florida_burritto_fightImages via Via Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department

Here’s a tip to make sure your criminal Florida shenanigans make the weird-news circuit: Involve a popular and beloved food item. If the words “pizza,””doughnut,” “bacon,” or “taco” appear in the police report, be prepared to go viral. As for “burrito”? Well,  it’s destined to wind up on hundreds of Facebook newsfeeds.

So all apologies to Suzanne Hurlvert, 51, and Carl Owen Smith, 66, for reporting this, but we just gotta.

kenneth.atkinson.fox31.1Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Atkinson, a beloved physician who’d practiced in the area for thirty years, rushed to the aid of the woman when her husband, Kevin Lyons, emerged with a gun in his hand. He killed Atkinson and wounded his wife and another woman before being taken into custody — and his initial court appearance was filled with bizarre behavior. Westword has the story.

Police this week were on the hunt for a driver who they say intentionally struck a transgender teen on a Monterey Park last weekend.

The 16-year-old victim was said to be in “serious but stable condition,” according to a Monterey Park Police Department statement.

It happened about 2:30 a.m. Saturday in the 3700 block of Ramona Boulevard, cops said. Reports say the victim was leaving a party at Luminarias restaurant when it happened.



Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller has found plenty of missing people over the past decade — but, at least as far as we can tell, it doesn’t appear he’s ever tried to obtain custody of any of them. Just two days after an EquuSearch found the body of 15-year-old Abigail English, who had been missing for a month, Miller went on the news to say he wanted custody of the girl so he could give her a proper burial, since her own family apparently wanted to cremate her. 

It started early on the morning of April 3.

The victim was waiting for a ride, possibly an Uber, at Vermont and Eighth streets in Koreatown, police said. A suspect happened to pull up in a dark SUV, asking if she was the one who had hailed him, they said.

With the woman in the vehicle, he drove a half-mile or so east, toward downtown, ultimately parking in the 1300 block of Ingraham Street in the Westlake district, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

florida_keys_childrens_shelterOn June 1, 2012, when she returned to the shelter after her eighth escape, a staffer offered to help her run away once more. Instead — the girl and her family now say — that employee sold the teen into a sex-trafficking ring, where she was forced into prostitution for 41 days, held against her will by captors who threatened to kill her, and eventually contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

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