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Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: There’s no doubt that many people have been disappointed by an in-person meeting with someone they met online, but a Glendale man didn’t just meet up with someone who fudged their stats a little on their online profile. Instead, police say the man — who planned on meeting with a woman he met on a site called — met with two women — and two men, who beat him with a wooden stick before robbing him. Phoenix New Times has the story.

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Christian Montgomery, a 20-year-old Minnesota resident, was bitter
after being dumped by his girlfriend. But instead of simply stewing in
his misery, he decided to seek revenge. One night, after having a
few drinks, Montgomery hopped on his computer, created fake Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram accounts under his ex’s name… and then posted
nude pics of her for the world to see. City Pages has the full story.

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​Brian Schmidt apparently took the breakup with his ex-girlfriend pretty hard — last Saturday night, he showed up drunk at her house, wouldn’t leave, then ripped the head off his ex’s pet snake before peeing and pouring lotion all over her clothes. Oh yeah, somewhere in there he threatened to kill her, too. He now faces three felony charges. City Pages has the full story

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