orlando.sanchez.facebook.croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: John Orlando Sanchez, who goes by his middle name, has been sentenced to life in prison plus an incredible 108 years for the murder of 41-year-old Eric Schnaare. And a newly unsealed arrest affidavit paints a brutal portrait of the slaying. Afterward, Andrew Gutierrez, who was sentenced to life plus sixteen years over the incident, is quoted as saying, “Wasn’t that awesome? That almost made me cum in my pants.” Westword has the story.

img_1008On the night Jessica says she was raped by a prison guard at the Federal Detention Center in downtown Houston, she had only four days left of her sentence before she was released. (She requested that we not use her real name.)

It had been about six weeks since she cut off a consensual relationship with a prison guard named Samuel Hawkins and began resisting his advances, she said. But on the night of November 15, 2015, Hawkins came to her cell and told her to come with him to drop off a tissue box on the male floor, where she knew one of the inmates. Hawkins “paraded her around,” said Jessica’s attorney, Bill Underwood. And when he returned her to her own cell, seeming jealous of the attention from other men, Jessica says he told her,  “We’re gonna have our first real fight tonight,” before raping her. Hawkins pled guilty to sexual abuse of a ward.

michael.lee.marshallBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Attorneys and family members of Michael Marshall, who died in jail circa November 2015, call discipline imposed on two deputies and a supervisor over the incident incredibly insufficient. And indeed, previous suspensions of local law enforcers in cases that didn’t lead to death, including actions involving a sexually explicit text, flashing a badge to get faster restaurant service and more, were as long or longer than those handed out in regard to Marshall’s passing. Westword has the story.

feature_openerBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Jeanie Cardona is now suing the Marshall Fred Cook — and, by extension, the town where he worked — in federal court. Her complaint alleges that Cook had a vendetta against her because as a trustee she’d opposed him on budget issues and criticized his performance; and that her arrest wasn’t a mistake, but a deliberate act of retaliation by Cook, who falsified his affidavit to make it appear that she had knowingly harbored a fugitive. Westword has the story.

houston-press-temple-family-evidence_1_Trial exhibit

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg on Friday moved to recuse her office from a possible retrial of David Temple for the murder of his wife, Belinda — opening the door for a special prosecutor to take the case.

“Our duty is simply to do justice, not just win,” Ogg said in a statement. Here’s the background on the messy case.


luggage.thinkstockBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Fying with marijuana is still not okay despite a TSA glitch that briefly suggested otherwise. But a new survey suggests that it’s happening a lot anyway. A report from “the world’s first travel dating website” shows that more than half the respondents have taken cannabis with them on a domestic flight Westword has the story.

4023058247_dcc7139bb0_zFerran Moya/Flickr

After four hours of unsuccessful negotiations, a Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy killed a 54-year-old suicidal woman in Katy after she pointed a gun at deputies through a window they had broken.

Just after 2 p.m., Lucille Espinosa’s mother called 911 telling operators that Espinosa was threatening to kill herself, as well as anyone who tried to come into her house. When deputies arrived for a welfare check, she was holding a pistol.

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