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cover-1-19Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Not only have police officers been paying close attention to social-media posts, but in early 2016 the department purchased subscriptions to a powerful social-media monitoring tool called Geofeedia, which was used by law enforcement agencies across the country to monitor protests and other actions. Westword has the story.

darsean-kelley-one_aclu-videoBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Kelley was facing away from the cops with his hands up — a pose that clearly made him no danger to anyone in the vicinity. But an instant later, he was shot in the back by a Taser and fell heavily to the ground. The officer in question seems to have felt he had proof his response was justified, telling Kelley, “It’s all on video, sweetheart” — a reference to his body camera, which was recording throughout the incident. Westword has the story.

tomas-beaufordBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Although Beauford was 24 at the time of his death, he suffered from intellectual and developmental disabilities that caused him to function on the level of a six-year-old — a fact that makes the tragedy that befell him even more heartbreaking. Beauford died from a seizure while in custody, and according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of his family (see it below), this episode was easily preventable. Westword has the story.

oscar-lopez-rivera.peopleslawofficeBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: President Barack Obama’s decision to commute the seventy-year sentence of Puerto Rican radical activist Oscar Lopez Rivera has been greeted with celebration in some quarters and outrage in others. But if nothing else, the move solves a problem the American justice system has been unable to crack for the past 35 years: What do you do with a self-proclaimed “prisoner of war” in a country that claims to have no political prisoners? Westword has the story.

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