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rocky.pedersen.mug.shotReading from the Voice Media empire: In March 2017, as we’ve reported, former medical marijuana dispensary owner Rocky Pedersen was arrested for an AR-15-toting pot-shop robbery spree. He’s now been sentenced to fourteen years behind bars for a series of crimes that he blames on his switch from cannabis to heroin. However, the prosecutor in the case believes Pedersen was actually inspired by a lust for revenge because his own marijuana business was shuttered after his hometown prohibited dispensaries. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire: A man living in a major metro area says the police department’s response to the recent theft of his vehicle was so slow, rude and ineffectual that he decided to search for the car himself. He adds that many hours later, after finding the vehicle on his own, the officer he called to clear the case was more polite than his predecessors. But the cop’s comments about the charges and fees he’d incur for an investigation and the long odds of catching the culprit ultimately convinced him that the cops would be of no help. So he took the vehicle home and shared his experiences on a neighborhood Internet bulletin board, prompting plenty of similar tales from folks living near him. Westword has the story.

rachel.einspahr.mug.shot.800.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Einspahr said that she owed $15,000 as part of a restitution/plea deal in a theft case — and she figured that the quickest way to come up with the dough would be to steal it from a bank. So she grabbed the kids she was babysitting, bought them some suckers at a gas station to occupy them, then took off her car’s license plates and headed to the bank. Westword has the story.

rocky.pedersen.mug.shotBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Rocky Pedersen, who has been charged with 35 criminal counts, including attempted first-degree murder, for a series of robberies at marijuana businesses over the past five months, once owned a medical marijuana dispensary that was itself the target of a high-profile robbery back in 2013. Westword has the story. reading from the Voice Media EmpireA series of bank robberies perpetrated by men wearing masks familiar from the movie Scream culminated in a massive manhunt for three suspects, one of whom wound up on the FBI’s ten most wanted list. All three have now been convicted, but Sanders is the first to be sentenced — and the jolt he received was massive. Westword has the story.

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