originated in 1953 to halt the widespread corruption depicted in On the Waterfront, believes the Mafia strictly adheres to bankers’ hours. That seems to be the reason why its entire 50-person police force is scheduled to work the day shift.

While its main job is warding off corruption and ensuring fair hiring, it hasn’t exactly received hearty praise recently. A report by New York Inspector General Joseph Fisch revealed the misuse of Homeland Security funds, rigged tests to hire unqualified cops, and allowing convicted felons to get jobs, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. “Instead of ridding the waterfront of corruption, this agency itself was corrupt,” said Fisch.

And now comes word that commission police don’t even work on nights and weekends, the preferred times for guys named Giuseppe to squire away cargo containers filled with plasma televisions. But at least terrorists always operate during business hours. At least we’re pretty sure about that.

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