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terrance_westImage by Erik Daniel Drost via WikiCommons, CC2.0

Terrance West, a running back currently with the Baltimore Ravens, was visiting the Metropole, a South Beach hotel infamous for hosting the second season of The Jersey Shore, on February 27 with a friend. The pair chatted up two women but then parted ways.

The suit claims the women then went to the hotel’s front desk and asked for a key to West’s room. Amazingly, the staffer complied. The woman were given a key and led to the room by a bellman and escort. Once inside, they swiped two Rolex watches worth almost $50,000 and made off.

An hour later he was robbed again.

Alex Washington Galveston County Jail

Alex Washington

Late Saturday, around 11:20 p.m., accused bank robber Alex Washington walked on out of the jail by pretending to be another inmate who had just secured a $100,000 bond; jailers didn’t notice he was missing until an hour later. Washington and the other inmate — who had, coincidentally, been booked on identity theft charges — switched identities by swapping wristbands, similar to those used at hospitals, Sheriff Henry Trochesset told the Houston Press. reading from the Voice Media Empire: Eid starred in a pair of videos that allowed viewers to ride along with her on a graveyard-shift patrol and included accounts of on-the-job risks: “Shots fired. Bleeding everywhere. I’m going to hurt you or kill you.” These comments eerily foreshadowed the moment when she was hit by a bullet with her name on it. Westword has the story.

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