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suicidal.prisoner.jailer.thinkstockReading from the Voice Media empire: “What does a person do when you realize you’ve lost everything?” asks Michael Bailey. “And I did. I lost my vehicle, my house and my job,” because he was held in custody for nearly two months on a warrant from another county he didn’t know existed. Moreover, the charges against him were dismissed shortly after he was finally transferred to the proper court. Westword has the story.

maxresdefaultReading from the Voice Media empire: The ACLU filed a class action lawsuit against Sheriff Bill Elder, claiming that he was illegally using ICE detainer requests as justification for refusing to release prisoners who had already posted bond, completed their sentence or otherwise resolved their criminal case. The suit alleged that in his county, Sheriff Elder had held dozens of inmates for ICE in a county jail for days, weeks and even months. Now, Judge Eric Bentley has upheld the ACLU’s position by granting an injunction against Elder. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire: A scathing report from an independent monitor contends that an investigation into Michael Marshall’s tragic in-custody death was badly mishandled. Law enforcers counter that they did nothing wrong even though they didn’t bother with fresh interviews of the jail personnel involved into being called on the carpet by the monitor, who feels the resulting punishment wasn’t nearly serious enough. Westword has the story.

ruben.lee.two.facebookReading from the Voice Media empire: Despite having more than seventy years of combined experience working for United Airlines, flight attendants Ruben Lee and Jeanne Stroup were fired by the carrier for watching a video on an iPad for approximately fifteen minutes and failing to wear aprons during one flight in September 2013. But while folks at the company may have thought they’d save money by sacking two veteran employees, they were wrong. A jury has awarded Lee and Stroup $800,000 in damages, and attorney David Lane, who represents them, predicts the final tally will come close to double that amount. Westword has the story.

feature-opener-5-25Reading from the Voice Media empire: A two-week jury trial ended not with a bang, but with a whimper for Bruce Doucette, a computer-repair shop owner who has espoused “sovereign” ideology, declared himself a judge (though he is not recognized by any U.S. court), established a “people’s grand jury” outside of the recognized judicial system, and has traveled to assist sovereigns in other parts of the country, including in Oregon, where he offered advice to Ammon Bundy and others who staged the infamous Malheu Wildlife Refuge occupation. infamous. Westword has the story.

csu.riot.stare.downReading from the Voice Media empire: A

progressive group affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the World, also known as the Wobblies, has published a fiery account of the clash between members of a white-supremacist group and Antifa protesters outside a controversial event at a major college campus. In it, the authors explicitly state that the university’s police department stood “on the side of the neo-Nazis and fascists” during the confrontation and argue that a video shared here provides evidence to that effect by way of an officer telling a protester afterward, “If you guys need something, let us know.” Westword has the story.

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