Browsing: Serial Killers reading from the Voice Media empire: NBC’s Dateline recently aired a report about serial killer Scott Kimball. Among the subjects of the program was Jennifer Marcum, a former dancer at Shotgun Willie’s strip club whom Kimball has been convicted of killing, but whose remains still have not been found more than fifteen years after she vanished. Westword has the story.


In the 15 years that Andy Kahan, victims’ rights advocate for the City of Houston, has closely monitored “murderabilia” from serial killers sold online, he has never seen anything for sale from convicted baby killer Genene Jones.

Then he found a Christmas card Jones had written to someone from prison, for sale on a website called for $750.

Rhonda Williams waited 40 years to tell her story publicly.Stanton Stephens

Rhonda Williams waited 40 years to tell her story publicly.

For a moment, she thinks it’s her dad. Then she opens her eyes and sees it’s Dean Corll, the electrician who’s renting this house in Pasadena. She looks over and sees her friend Wayne Henley handcuffed, his feet bound, his mouth duct-taped. She looks to the other side, and there’s the boy Tim she hadn’t met until the night before, when she escaped from her father’s home in the Heights. He’s tied and taped, too.

Dean’s still berating her when she looks down at her own body and realizes she’s also been tied. Dean never liked her — never liked any girls — but this is unexpected. Dean had disappeared before she passed out; retreated to his bedroom, saying something about having to work in the morning. The three plopped down on the living-room carpet and got to feeling good. Wayne and Tim were huffing acrylic paint from a bag; all three shared shots of Wayne’s dad’s moonshine. She had taken a puff of a joint that one of them passed her way, and then it was lights out.

grim-sleeper-lonnie-franklin-sentenced-deathTed Soqui/L.A. Weekly

A jury that started deliberations Friday in the sentencing of “Grim Sleeper” serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr. returned this afternoon with a recommendation that he be put to death.

The 63-year-old’s defense attorney had argued that a death sentence would only send Franklin’s case into a bureaucratic holding pattern and that life behind bars would offer the victims’ families quicker closure.

On May 5, the seven-woman, five-man jury found Franklin guilty of killing 10 women and attempting to murder one more in a spree that lasted from 1985 to 2007.


Lonnie Franklin, Jr.Tales of the Grim Sleeper

Lonnie Franklin, Jr.

Lonnie Franklin Jr., accused of killing 10 women and attempting to murder one more, was convicted of the crimes by a Los Angeles jury today.

A woman identified as Juror No. 2 read off the verdicts in Los Angeles Superior Court Department 109 today. Nine of the counts against Franklin included firearms enhancements, which likely will affect sentencing. All but one of the counts was for first-degree murder.

His killing spree dates back to the crack-fueled year of 1985.

hollandsworth_credit_to_laura_wilson_compositePhoto by Laura Wilson

“I’m still haunted by what I don’t know. I just think there’s something out there,” says Hollandsworth. He’s hoping that somebody will read the book, go up into his attic or down into the basement archives of a police station, and find a letter that will reveal one key bit of evidence. “It just seems impossible to believe that there is no way that we will never know who the Midnight Assassin was. Austin only had 17,000 people [at the time]; how did nobody know who he was?” 

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