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Megan Boken was sitting in her car on an August afternoon in St. Louis, Missouri, when a teenager opened the driver-side door and shot her to death. Boken’s case alarmed the city because the murder happened in broad daylight in a safe neighborhood (and, let’s face it, because Boken was young, white and educated.)
Here’s a look at the ten worst crimes in one of the country’s “most dangerous” cities: Ten Worst St. Louis Crimes of 2012 from the Riverfront Times.

What possible excuse could you offer in court for gunning down an unarmed teen whose only crime was to play music too loudly at a gas station? Well, if you’re lucky enough live in Florida, you can invoke the state’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows deadly defense when facing a reasonable threat. That’s exactly what the lawyer for Michael Dunn — who killed an unarmed 17-year-old in Jacksonville earlier this week — hinted he would do today. Miami New Times has the story

Michael Dunn apparently has a serious problem with loud music. According to police, the 45-year-old Florida man became so enraged at a car full of teenagers blasting tunes at a gas station that he pulled a gun and fired several shots into their SUV. Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old passenger, was struck and later died. Dunn now faces charges of murder and attempted murder. Miami New Times has the story

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Think twice before you flick off that tailgating vehicle lest this happen to you. A 26-year-old woman was in a Jetta with six (!) other passengers when the driver flicked off an SUV. Moments later, shots rang out. Surprise, surprise — just about everybody in the Jetta (including the driver) was too drunk to provide the police with much information. City Pages has the full story.


Afternoon reading from the Village Voice Empire. When 58-year-old Beverly Hills investment bank employee Michael Poret was arrested twice for a string of window shootings in the 90210 and along Ventura Boulevard earlier this summer, the big question was why? Well, as the L.A. County District Attorney’s office today threw the book at the Encino man, the reason might have surfaced: he was soaring on meth. L.A. Weekly has the full story.

Police believe Michael Warren may be headed to Louisiana.

Supper reading from the Village Voice Empire: ​Sylvia Casares, chef and owner of Texas’s beloved Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen, was shot in the stomach Tuesday night by Michael Warren, her boyfriend and business partner. Warren is still at large and is considered armed and dangerous. Houston Press has the story.

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