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red_light_camera_largeBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Data shows that adjusting the time on yellow lights to reflect the speed of traffic leads to fewer red-light runners than the presence of cameras does. But one officials attempts to get his colleagues to agree, and potentially give up a lot of the revenue from tickets, crashed and burned. Westword has the story.

jennifer-lobato-facebookBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Lobato, a 37-year-old mother of seven, died in custody from opioid withdrawal. The lawsuit filed afterward details the incidents of alleged neglect that led up to her death, with one jailer quoted as rejecting a plea for help from a fellow inmate with an order to “shut the fuck up.” Westword has the story.

taylor-swift-2013-2-croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Mueller sued superstar Swift for getting him fired from his high-dollar morning-drive gig for touching her inappropriately while posing for a photograph with her — something he swears he didn’t do. She counter-sued, and in a portion of her deposition, she makes it clear that she believes Mueller put his hands where they didn’t belong. Westword has the story.

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