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A group of robbers using a late-model white Mercedes has been targeting a decidedly low-end demographic: immigrant gardeners.

That is what the Los Angeles Police Department alleges.

Multiple thugs use a semiautomatic handgun and demand money from gardeners who have been working at residences in the LAPD’s 77th Division area of South L.A., cops say. It has happened at least eight times in the city since March 18, the department said in a statement.

houston-press-swift-featurePeople who knew Swift remain skeptical of the police account. They said he would never threaten anyone with a knife. They doubted he would really rob a house — Swift had a clean criminal record in Harris County, and although he had been in trouble before, it was never for anything as serious as an armed burglary. (Swift was accused of swiping an iPod in 2012, but the charge was dismissed.) Swift, they said, was not perfect, but he did not deserve to die that night. How could human fallibility alone serve as justification for a fatal shooting?

No one has been charged in Swift’s death, and the case will soon be heard by a Harris County grand jury. If the grand jury indicts the shooter, then details of what happened could emerge during a public trial. But if the grand jury declines to indict the shooter, then the true story behind Melvin Swift’s death will likely remain forever untold.

chan.dual.liethBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: The cops say Lieth would almost let officers catch him before taking off again. But then they cornered him outside a convenience store, and his escape attempts were for naught. But did law enforcers go over the line when they gunned him down? A series of photos from the scene offer a close look at this violent end. Westword has the story.

samuel.pinney.mug.shot.800.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: At first, authorities who discovered the two men whose bodies were found in a burning truck had been the victims of a terrible traffic accident. But more investigation revealed that they’d been dead before being incinerated — and before long, Pinney and others involved in what’s thought to have been a drug deal went wrong were under the microscope. Westword has the story.

david_johnsonScreencap via Facebook

In the midst of an already tense weekend in Miami Beach, David H. Johnson uploaded a video to Facebook informing friends he had been robbed and was temporarily without a phone. His face was marred with stitches, contusions, cuts, and scrapes, and the video soon spread beyond his friend group to other concerned Miami Beach citizens. The video has now racked up almost 25,000 views.

terrance_westImage by Erik Daniel Drost via WikiCommons, CC2.0

Terrance West, a running back currently with the Baltimore Ravens, was visiting the Metropole, a South Beach hotel infamous for hosting the second season of The Jersey Shore, on February 27 with a friend. The pair chatted up two women but then parted ways.

The suit claims the women then went to the hotel’s front desk and asked for a key to West’s room. Amazingly, the staffer complied. The woman were given a key and led to the room by a bellman and escort. Once inside, they swiped two Rolex watches worth almost $50,000 and made off.

An hour later he was robbed again.

Alex Washington Galveston County Jail

Alex Washington

Late Saturday, around 11:20 p.m., accused bank robber Alex Washington walked on out of the jail by pretending to be another inmate who had just secured a $100,000 bond; jailers didn’t notice he was missing until an hour later. Washington and the other inmate — who had, coincidentally, been booked on identity theft charges — switched identities by swapping wristbands, similar to those used at hospitals, Sheriff Henry Trochesset told the Houston Press. reading from the Voice Media Empire: Eid starred in a pair of videos that allowed viewers to ride along with her on a graveyard-shift patrol and included accounts of on-the-job risks: “Shots fired. Bleeding everywhere. I’m going to hurt you or kill you.” These comments eerily foreshadowed the moment when she was hit by a bullet with her name on it. Westword has the story.

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