Browsing: True Crime Report from the Voice Media empire: An animal rescue group recently posted a video showing what it characterizes as the “rescue” of three chickens from Long Shadow Farm. Larry and Kristin Ramey, the co-owners of the farm, call it something else: theft that involved a demonstration they believe was staged as a diversion, “terrible” music, undercover operatives, lies and taking advantage of an eight-year-old. In contrast, Direction Action Everywhere, a group affiliated with the activists, is touting a “landmark” action that disrupted a “slaughterhouse exhibition.” Westword has the story.

town.of.kremmling.facebookReading from the Voice Media empire: A federal jury has awarded Vietnam veteran Mark Smith a $760,000 judgment to be paid by his tiny hometown and two members of the community’s four-person police department, including the chief, over a brutality episode with a long and bizarre backstory. Smith’s attorney says the beating Smith took was motivated by what he calls “small-town politics on steroids.” Westword has the story.

three.banditReading from the Voice Media empire: One family has spent most of 2017 trying to prevent city representatives from killing Bandit, a two-year-old dog deemed a hazard after what Animal Law Center attorney Jennifer Edwards describes as a minor bite suffered by a Federal Express deliveryman. But while a lawsuit filed by the owners and accessible below has put their pet’s euthanization on hold, the matter remains in limbo, and Edwards says the effect on Bandit has been devastating. Westword has the story.

steffan.tubbs.facebook.nightReading from the Voice Media empire: A charge of domestic violence via telephone was dismissed against longtime morning-talk-radio personality Steffan Tubbs , who subsequently wrote on social media that he was “always innocent” and identified himself as a domestic-violence victim. Now, Tubbs’s attorney and his accuser are speaking out and sharing startling and sometimes contradictory details about the incident and the relationship from which it sprang, even as prosecutors confirm that the case is currently under appeal. Westword has the story.

taser.getty.imagesReading from the Voice Media empire:  This past summer, family members of Marvin Booker, who died in jail during a July 2010 excessive-force incident that led to a $6 million settlement, appeared at a press conference to demand that the current prosecutor begin a new investigation into the tragic incident. Now, the DA is referring what she calls a “limited aspect” of the case to a grand jury, and while she isn’t divulging any specifics, the panel will almost certainly look into reports of a missing Taser that Booker’s loved ones see as evidence of a potential criminal coverup. Westword has the story.

peyton.manning.tennessee.800.croppedReading from the Voice Media empireIn the wake of a scandal involving movie executive Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of engaging in improper sexual behavior with more than sixty women, Jamie Naughright has granted her first TV interview in regard to previously reported allegations that former Denver Broncos quarterbackPeyton Manning “placed his ‘naked butt anad rectum'” on her face when he was a student at the University of Tennessee. Westword has the story.

david.flores.mug.shotReading from the Voice Media empire: David Flores doesn’t mind if stories linger online about his 2010 arrest for bank robbery. He was definitely guilty of committing the crime, as he readily admits. But what pisses him off is that those articles portray him as an idiot who was literally caught red-handed after trying to use stolen currency stained, along with his fingers, by a dye pack that exploded as he made his getaway. He insists that the truth is a lot more complicated, and a lot less dumb. Westword has the story.

oyzhana.williams.bent.over.carReading from the Voice Media empire: OyZhana Williams is suing three police officers over a 2015 incident during which she was roughed up and had her head stomped in the parking lot of a hospital where her boyfriend was being treated for a gunshot wound, apparently because a cop lauded for his heroism during a mass shooting didn’t like the way she dropped her keys. The violent exchange was captured on a video that’s on view here. Westword has the story.

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