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stephen.nguyen.shooting.youtubeBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: The video showing the fatal shooting of Steven Nguyen by three police officers is disturbing in the extreme, and after watching it, many viewers will question whether the gun-down was necessary even though a prosecutor has determined that it was legally justified. But the footage is important beyond the facts of the case, which involve mistaken identity; the officers weren’t originally seeking Nguyen, but someone else entirely. Westword has the story.

dexter.lewis.closing.arguments.cbs4Breakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: A state supreme court has agreed to hear a bizarre case that combines jury nullification, juror tampering and a grisly murder that left five people dead. And one of its main protagonists is a man known for appearing in public with an oversized hand flipping a bird emblazoned with the slogan “Fuck Cops.” Westword has the story.

cody.cox.before.accidentBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: “Most of the time, officers follow their training and handle things in a proper, professional manner,” acknowledges Jim Scherer, attorney for Cody Cox, who was paralyzed for life in a police shooting. “But occasionally, these things occur — and I believe there can be a tendency for people to give the officer more of a benefit of the doubt in these circumstances than perhaps they should be entitled to.” Westword has the story.

trooper.cody.donahueBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: A mistrial was declared in the case of Noe Gamez-Ruiz, a commercial truck driver charged with criminally negligent homicide for a November 2016 accident that killed State Patrol Trooper Cody Donahue. Now, political insiders are speculating that the way the proceedings were short-circuited — the judge took action after defense complaints that prosecutors withheld relevant evidence — could impact a big political race. Westword has the story.

faster.colorado.two.trainingBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: Activist Laura Carno provides the details of a three-day class to instruct teachers, administrators and other school personnel interested in carrying a gun on the job how to stop an active shooter. The  idea of armed teachers in classrooms remains controversial, but Carno sees the concept as common sense, pure and simple. She explains why here. Westword has the story.

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