shirley_maclain_with_the_good_hair. Who doesn’t like Shirley MacLaine at least a little? She’s been working steadily in Hollywood for more than 60 years. She’s won an Oscar, an Emmy, and a handful of Golden Globes. She deserves our respect.

But would you take to the streets of Key West with torches to burn the city down on Shirley MacLaine’s orders? No, of course not. It’s not like she’s Beyoncé and Key West is a town full of women named Becky who happen to have good hair

john.bowlen.mug.shot.tmz.800Breakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: When Bowlen’s girlfriend called 911 after bizarre and abusive behavior on his part, he claimed to be the owner of the Denver Broncos rather than a possible heir, dropped the mayor’s name and called himself “the blood of the city.” But even the best legal defense money can buy wasn’t enough to get him off punishment-free. Westword has the story.

Maria Christina JohnsonLASD

Maria Christina Johnson

Watch out boy, she’ll chew you up. Allegedly.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department this week said in a statement that it has collared a prolific identity thief who used dating websites to find victims who helped her live “a jet-set lifestyle.”

Maria Christina Johnson, 43, was arrested last week in connection with a string of ID thefts that constituted “prolific identity theft and financial abuse,” Sheriff’s officials alleged.

carlos_alvarezFormer Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, who was recalled from office in 2011 over the disastrous Marlins Park deal, has been arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend of 14 years, according to an arrest affidavit from Coral Gables Police.

The affidavit says Alvarez’s girlfriend visited his home to return his cat, though there’s no explanation why she had the feline.

Afterward, the two got into a heated argument. Alvarez’s girlfriend told police the former mayor grabbed her arms, pinned her against the wall of his building’s parking garage, spit on her, and yelled profanities.

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