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Georgia Haggai

Georgia Haggai was shot to death when she answered her front door just before dawn on March 31, 1986. Neighbors phoned police after they were awakened by gunshots at about 5 a.m. Officers arrived to find Haggai lying in her...

CA Unknown Female Unspecified Shooting 1986

Ray Lucus

Early on the morning of August 15, 1985, a passer-by found the body of Ray Lucus lying in the rear of his 1975 Chevy Blazer parked on 2000 Bayview Heights Road. Lucas had been strangled, bound hand and foot...

CA Unknown Male Unspecified Strangulation 1985

Carole DeFleice

Carole DeFleice, also known as “Nina Star,” had been in San Diego for about six weeks prior to her murder. During this time she had been working as a prostitute along El Cajon Boulevard. She was living at...

CA Unknown Female Unspecified Stabbing 1984

Rebecca Burch

Rebecca Burch lived alone in an apartment on Tenth Avenue in downtown San Diego. On January 13, 1983 after not seeing Burch for a several weeks, her landlord checked on her and found Burch’s body in her room. Burch had...

CA Unknown Female Unspecified Strangulation 1983

Linda Neukum

Linda Neukum was seen leaving the Marion Hotel in downtown San Diego during the late evening hours of December 23, 1981. At approximately 11 p.m. a bystander found Neukum staggering out of an alley toward 300 Market Street. ...

CA Unknown Female Unspecified Stabbing 1981

Trinidad Saucedo

Trinidad Saucedo was disabled and lived in a downtown hotel room in East Village. He spent a great deal of his time socializing with friends at a downtown bar called “Jesse James.” Saucedo was well-known in the neighborhood...

CA Unknown Male Unspecified Strangulation 1973

Angel Valtierra

On March 5, 2004 Angel was reported missing from the area of 1134 Audubon Drive in San Jose. Angel had attended a party at that address and was last seen with people who attended the party. Angel...

CA Unknown Male Unspecified Unknown 2004

Carlton Henry Richards

On April 20, 2002 the body of Carlton Henry Richards was found stabbed in his apartment located 4311 Sibley Bay St. Apt B, Charlotte Harbor, FL. Mr. Richards also went by the name of "Kojak". For more information;

FL Unknown Male African American Stabbing 2002

Louise Norton

On 03-10-1973, Louise Norton was found murdered in the south Brooksville area of Hernando County, Florida. Prior to her death, it was reported that she was involved in an argument with someone, possibly her "common law" husband, Cassie Andrews....

FL Unknown Female Unspecified Unknown 1973

Timothy Jeronimus

Timothy Jeronimus was found murdered in eastern Hernando County, Florida on 10-05-1982. He had previously lived in the state of Illinois. For more information;

FL Unknown Male Caucasian Unknown 1982
1999 Results
<< 1 ... 50 ... 100 ... 150 ... 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 ... 200 >>