fullsizer_6_After receiving concerning phone calls from three crime victims, District Attorney-elect Kim Ogg made some weighty allegations at a press conference outside the criminal courthouse on Tuesday morning.

Each crime victim’s case had belonged to prosecutors Ogg had recently fired, and the crime victims, Ogg said, had expressed uncertainty and confusion about their cases and were afraid they would not be handled properly going forward. So on Tuesday, Ogg suggested the prosecutors had made the phone calls to the victims or their families to intentionally provide misinformation about the cases to undermine her new administration, then directed them to complain to Ogg about it. Ogg said they were “sabotaging” the cases for political purposes.

Problem: she had not bothered to call any of them to ask for their side of the story.

img_0210_1_In a rare move, District Attorney Devon Anderson intervened in a misdemeanor case to personally dismiss a DWI charge against prominent Houston defense attorney Tony Buzbee, the Houston Press discovered Monday morning.

In a statement to the Press, Anderson said the reason she decided to dismiss the case was that it was “the right thing to do.”

“He qualified for pre-trial intervention and completed all of the requirements typically mandated for a first offender DWI defendant,” Anderson said. “He did not contribute to my campaign in 2016 cycle.”

Yet even though Anderson’s own DWI diversion program requirements state that it is a one-year program, the case was dismissed after only eight months. 

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