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Angel Miguel Perez is believed to be kidnapped by a black woman in her 20s

UPDATE: Angel has been found safe and sound after a tip from the kidnapper’s friend. See update after the jump…

You hate to bag on mom at a time like this, but this was a really bad idea: The 26-year-old mother of Angel Miguel Perez, just one month old, decided to leave the baby in her running car while she ran into a post office to drop off mail. By the time she returned, Angel had vanished.

Witnesses in North Charleston, South Carolina say they saw a woman walking across the parking lot with an infant in her arms at the time of the incident.

The suspect is described as black, in her 20s, with shoulder length hair. She’s assumed to be about 5-foot-1 and 175 pounds, and was seen leaving in a gray or silver Honda Accord with a spoiler on the back. An Amber Alert has been issued…

Tony Green spent months planning his sex slave caper, which he unveiled as police listened in

​The 38-year-old woman thought nothing of it when her friend Tony Green called to ask for a ride to a repair shop to pick up his car. But when she arrived at his home in Palm Bay, Florida, things got very weird.

Green grabbed her from behind and handcuffed her wrist. They struggled, and Green knocked her to the floor several times, but he couldn’t get the handcuff on her other wrist. “I got to have it,” he kept saying. He wanted sex.

But the woman outsmarted him and agreed to talk about sex in a conversation that lasted two hours as she tried to calm him down. Finally, she gave Green a hug and told him she loved him like a brother. That seemed to melt him sufficiently. He uncuffed her and let her go…

Noor Almaleki was run over by her father in an Arizona parking lot

​Reader “Natasha” responds to Daughter Dies: Faleh Hassan Almaleki Now Faces Murder in Honor Killing:

“How incredibly sad. Such a beautiful girl. How can someone justify
killing at all much less because it upsets their sensibilities or
traditions…. if you don’t like it disown them. There is no excuse and
it is such a waste of a precious life. This girl was still a baby. So
be it if she was “married”, it didn’t seem like it was her idea and she
obviously wasn’t in love…

Police found Jasper Howard stabbed outside a school dance

UPDATE: Police have arrested a suspect in the murder. See update after the jump…

University of Connecticut starting cornerback Jasper Howard was leaving a school dance just after midnight this morning when a fight broke out between two groups of people. Howard and another person were stabbed.

Police responded at about 12:30 a.m. to find the victims. Howard, 20, was later pronounced dead at a hospital. (See his Facebook page here.) The second victim, who hasn’t been named, was treated and released. Police are still looking for the attacker, and believe the assault wasn’t a random crime.

Howard is the third Connecticut student to be killed in the last three months. In September, Yale graduate student Annie Le was found murdered in a laboratory building at the campus. Coworker Raymond Clark was arrested in the case…

Demario Johnson.jpg
Demario Johnson

These fine citizens won’t be welcome at their neighborhood block parties anytime soon. Our Creeps of the Week rarely are.
5. Demario Lamar Johnson and Lashaun Christopher Johnson
When two young, strapping men walked into a Michigan sportswear shop in the middle of a robbery, the owner’s wife must have thought they were Godsends. Unfortunately for her, the only place God would send the Johnson brothers is to some really gnarly corner of hell, where the bar only served O’Doul’s and the TV was stuck on St. Louis Rams football.

Lashaun Johnson.jpg
Lashaun Johnson

Both in their mid-20s, there’s a good chance the brothers could have helped the owner, who was wrestling with a robber on the floor when they entered. Instead, they went on a little shoplifting spree of their own, snaking a leather coat and other clothes while the owner and robber struggled on the floor.
The brothers were arrested two days later, and now face 15 years apiece. Oddsmakers say they will probably escape police custody sometime Monday, be arrested trying to return the leather coat to the store they stole it from on Tuesday, and lead our Stupid Criminals list on Wednesday.

Derek Finlinson. Occupation: Perv.

It’s Friday, which means you might be drunk soon, which means you might be passed out in an alley before you know it. If so, beware our Creeps of the Week.
5. Derek Finlinson
In this week’s edition of Really, Man, You Don’t Have One Friend Who Can Show You Internet Porn?, we introduce to you 24-year-old Derek Finlinson, who’s so hard up to see some skin he did the one thing even the horniest of men rarely do for sex:
He went shopping.
More specifically, he braved the the fitting room of a furniture-clothing outlet in a place called Orem, Utah, where a woman caught him taking pictures of her with his cell-phone camera. As customers called for security, Finlinson scrambled to delete the pictures from his camera, instead of insisting in his highest-pitch voice that he just loved that skirt on her, which probably would have been a safer play.

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