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eric.brandt.fuck.cops.5.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: Inveterate protester Eric Brandt has been ordered to serve ninety days in jail for writing an anti-police message in chalk on a sidewalk in Westminster more than four years ago — the same-length sentence given to former police officer Curtis Arganbright, who pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contact and official misconduct while on duty related to a woman he forced to engage in sex acts with him in August 2017. Westword has the story.

randall.butler.mug.shotBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: According to a statement from the district attorney, Butler allegedly offered to drive a stranded female in his patrol car to a more secure location near her home. “Butler drove the victim to a vacant parking lot near 25th and Sheridan where the alleged sexual assault occurred. Butler then left the victim and drove away in his patrol car.” Westword has the story.

police.holster.thinkstockBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: After eight years, Valerie Arend has won a judgment that adds up to more than a quarter-million dollars against Hector Peaz, a former police officer convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting her while on duty. But Arend’s attorney, Lauren Maytin, says the immediate rewards for Arend are more psychological than fiscal.

“He’s still in prison, and we’re going to have a hell of a time collecting,” Maytin acknowledges. “But my client feels some vindication, she feels a little bit of relief. She was injured in the criminal case, and the whole process is just ugly for victims in her position. She has had to relive that moment over and over. So when people recognize that you’ve been damaged and they want to punish the individual for doing what he did, you feel like you’re not crazy. But it’s been a long time coming.” Westword has the story.

frustratedwomanBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: Too many men don’t understand about the reality of being a woman, no matter how often we try to explain it to them. The #MeToo movement had underscored this inability to listen to women to devastating effect, and the controversy over U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh underscores the point. A new hashtag was born: #WhyIDidntReport. I’ll tell you why I didn’t report. Westword has the story.

sexual.assault.victim.getty.imagesBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire Andy Mendelsberg, who retired as principal of a big city high school in September 2017 after videos of cheerleaders being forced into splits went viral, is among five people, including four current administrators, charged with failing to report an alleged rape of a female student by a male pupil. Probable cause statements in the case, which is unrelated to the cheerleader scandal, tell a heartbreaking tale about disturbing revelations, persistent bullying, lingering pain and bureaucratic actions and inactions that prosecutors consider to be criminal. Westword has the story.

travis.joe.benson.arrestBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: Earlier this month, sex offender Travis Joe Benson was arrested after falling into a trap set for him by members of Hunted & Confronted, a new Facebook group whose mission involves bringing justice to “overage adults who pose a threat to society.” Members insist they’re not vigilantes. You be the judge. Westword has the story.

holly.andrews.ricky.lee.harnishBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: Tammy Lani, sister of murder victim Holly Andrews, has heard rumors that Ricky Lee Harnish, the man who killed and raped Holly, has returned to the small town where she lives. “I could run into him in the grocery store,” she says, adding, “I’ll probably start carrying a gun just in case. I don’t know what he’s capable of doing. He knows where we’re at, but we don’t know where he’s at.” Westword has the story.

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