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mike_mcgee_and_paul_shoemakerBreakfast reading from the True Crime Report archives“Mike and I thought we did the good deed of the day,” says Paul Shoemaker — and why wouldn’t he? After all, Shoemaker and Mike McGee, co-workers at a Sprint outlet at shopping center, were heading on break when they heard a cry for help from an aging security guard as a shoplifting suspect blazed past them — and instead of ignoring this plea, they chased the guy down, caught him, and held him until mall security and police arrived. Their reward for this heroic action? They were fired. Westword has the story.

robert_wallace_photoBreakfast reading from the True Crime Reports archive: The Robert Wallace case has all the trademarks of a justice-gone-awry tale. When Wallace, 81, saw two men trying to steal his trailer, he opened fire, hitting one of the men in the head. But the person busted in the shooting’s immediate aftermath was Wallace, for attempted murder, while the two suspects in the theft attempt remained free for months. Westword has the story.

yaveah.portraitReading from the Voice Media empire: What happened to Yevaeh Patrick-Moon, age nine, involves a potential crime.  Lynthia Washington, the grandmother of two young girls who accompanied Yevaeh to the hotel, was arrested and subsequently charged with child abuse — negligently causing death. She was supposed to be supervising the children at the pool but was allegedly nowhere to be found when Yevaeh sank beneath the waters for the final time. Westword has the story.

suicidal.prisoner.jailer.thinkstockReading from the Voice Media empire: “What does a person do when you realize you’ve lost everything?” asks Michael Bailey. “And I did. I lost my vehicle, my house and my job,” because he was held in custody for nearly two months on a warrant from another county he didn’t know existed. Moreover, the charges against him were dismissed shortly after he was finally transferred to the proper court. Westword has the story.

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