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jasonderekbrown.jpgJason Derek Brown has been a fugitive since November of 2004. According to the FBI, that was when Brown allegedly pulled an armored car heist in the parking lot of a movie theater in Phoenix, Arizona. During the robbery, Brown allegedly shot and killed guard Robert Palomares, age 24; five slugs to the guard’s head from a .45-caliber.
Brown hauled off $56,000 from the robbery, made his getaway on a mountain bike.
I’ve been familiar with the story of this member of the FBI’s Top Ten for some time. I couldn’t help but be curious, because he had the makings of a master criminal, in many respects — making him a pretty scary dude. After all, Brown has a Masters Degree in International Business and he speaks fluent French. He’s a sporty, showy guy who likes to be the center of attention, make like he’s a high-roller with lots of cash.
It’s hard not to wonder why the FBI hasn’t caught him yet.
Turns out authorities may be closer than ever to putting playboy Jason Derek Brown behind bars. A witness who was once a Mormon missionary with Brown recently spotted the fugitive in Salt Lake City. Basically, the witness looked over at a red light and damned if he didn’t see Jason Brown in the other car. Brown’s hair was longer and he was deeply tanned, but it was the same guy.
Once Brown locked eyes with the other driver, the spark of recognition between them compelled the fugitive to hit the gas. He drove through the light.
Expect America’s Most Wanted to be all over this one.
As usual, if you have information that might lead to the arrest of Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Jason Derek Brown aka Jason D. Brown, Derek Brown, Greg Johnson or Greg Harline Johnson, contact your local FBI field office. The feds are offering $100,000 as a reward for info that leads directly to Brown’s arrest.
[Federal Bureau of Investigation, and ]

jmk.jpgFor today’s edition of “Super Kreepy People Who Make My Skin Crawl” I’m bringing up good old John Mark Karr. Apparently, we’ve done gone and run him out of Atlanta (I live in the Atlanta area). Karr was about as popular as a torch-bearing General Sherman around these parts.
Just in case you never followed true crime before yesterday, I’ll remind you that Karr was the fellow who claimed in the summer of 2006 that he killed JonBenet Ramsey. (Just follow the link. I don’t really need to remind you who JonBenet was, do I?)
Oh, the hoopla! Everyone was covering the story non-stop. Some intrepid reporter even made sure to note Karr’s dinner on his flight home to the U.S. from Thailand, where he was making a living as a teacher when he was arrested. Who among us hasn’t wondered from time to time what alleged child rapists and killers eat when they fly in federal custody?
In the end, the accused possessor of child porn proved to be nothing but a slimy little fabulist. He’d managed to convince at least one guy [read that sordid story here]and almost convinced the authorities in Boulder, where JonBenet was murdered, but sadly, his DNA didn’t match the unknown male DNA found during the Ramsey investigation.
So then Karr, who really seemed to relish all the attention he received, sorta-kinda tried to revert to obscurity. He moved in with his father, Wexford Karr, in Sandy Springs, GA (10 miles from where I live, but I swear I was still a little skeeved by this), and for all I know, he made weekly pilgrimages to JonBenet’s grave, which is just 11 miles west of here in Marietta.
Karr actually found a new girlfriend, an unusually open-minded soul named Brooke Simmons. They had issues, though — Karr ended up in an Atlanta courtroom at one point, accused of some mild domestic violence against Simmons and his dad. She broke up with Karr a few months back and got her own moment in the media spotlight telling Inside Edition what it was like to be engaged to the man who lied about killing JonBenet. Because, you know, in some strange alternate universe I never want to visit, that sorta thing apparently matters to someone. Seriously, though — must have been a slow news cycle.
Simmons, incidentally, still thinks her ex-fiance might have had something to do with JonBenet’s murder.
The news embedded here in the snark (something I can’t really control when Karr comes up) is this — JMK has left the building. By building, I mean country.
In Sandy Springs, his neighbors made it a point to make him uncomfortable. In his father’s words, Karr was “treated like a criminal.” So, to help his dad with some property the elder Karr owned in Atlanta’s Grant Park neighborhood, JMK moved into a residence there. Well, he planned on it, anyway. Grant Park residents weren’t any happier about the prospect than the fine folk living in suburban Sandy Springs. Speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Grant Park denizen Amy Martin said “We don’t want him living here.” Ms. Martin pointed out that Grant Park is a “family-friendly neighborhood.”
Wexford Karr will not say where his son has gone. My guess would be Thailand or some other country with a certain reputation. Chances are he’ll try and find some kind of teaching or tutoring position.
If so, I say, good luck with that, Kreepy One. Just don’t let the customs turnstile hit you in the ass on your way out.

Author and moviemaker Tucker Max is a pretty brilliant guy. Some time ago, Max took aim at a particular audience on the Web, and with an admirable single-mindedness, he gave them what they wanted. Stories about stupidity, sex, alcohol, more sex, poop, vomiting, liquor (see what I did there?) and did I mention the sex?
Tucker Max became hugely popular with the college crowd. Particularly college-age white boys with a yen for the things Tucker wrote about (often with a great deal of wit) — you know, the stuff I’ve already listed above. (I did mention the sex, didn’t I?)
I mean hell, here’s how Tucker introduces himself: “My name is Tucker Max, and I am an asshole […] I get excessively drunk at inappropriate times, disregard social norms, indulge every whim, ignore the consequences of my actions, mock idiots and posers, sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable, and just generally act like a raging dickhead.”
What’s not to like about that?
And Max is laughing all the way to the bank. His book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, is a best-seller. It’s been made into a movie.
That led to Tucker Max being pilloried by the likes of Gawker, one of the most popular media/gossip/celebrity blogs in existence. They got their clever little hands on a script for Max’s movie (same title as his book), and, well — they really, really hated it.
Tucker Max responded to all the crap Gawker threw at his movie in particular with a note to Radar Magazine. Max wrote, in part, “It seems like the height of comedy to me when failed writers cast aspersions on successful writing. I guess I would be pissed off too if I tried so hard for so long with nothing to show for it, and then some big, dumb ‘rapey fratty’ came out of nowhere to spend three years on the best seller list and got a movie made…”
Yeah. About that “rapey-fratty” bit. Folks who don’t like Max or his legions of followers like to make jokes in that vein — that his male fans are just date-rapists in waiting/training and his female fans are, perhaps, drunken sorostitutes with zero self-esteem.
Of course it’s all pissing in the wind. The truth is that Max is a savvy author and businessman who developed a product — his stories — then found the perfect audience for that product. He can’t help who ends up in the mix. It isn’t his fault if guys like Frank P. Cirillo call him a “HERO.”
(Yeah — that’s where this was going. If you thought the True Crime Report was heading off the rails into non-crime, well, why’d you think that?)
fcirillo.jpgSee, Frank P. Cirillo is the 21-year-old jut-jawed fellow on the right. On his MySpace page, Frank wrote the following in answer to the question about who he’d “like to meet”: “TUCKER MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY HERO[.]”
Awesome. Great endorsement. Tucker Max probably gets a few thousand of those a day. But police say Cirillo, a student at the University of Connecticut, took the “rapey” part of “rapey-fratty” way too far.
Cirillo was arrested on Saturday for allegedly forcing his way into a sleeping woman’s apartment and raping her. It was the second sexual assault on a UConn student in the space of one week. That said, cops don’t think the assaults are related.
Cirillo allegedly fled the scene on Saturday when the young woman awoke and began fighting back. Cops say they found him half-dressed and trying to hide in a nearby apartment.
According to the Hartford Courant, Cirillo has been charged “with first-degree sexual assault, home invasion, first-degree burglary, attempted first-degree burglary, third-degree criminal mischief, sixth-degree larceny and second-degree breach of peace.”
He was able to make bail ($500,000 — family must have money) and will be back in court soon for an arraignment.
While Cirillo allegedly took the “rapey” part of Tucker Max’s shtick too seriously, he didn’t forget about the “fratty” — his MySpace stated that he was in the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. On his profile, Cirillo also had a link to this page:

There you could find numerous photos of Cirillo in undoubtedly happier times, including a cruise he took at some point. If you’re a young female at UConn Storrs or living in Woodbridge, CT, you might want to take a good look at Cirillo’s photos and remember that face. You know, just for kicks.
To Tucker Max’s credit, his number 1 fan turned accused home invader and rapist was apparently too timid to actually try and interact with Max or other fans of Max’s work. Though “cheechfpc” — Cirillo’s Internet nom de plume — had a profile on the message board, he’d never made a post or begun a thread there since signing up in 2005.
Of course it isn’t Tucker Max’s fault that Frank Cirillo (who has only been accused of these crimes, not convicted) likes Max’s work. I didn’t have to link the two at all, no matter what Cirillo’s profile says. The fact is, if Cirillo really is a rapist, he would have tried something sooner or later even if he’d never heard of Tucker Max. Truly sexually predatory men don’t even need a penis to assault someone — there are stories of predators who were given real or chemical castration after release from prison but still used foreign objects to molest or rape their victims.
This is the part where I could probably go on about how Tucker Max’s stories objectify women in a particularly bold and unapologetic way (the cover of Max’s book is a great visual example of that objectification — the chick doesn’t need a face, to Tucker Max — just as long as he’s got a babe on his arm, all’s good) and paint the kind of odious portrait of male behavior that would only be appealing to guys who like the idea of sex by force or coercion, but you’ve begun filling in those blanks already, haven’t you? Oh well, if so, you can’t blame me. I only wrote this blog post. It isn’t my fault if in your mind my words somehow justify you thinking — or doing — what you would have thought or done anyway.
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Barack Obama answering questions at a town hall meeting in Davenport, IA.
CBS 4 in Denver is now reporting that “at least four people are under arrest in connection with a possible plot to kill Barack Obama at his Thursday night acceptance speech in Denver.”
Some of the equipment confiscated during the investigation into this alleged plot so far: two high-powered, scoped rifles; camouflage clothing; walkie-talkies; a bulletproof vest; something called a spotting scope and fake i.d.’s.
The second man arrested (see below) may have ties to some kind of white supremacy group.
All those arrested are now being held on a variety of charges.
Original Post
Authorities in Denver believe they may have uncovered a plot to harm Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.
tgartrellmyspace.jpgVery early on Sunday morning, cops in the Denver suburb of Aurora stopped Tharin Gartrell, age 28. In his rental pickup they found two rifles — one said to be a “sniper rifle” — and methamphetamine.
Gartrell’s arrest led police to a room on the 6th floor of the Cherry Creek Hotel. The cops knocked on the door, and the guy inside, 33-year-old Shawn Adolf from Greeley, CO, jumped out the window. It must have been like something out of a movie, because Adolf landed on an awning, bounced to the street below and took off running.
He didn’t get far. Cops found him a short time later with a broken ankle and put him under arrest. After all, he had 7 outstanding warrants.
Also arrested during this investigation was Nathan Johnson, age 32.
CBS 4 in Denver reported that one of the men under arrest made statements while in custody that led them to believe there might be some sort of plot to hurt the Democratic nominee. The case is currently being investigated by the Secret Service, ATF and the FBI.
Below you’ll find a MySpace profile for Tharin Gartrell or his Denver-dwelling dead-ringer with the same first name:
He marketed himself in the Denver area as a DJ under the name Tharin Roberts or Tharin Robert (images on his profile say both). You can see him in action here. [ and — the latter confirmed that Gartrell was a DJ.]

Cops surely must appreciate the stupidity of guys like 19-year-old Justin Tyler Evans of Henderson, KY. It can only make a hard job just a little easier.
Evans recently sold an old phone on eBay. The unfortunate winner of his auction had a nauseating surprise in store: child pornography. According to police in Henderson, Evans admitted after he was arrested to downloading the images and saving them on the media card in that phone. There were more than 50 images. The Evansville Courier Press stated that the pics were “of nude children between the ages of 6 and 15 […] and one image showing a girl engaged in a sexual act.”
Naturally, police confiscated Evans’s home computer, and they say he had more kiddie porn on that hard drive as well.
Evans was “JustinTyler1715” on MySpace, and his profile revealed his loser’s resume, hopscotching from fast-food cashier jobs to supermarket cashiering, never seeming to stay too long at any one place.
Evans also had a blog on MySpace, which didn’t reveal much, save that his trailer had burned in March of this year. While many of Evans’s top friends looked younger than him only a slideshow of his photos induced a little queasiness; some of the pics were centered on young children.
Justin Tyler Evans is being held on $25,000 bail in the Henderson County Jail. The person who bought his phone on eBay hasn’t been named, but it’s probably a good bet they’ll think twice before they buy a used phone online again.
[Evansville Courier Press]

Men who kill their wives often seem to opt for one of two stories: either the woman disappeared while out for a walk or a jog; or some mysterious intruder with mysteriously strong motivation came in and killed the woman while the guy was asleep or away.
If 41-year-old Michael Roseboro killed his wife Jan as alleged, then he fell into the second group.
Police were called to the Roseboro residence in Reinholds, PA on the night of July 22. There they found a scratched Michael attempting to revive a brutally beaten and possibly-drowned Jan. An autopsy on Jan’s body later revealed that she’d been strangled, bludgeoned, kicked and punched, then thrown into the pool in the Roseboro’s back yard.
Jan’s death may have been the first homicide in Reinholds history.
Court documents later revealed that Michael Roseboro, a funeral home director in Denver, PA, was having an affair. In fact, he may have been with his mistress hours before his wife’s death.
Police won’t say what they believe motivated Roseboro to kill his wife.
Michael Roseboro is being held without bail in the Lancaster County prison.

* Murder Comes to Reinholds — (Reinholds, PA) Until this week, West Cocalico Twp. PA has never had a murder. Then Jan Roseboro, age 45, was found dead at the home she shared with husband Michael. The mother of 4 was severely beaten and then drowned in the Roseboros’ swimming pool. Michael Roseboro called 911 on Tuesday, July 22. When emergency services arrived they found Roseboro performing CPR on Jan. No arrests have been made, but 41-year-old Michael Roseboro, a funeral home director in Denver, PA, was home at the time. Still, police say they have no person of interest or suspect at this time. []
* Spam King Murder-Suicide — (Bennett, CO) Edward Davidson ran a spamming outfit called Power Promoters. Between 2003 and 2006 he racked up millions of dollars in profits from his spam ads, but then it all caught up with him. He was ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS and sentenced to nearly 2 years in prison. Davidson had just begun serving his time at a minimum security facility when he basically just left, possibly assisted by his wife, Amy. He wasn’t really going on the lam, though. Davidson, his wife, and their 3-year-old daughter were found dead Thursday. Apparently the “spam king” (and Kim Zetter at Wired is right, every spammer ever caught and tried seems to get that nick) killed his wife and child and then committed suicide. [Threat Level/]
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Bad people, doing bad stuff, everywhere. What follows is a quick list of current true crime headlines of interest.
* Christian School Principal Charged with Rape — Mark Evan Brown, age 37, has been charged with one count of third-degree rape. During Brown’s 3-year tenure as the principal of Highland Christian School, he allegedly exchanged texts and phone calls with a 14-year-old female student. Brown may have even prodded the girl into running away from home. When she did run away on June 12 this year, Brown allegedly set her up in a little room at the school, complete with a bed and television. Ever the good Christian role model, police say Brown then provided the girl with alcohol and some old-fashioned molestation. Court papers indicate the girl tried to protect Brown until this week, when she finally gave him up.[]
* Don’t Ask Christian Bale For Money — The source of the alleged dust-up earlier this week that led to Dark Knight star Christian Bale spending several hours with the London Metropolitan Police may have been a request for money. A report out of London states that Bale’s sister Sharon asked for $200,000. He refused the loan, his mama Jenny started talking smack about Bale’s wife, and the 34-year-old actor allegedly went ballistic. [NYDN]
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