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jimmy_sabatinoCourtesy of Baby T

In 2013, Miami New Times called Jimmy Sabatino Florida’s “most notorious con man.” For a con man, the word “notorious” basically means “has been caught a bunch of times,” so we’ll refrain from calling the 39-year-old “talented” — but damn if he isn’t persistent.

Case in point: Federal authorities said Thursday that Sabatino has once again been caught posing as a Sony record executive from prison in order to steal valuable property from people. That’s the same ruse that allowed Sabatino to build and blow several ill-gotten fortunes in the past.

stephanie.anderson.facebook.1Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Anderson had been hospitalized the night after she was taken into custody on a shoplifting charge, then returned to her cell block, where she experienced the medical crisis that would eventually kill her. One report of a jailer’s response to her cries for help: “Officer no habla español.” Westword has the story.

Christopher Hendricks with his mom, Tamara Hendricks

Christopher Hendricks with his mom, Tamara Hendricks

Christopher Hendricks’ family learned the details of his suicide through a Harris County Sheriff’s Office press release.

On June 17, 37-year-old Hendricks hung himself in a shower inside the Harris County jail’s medical detox tank, where his sister says he was likely placed because he suffered from alcoholism. According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Hendricks had no pulse when they found him, but medical personnel were able to restore his vitals. He was taken by ambulance to St. Joseph’s Medical Center — where, almost immediately, doctors knew he would likely never wake up.

His family wouldn’t find out what had happened to Hendricks until two days after he was taken to the hospital.

“That’s probably the part that hurts the most,” said his sister, Tamara Moe.

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