Unsolved Murder of Kevin McClard

Kevin McClard

  • Sex: Male
  • Race: Unspecified
  • Cause of Death: Shooting
  • Body Found: 1990-03-04
  • City: Glasgow, KY
  • Zip Code: 42141
  • Possible Suspect: Unknown
The Kentucky State Police request help in resolving the murders of Nancy Hale, Ferrell Hale, and Kevin McClard. This triple homicide occurred on or about March 4, 1990 at the Ferrell home on Happy Holler Road 9.2 miles south of Glasgow in Barren County. On March 06, 1990 the bodies of these victims were found at the Ferrell home. All 3 had been shot. It appeared that the female was shot while in bed and the two males shot in another room of the home. Robbery appears to have played a role in this crime. Investigators from Post 3 Bowling Green are asking anyone with information regarding the Murders of Nancy Hale- Ferrell Hale- Kevin McClard to contact Lt. John Clark or Detective Sergeant Tommy Smith. For more information; http://www.kentuckystatepolice.org/cold_case/post3coldcase7.php