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Sheriff Danny Presgraves, sexual harasser extraordinaire

​Longtime Page County, Virginia Sheriff Daniel Presgraves has pleaded guilty to racketeering. But based on his original indictment, which carried maximum penalties of 300 years in a federal slam, he probably got off easy. The evidence against him seemed overwhelming.

It began with a tip that Presgraves was taking kickbacks from a cockfighting ring. Under the agreement, the sheriff wouldn’t arrest the ringleaders and would tip them off if another law enforcement agency was planning a raid.

The sheriff was also accused of doing the same thing for an unnamed company facing legal problems. According to the feds, Presgraves deposited more than $100,000 in cash in his checking account from 2001 until 2004.

Prosecutors further accused the sheriff of ripping off his own department. They say he withheld depositing a $39,000 payment from the U.S. Customs Service, and $47,000 from the company operating pay phones in the Page County Jail. And this was just the beginning of his crimes…

A generalized news report about finding Jaycee Lee Dugard

Today we know that while Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two daughters were living in captivity with predatory psycho Phillip C. Garrido, Dugard was also Garrido’s employee (work slave perhaps a better term). She the main worker behind Garrido’s printing business, perhaps even a bit of a creative force, consulting with clients on style, format and design, using the name “Allissa.” While this provided what many might assume were multiple opportunities for Dugard to tell someone about her plight, she was in a psychological situation more deeply traumatic than most of us will ever understand, and she never seized opportunity. Dugard never conducted herself in anything but a businesslike manner, using an e-mail address registered to Garrido: [email protected].

Just $40 a trick? In the Hamptons?

​It likely wasn’t a wise idea to run brothels in quiet, well-to-do residential neighborhoods in a tony place like the Hamptons. Last night, police in New York raided two such establishments after neighbors alerted them to unusual streams of visitors.

Five people were arrested in the raids, which police contend involved some very prolific hookers. They say one prostitute would work each house, serving 30-40 customers a night.

The women, recruited from New York and New Jersey, would apparently work week-long shifts, taking home just $15 from a $40 trick, the rest going to the house.

The suspects were all illegal immigrants. One of the women arrested, Carol Lopez of Queens, was 51 years old, proving that it’s never too late to take on a new and interesting career.

Would you want a sexual predator going to school with your daughter?

​Under normal circumstances, the answer would be a resounding no. But a case in Springboro, Ohio isn’t exactly normal.

At age 14, Nick was convicted of raping a 13-year-old classmate. He’s since been designated a sexual predator. But his Mom says Nick isn’t a run-of-the-mill creep. He was sexually abused for years as a youngster. He’s bipolar and suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome because of that abuse. To top it all off, he also suffers from mild autism, leaving the now 18-year-old with a mind of just 13. Mom also contends shrinks have decided he’s no longer a threat to anyone.

“Talking to my son in private at night, you know he’ll sit and cry and
say ‘mom why can’t I be in school,'” she told WDNT-TV in Dayton. “I’ve been told point
blank over the phone that no matter what he was, any registration of a
sex offender cannot go to Springboro schools.”

Fox News segment about alleged Dugard kidnapper Phillip Craig Garrido.

Police in Pittsburg, CA are investigating alleged Jaycee Lee Dugard kidnapper Phillip Garrido in connection with a series of prostitute murders. According to the Sacramento Bee, Garrido is being looked at as a person of interest in murders that occurred in the Bay Area in the early 90s. Many of the victims from that spree were found in an industrial area where Garrido worked at the time. This comes on top of the 28 charges leveled against the convicted sex offender in connection with the 18-year-long captivity of Dugard, who vanished from her bus stop when she was 11.

It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Garrido is a viable suspect in these murder cases. He has the requisite history of sexualized violence as well as an apparent psychotic, religious mania often present in the sorts of serial killers who have committed similar crimes in the past.  

In 2006, a neighbor called the Contra Costa County sheriff’s department to report a backyard encampment at the home of Phillip Garrido (see raw video of encampment above), the man now accused of kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard and holding her hostage over an 18-year-period.

Unfortunately, admits Sheriff Warren Rupf, the deputy who inspected the yard that day blew it off as a code violation, not knowing that Garrido was a registered sex offender — though the sheriff’s department had that info.

Tommy Lee Poindexter, a kid with the heart of a Nazi

UPDATE: Woman testifies against her attackers: “Was anybody laughing?” prosecutor Aleathea McRoberts asked. “Yes . . . all of them were laughing,” the woman said. She said they also wanted to set her on fire, but couldn’t find a lighter.

A 35-year-old woman and her 12-year-old son fled the poverty of Haiti for the seemingly better prospects of Florida. But they were broke, so they landed in the Dunbar Village projects of West Palm Beach, where police say they instantly became targets for other residents. It came to a climax two years ago, when three teenagers knocked on their door, claiming they had a flat tire and asking for help.

Police say three people, all teenagers at the time, forced their way into the apartment. What followed could have been scripted by the Nazis.

Police contend the kids repeatedly raped the woman, sodomized her, and forced her to perform oral sex on her 12-year-old son. They also beat the boy. As many as 10 teens took part in the assault, going in and out of the apartment as the attack progressed. When they were all done, they drenched mother and son in cleaning solutions, nail polish remover and vinegar in hopes of eliminating the evidence…

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