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kevin.lyons.7news.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Kevin Lyons has pleaded guilty to the murder of Dr. Kenneth Atkinson, a longtime physician who had been attempting to act as a good Samaritan in a domestic dispute involving Lyons and his wife, who was wounded along with another woman during the attack. Afterward, Lyons called his wife a “two-headed snake” — and that was only one of the irrational comments that followed. Westword has the story.

feature_openerBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Jeanie Cardona is now suing the Marshall Fred Cook — and, by extension, the town where he worked — in federal court. Her complaint alleges that Cook had a vendetta against her because as a trustee she’d opposed him on budget issues and criticized his performance; and that her arrest wasn’t a mistake, but a deliberate act of retaliation by Cook, who falsified his affidavit to make it appear that she had knowingly harbored a fugitive. Westword has the story.

anthony.hemmings.cbs4Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Teen Jalecc Taylor has been sentenced to two years of intensive supervised probation under the juvenile system for negligent child abuse resulting in the death of Anthony Hemmings, his ten-year-old brother. But the prosecutor believes his punishment won’t be over when those 24 months have elapsed. Westword has the story.

rincon_final_rgb_cropped_for_homepageCameron K. Lewis

Valentina Villafane was sitting in her second-grade classroom when the tear gas canister exploded. The principal of her private school outside Barquisimeto, Venezuela, saw it first — an errant volley from a national guardsman that flew between the bars of the school’s gate and rolled to the front door. The principal shouted for the students to run to the back of the building as gas plumed at the entrance.

As Valentina huddled with her classmates, teachers brought jars of vinegar from the cafeteria and showed the children how to apply it to their faces to protect against the gas. They waited for hours, trapped as desperate Barquisimetanos clashed with police outside.

“I was scared and I almost cried,” Valentina recalls in a telephone interview from Venezuela–where many live in dire poverty while the corrupt businessman who looted the country live lavishly in Houston and Miami.

pot.edibleBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: The teacher wouldn’t have been put in this position in the first place if it weren’t for an allegedly disgruntled ex-school-district employee who pointed the finger at her, an administrator who subjected her to drug testing even though there was zero evidence that she’d been impaired on the job, and the Texas Board for Educator Certification, which would have prevented Roland from teaching for two full years if Judge William Newchurch hadn’t rejected the punishment. Westword has the story.

midlothian_videograbAt 5 a.m., Camp Gladiator exercise students arrive at the church and discover Bevers’ body. There are multiple puncture wounds to her head and chest. A justice of the peace declares her dead shortly after police arrive. Midlothian police have not disclosed where the killer encountered Bevers inside the church but have told media that nothing has been reported taken from the church.

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