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Joyce Mims

​Milwaukee Police have charged Walter E. Ellis with two counts of homicide. But the death toll could get a whole lot higher.

Using DNA from a toothbrush found at a Franklin, Wisconsin motel where he was arrested Saturday, police charged Ellis is the strangulation deaths of Joyce Mims, 41, and Ouithreaun
Stokes, 28, prostitutes who were killed a decade apart in north Milwaukee. Mims, say relatives, was dating Ellis’ uncle at the time of the slaying. (Investigators don’t want the suspect’s photo publicized until they’re done showing it to witnesses.)

DNA has tied Ellis to at least 9 dead women who were murdered between 1986 and 2007. But the case could be complicated because other men were charged for two of the murders…

New information indicates Phillip Garrido, charged in the 18-year abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard, may have been raping women and young girls over nearly four decades.

Police now say he was arrested in 1972 in California, accused of drugging a 14-year-old, then taking her to a motel and raping her. But the charges against Garrido, 21 at the time, were dropped when the victim refused to testify.

Police in Reno also say he was arrested in 1976 when he pretended his car was broken down and a woman gave him a ride. He supposedly handcuffed the woman and taped her mouth shut, then drove her to a storage shed where he repeatedly raped her.

Dr. Steven Pack

No. 5: Dr. Steven Pack: Though he’s a doctor, which means he has money, which means he should be capable of landing at least one gold digger, the Lehi, Utah physician still went perv. Police say he rigged a camera to film women undressing at an urgent care clinic.

No. 4: Gregory Williams:
Three girls were in for a surprise when they went to the locker room at Roger Bacon High in St. Bernard, Ohio to find the 52-year-old hiding in a shower stall. He’s been charged with voyeurism, trespassing, disorderly conduct and subscribing to way too many Barely Legal web sites.

No. 3: Ronald Kilwein: Lianne Racanelli looked out her bedroom window and noticed something unusual, even for Portland, Oregon. Ronald Kilwein, who lives nearby — with his mother, quite naturally — was peering in her window. Naked. While masturbating. Kilwein bolted over a fence and hid in his garage, where he was soon caught by police.

Michael Jacques, child slayer and serial rapist

​In 1992, Michael Jacques was convicted of abducting and raping an 18-year-old girl. I think this proves he’s an irredeemable scumbag

By 2003, the Randolph, Vermont sociopath managed to convince a 9-year-old girl that he was part of a secret society. It was called Breckenridge, and if the little girl didn’t have sex with him, the powerful organization would kill her family.

Last year, he moved on to more egregious crimes. With the help of the girl, he managed to lure his own niece, 12-year-old Brooke Bennett, to his home with the promise of a pool party. That’s where he raped her, suffocated her with a plastic bag over her head, then buried her in a shallow grave.

Jacques is now awaiting trial. But True Crime is already prepared to render its verdict: This guy’s gotta die.

Bruce Tuck.jpg
Bruce Tuck

​His latest assault was his most overt yet. A young woman and her parents were moving into a house near the University of Tennessee-Martin, preparing for another year of school. But “The Pot Bellied Rapist” was hiding inside. Police say the masked men ordered them into a room, tied up the parents, then raped the student.

It was the fifth time the serial rapist struck — three times in Martin, and twice in nearby Memphis. University police  warned students and stepped up patrols. But their anxieties may be over. Police have arrested Bruce Tuck, a former sheriff’s department volunteer.

The first attack came when a woman was raped in her apartment. The second in July with another apartment rape. The third and fourth came August 5, when Pot Belly attacked a women in her apartment, but fled when her child began to scream. He raped another woman in her apartment later that day. The final attack was last Sunday. But according to Eyewitness News in Memphis, Tuck had an impressive history as a creep…

He lured kids by tossing money, candy and toys from his moped

When we last left Jack Louis Sporich, he was on a plane from Cambodia to Los Angeles, rounded up by U.S. Customs along with two other convicted pedophiles for preying on children in the Southeast Asian country. The noted creep is alleged to have ridden through impoverished neighborhoods on his moped, dropping dollar bills, candy and toys to attract the kids. He’s been charged with molesting four boys aged 9-13.

His case illustrates the ease with which American pervs travel to Asia, where boys can be bought for as little as $2 and a bag of rice. The retired engineer, 74, spent nine years in a California prison for molesting as many as 500 boys on camping outings dating back to the 1960s. He was released from a mental hospital in 2004 and apparently moved into a luxury condo on Sedona, Arizona.

But police say he was also building a mansion in Cambodia, where laws are lax on sexual predators. If convicted on the current charges there, he’d only face three years in prison. Now in the U.S., he’s looking at a maximum 30-year sentence.

Moses Dabud allegedly operated with a creep’s sense of customer service

​On July 25, an unnamed woman was the last customer in the Clackamas, Oregon Furniture Gallery store before closing time. That’s when police say 40-year-old salesman Mussa Isai “Moses” Dabud began to fondle and attempte to rape her. She escaped and notified police. Dabud was arrested a month later.

Authorities, thinking this wasn’t Dabud’s first attack, asked the public for tips on additional crimes. Since then no less than nine women have come forward to say the same thing happened to them, dating back to at least 2005.

Investigators now believe that Dabud is a serial sexual predator, attacking women just before closing time under the assumption they’d never tell the cops. Detective John Krummenaker told The Oregonian newspaper that he expects to hear from even more women. “I believe it to be the tip of the iceberg. I’ve never received so many tips where the callers are victims rather than providing information.”

Dayle Shear claims to have predicted Jaycee Lee Dugard’s return

​Benjamin Radford, the “bad science” columnist for the site Live Science, clearly isn’t a fan of the use of psychics in criminal cases. He argues that all too often they make predictions that are “either wrong or so general
and vague that it was useless,” then claim victory when the general and vague come true.

In this instance, he’s speaking of Dayle Schear, a Reno psychic who was hired by Jaycee Lee Dugard’s parents in the abduction of their daughter 18 years ago. On her website, Shear claims credit for “solving numerous
cases including finding lost possessions, locating
missing items, missing
persons, murders, by seeing
into the past, present and future.”

And now she’s claiming she envisioned where Jaycee was generally being held, and predicted the girl would return to her parents one day: “I looked her [Jaycee’s mother] in the eyes and I said… eventually she’ll
walk through the door, you’re going to see her again.”

But Radford has a different word for it: Bullshit…

It’s just a guess, but this guy probably won’t do well in prison

​Newsweek called him a designer to watch just two years ago. He’s appeared on Tyra Banks’ show America’s Next Top Model and fashioned clothes for Paris Hilton and Mary J.
Blige. But for the next 59 years, he’ll be wearing California prison blues and warding off inmates who might enjoy shanking a dainty little serial rapist.

That’s the sentence handed down to Anand Jon Alexander, the budding Beverly Hills designer
who was convicted last fall of being a chronic Hollywood creep. Prosecutors say Alexander found prospective models on the Internet, then lured them to his Beverly Hills apartment with promises of modeling work and accommodations at swanky LA hotels — sweet vows that rarely materialized. 

The 34-year-old fashionista was convicted of raping seven women and girls at his apartment. He seemed to have a predilection for going perv on younger women. His victims were ages 14-21.

Alexander didn’t help his cause by firing his attorneys and defending himself during the trial. He also attempted to play the You’re Persecuting Me Because I’m Indian Card, to no avail. And even if he survives a California prison, he still faces investigations in New York and Texas, where he’s believed to have run similar scams.

On the day 5-week-old Israel Santos disappeared, police say mother Asuncion Avila-Villa called 911 to claim an ex-boyfriend had taken the child. “I was just calling ’cause … one of my ex boyfriends came to pick up one of my sons,” the 26-year-old from Hamilton, Ohio told dispatch. “… He said he was going to take him. He hasn’t come
back yet.”
So police spent all night looking for the child — before finding him the next morning, left for dead in a garbage can with a fractured skull. Now Avila-Villa is charged with murdering the child to cover up the fact that the boy’s father is under age 16.

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