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Miami-Dade police were charged with extraditing Alberto Morales to Las Vegas, but the convict managed to escape by stabbing a detective with his eyeglasses in a Walmart parking lot in Grapevine, Texas.

The detective, Jaime Pardinas, is still in serious but stable condition. Morales, however, remains at large. Miami New Times has the story. 

8. Rebecca Lynn Burrell

Former True Crime Report editor Pete Kotz has pulled together and ranked a real grab bag of awful people who did awful — and often strange or just plain sick — things this year. Head over to the St. Louis Riverfront Times for Pete’s rundown of the 25 worst people of 2012.

Gregory Sean O'Neall Mug Redone.jpg

Gregory O’Neall, a registered sex offender from Washington, was employed as a food sample provider at Costco. Now local law enforcement authorities say he’s guilty of distributing child pornography online, and that he took over 100 photos of unknowing young girls while on the job. O’Neall was busted when a federal agent went undercover online, an endeavor that included one highly disturbing chat. Seattle Weekly has the story

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