sienna-johnson-facebook-3Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Johnson and another student at her high school have been charged as adults for allegedly planning to launch a deadly attack at the facility. Her representatives want the case moved back to juvenile court — and the latest ruling gives them hope it could actually happen. Westword has the story.

ocean_beach_shootingNews Cafe Webcam

This past Sunday, a tourist from New York was gunned down on Ocean Drive around 7 a.m., just as South Beach was waking up. Shot two times outside iconic sidewalk restaurant News Cafe, the young man was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

Yesterday morning, Miami Beach Police identified the victim as Lavon B. Walker — a 30-year-old community activist who spent the last years of his life working to end gun violence in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.

swanson-child-abuse-featureIllustration by Pat Kinsella

As John Wilson cooked dinner for his family in March 2010, an eerie silence filled their cozy Plantation home. Usually around 6 p.m. on a school day, the place was bustling. Four kids were asking about dinner or playingvideogames. John, a mild-mannered musician with salt-and-pepper hair and rimless glasses, figured his 4-year-old son and 10-year-old stepson were just watching TV on the couch. Hours earlier, his other stepson ­— a withdrawn, six-foot-tall, 200-pound seventh-grader named Brian — had been sent to his bedroom.

John looked around for his only daughter, 4-year-old Evie. She was nowhere to be seen. He patrolled the house, searching for the bashful little girl with blond bangs, and paused when he reached the hallway that led toward the children’s bedrooms. The second door on the right, Brian’s room, was slightly ajar. John could hear Evie’s faint, high-pitched cries: “Stop it! Please, it hurts!”

John barged in. Brian was kneeling over Evie on the bed. The preschooler was naked from the waist down, and her chubby thighs were spread open like a toy doll’s. Between them, Brian had inserted the dull wooden end of a meat skewer. John snapped and knocked Brian aside.

“What are you doing?!” he screamed.

tony-bosch-miamiU.S. District Court/Andre Carrilho

Today, Tony Bosch is a free man. After spending a little more than a year and a half in federal custody for orchestrating the biggest illegal steroid operation in pro sports history, Bosch walked out of a Miami halfway house yesterday.

So what’s next for the onetime chief of Biogenesis, which a 2014 Miami New Times investigation revealed as the source of performance-enhancing drugs for Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz, and a host of other big-leaguers?

Bosch is concentrating on rebuilding his family, his attorney says — and also hopes to speak to kids about avoiding the drugs he used to peddle. reading from the Voice Media Empire: The cops were after a guy who’d just been seen shoplifting at a nearby Walmart and holed up at the house at random. What followed was a siege that resulted in the home being condemned — and not because of the drug-filled hypodermics left behind. The attorney says the compensation offered the homeowner was so low it qualifies as “unconscionable.” Westword has the story.