screen_shot_2016-09-23_at_4-08-14_pmJerry Ford Jr., on his way home from class, thought the man sitting outside his apartment building was a University of Houston student who had been locked out. But before Ford, a graduate public policy student at UH, could even put his key in the door, the man pulled out a gun and pointed it at his face. He took Ford’s wallet and his phone, running off into nearby MacGregor Park.
In the days following, Ford would talk with other students, the community at large and eventually KTRK about his experience — making otherwise normal comments that would soon be blown out of proportion across the country.

In the news clip, titled “Students Concerned About Increased Crime Near University of Houston Main Campus,” Ford and a few other students talk about recent crimes they’ve experienced or heard about, concerned about the fact that, since they live off campus, UH security does not patrol the area surrounding the Campus Vue apartments. The students, including Ford, hoped UH officials would change their mind about that.

Here’s what national conservative media turned the story into–using Ford’s Black Lives Matter association against him.


img_0237To John Thornton, who was outside grabbing the morning paper, it at first sounded like a dumpster lid crashing down. To Julie Bolin, it sounded like a truck carrying tanks of oxygen may have crashed, the tanks perhaps popping.

“My husband and I just went to target practice yesterday,” Bolin said. “You’d think it would snap for me that it was gunfire.”

Like dozens of other neighbors, Thornton and Bolin encountered a scene that repeats itself across the nation on a seemingly daily basis, but one they could barely believe was unfolding in their own backyard: a mass shooting, one that left nine injured and the gunman dead.

Read on to see how the gunman, a local Houston lawyer, was described by police and colleagues.

Eight of ten American metro areas with the highest risk for car thefts are in California, according to a new report from the website Cheap Car Insurance.

Those cities don’t include Los Angeles, but Riverside-San Bernardino is on the list at number nine. Modesto (first), Albuquerque (second), Bakersfield (third), Salinas (fourth) and the Bay Area (fifth) compose the top five.

The site bases its list on National Insurance Crime Bureau data.

Nineteen-year-old Marine Carlos Segovia was shot this weekend while on leave in South L.A. The shooting was reported about 11:30 p.m. Friday, at 31st Street and South St. Andrews Place in Jefferson Park. “The victim suffered a gunshot wound,” Los Angeles Police Department Officer Liliana Preciado said, “and he continues to be in critical condition.”

KTLA News reported that Segovia was shot in the head when he noticed a group of people near his car, parked outside his girlfriend’s residence, and asked them to leave. The station reported that he has been declared brain-dead.

The victim left Camp Pendleton in northern San Diego County to visit his girlfriend Friday, according to reports.

rapper-the-game-lapd-protest-2Najee Ali/L.A. Weekly

The risk of appearing with a gangsta rapper in order to call for peace is that he could fall off the “Kumbaya” wagon and shatter the credibility of your message. In July, rapper The Game joined Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck in a call for peace on the streets following fatal attacks on five Dallas police officers.

“I think that we need to take responsibility as a human race and accept the role as peace givers and people that distribute love and change throughout this city,” The Game told reporters that day.

Now, The Game has threatened East Coast rival Meek Mill in a beef over the details of a jewelry robbery.

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