News story from earlier in the summer, when Linzy Earles’s case first hit the news.
Zane Earles was partially eaten by a puppy. The sick story of baby Zane’s demise first hit the news this summer, and it was one of those things I tend to read about and think, “I really can’t deal with that,” and just move on.
Here’s what may have happened in the home Zane shared with his mother Linzy Earles (17 at the time) and other family members on July 28 in Tulsa County, OK. Around half-past 8 in the morning, Baby Zane was placed in an infant swing by his grandfather. His grandfather then left for work.
A little less than 2 hours later, someone called 911 to report that something had happened to Zane Earles. The 2-month-old baby had been attacked and mauled by a black lab puppy. Zane’s mother was asleep the entire time. Zane was dead.
Police officers questioned Linzy Earles, asking why she’d left the baby and then gone to sleep in a room at the other end of the house. She reportedly became defensive, cussed them out, and told them she didn’t “need this shit.”
Last week, Linzy Earles was charged with second degree manslaughter. Investigation into her son’s death showed that no one in her family could remember the last time the puppy had been fed. After the puppy was euthanized, a necropsy was performed, and no sign of food of any kind was found in the animal’s stomach.
Linzy Earles may have smoked marijuana the night before her son was mauled, as well. Police reports related to the case stated that she “had a history of drug abuse.” Linzy was taken off probation for a drug offense on June 2, 2008.
In a MySpace profile she last used in 2007, Linzy Earles wrote the following: “Im a girl who cant seem to get my life straight. im currently on house arrest. partying used to be my life. but it cought up to me. and im learning the hard way….. i still love to “have fun” but to an extent. my life currently revolves around my best friend Tyler Ogden cuz hes the only person who truely cares and understands me. i love everybody and it doesnt seem like it cuz i can be kinda shady. so if your reading this ….I LOVE YEW!”
(Yeah — there were too many spelling errors to bother with [sic].)
Should Linzy Earles have even been allowed to keep her baby in the first place? Even she called herself “shady.” I guess there are no laws against such a thing. Still, when I read stories like hers, where it is clear that there were constant problems with the young person for years before they ended up in jail, I find myself asking questions like that. Zane Earles didn’t have to die such an awful death.
Here’s the thing — because she was 17 when her baby was mauled, Linzy Earles will be tried as a juvenile. She’ll be out of jail and ready to have more babies before you know it, if she is convicted of the manslaughter charges against her.
Linzy will be back in court on December 3rd.
[ See also: Affidavits and warrants, via Etc:]

genericrimescenephoto.jpgToday’s high school tragedy comes from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where 15-year-old Amanda Collette lost her life after a confrontation with another girl at Dillard High School. Collette was found unresponsive on the floor in a hallway this morning, around 11 a.m. No one heard gunshots and at first no one could find a wound on the teen’s body. Witnesses said, however, that Collette was arguing with the other girl, 15-year-old Teah Wimberly, when the assailant produced what may have been a small caliber handgun and shot her. Wimberly fled the school and was later arrested at a nearby restaurant. While this story doesn’t really have much in common with this one (aside from the female victims and the assailant being arrested somewhere nearby later), you still have to wonder what the hell is going on. Everyone says that when there’s any kind of violence in school, but they ask such questions because there’s never any satisfactory answers. I wish I had some, but I don’t. I just know I’m more nervous about my kids going to school each day than my parents ever were, and that’s just sad.
NOTE: A person claiming to know both Amanda Collette and the person accused of shooting Amanda writes the following in a comment on this post: “amanda was seen by me alive walking to the restroom at 10:45. 11:00 we heard gunshots during ‘A’ lunch she was anounced dead at 1:00.” Also — the Orlando Sentinel reports that Teah Wimberly has been “charged with first-degree murder and discharging a weapon on school property.” []

Serial killer Arthur Shawcross died Monday. He was 63. The man known as the Genesee River Killer claimed 11 victims between 1988 and 1990. Shawcross targeted women in high-risk professions such as prostitution. A textbook sexually sadistic serial killer and psychopath, Shawcross usually dumped his victims in the river, sometimes returning to the scene of the crime to masturbate.
Shawcross was serving 250 years to life in prison when he died.
Good riddance to the very worst sort of rubbish. If there’s a hell, Artie is surely frying there, right now.

MONTROSE, Colorado — A Montrose High School sophomore is in serious condition today after she was the victim of a bizarre and bloody attack at the school. Witnesses said the suspect, a male juvenile who does not go to Montrose, walked up to the 16-year-old, pulled her head back, and slashed her throat. The suspect turned and calmly exited the building. The victim reportedly grabbed her throat and screamed, “Oh my God, someone help me.” She was taken to Montrose Memorial Hospital. Police arrested the alleged attacker shortly after the assault at the school. Witness accounts indicate the suspect was unusually calm and cool during the attack and afterwards. Any updates on this case via e-mail or in the comments on this post. [Denver Post]

kflanagan.jpgOSWEGO, NY — A late-night altercation over politics has put one young man the hospital in critical condition and another young man in jail. Police in Oswego say they answered a call on Sunday to break up a fight between Kevin T. Flanagan, age 23, and 19-year-old State University of New York Oswego student Angel Moreno. Early reports indicated that the men were having a verbal argument that escalated into a fistfight.
Angel Moreno is in the Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, NY with a severe head injury. Kevin Flanagan, an Army Private stationed at Fort Drum, is in jail in Oswego.
According to the New York Post, the fight started when someone said something nasty about President-elect Barack Obama. One witness who spoke to the Post indicated that the words were “Fuck Obama.”
The Post went on to cite Angel Moreno’s Facebook profile, where the student had an Obama campaign poster as his profile pic.
Kevin Flanagan, who is assigned to the 10th Mountain Division, is being held on $5000 bail. Police are still investigating to see if Flanagan will face more charges.
Sadly, this is neither the first nor last story we’ll hear along these lines in the weeks and months to come. [ – PDF]

michaelmyers.jpgA 28-year-old woman from Sonoma Valley in Sonoma County, CA reported a terrifying sexual assault over the weekend. The victim told authorities that she was attacked while out walking last Thursday by a man wearing a Michael Myers-like mask — the white faced mask made famous in the Halloween series of slasher films (the original mask was actually supposed to be modeled after the face of actor William Shatner, of Star Trek fame). The rapist also carried a long kitchen knife. The attacker was said to be stocky, with broad shoulders. The victim reported that the man also had a deep voice and no discernible accent. If you think you know something about this attack, contact the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept. If you’re a woman and you live in the area, don’t go out alone any time soon. The Michael Myers mask and the knife combined strike a creepy note that predicts worse to come if this guy isn’t captured soon. []

nataleeholloway.jpgJoran van der Sloot, age 21, has been accused of playing a role in sex trafficking between Thailand and The Netherlands. Van der Sloot was once the prime suspect in the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway from the island of Aruba in May, 2005.
The accusations against van der Sloot have been made by Dutch crime journalist Peter R. de Vries. Earlier this year the same journalist used a hidden camera to capture van der Sloot discussing Holloway’s disappearance. In that recording, van der Sloot claimed that Natalee’s body was taken out to sea and dumped after her death during a make-out session with van der Sloot on an Aruban beach.
De Vries’s new revelations are based on taped discussions van der Sloot had with someone in Bangkok. Van der Sloot, thinking he was talking with some kind of big shot in the Dutch sex industry, allegedly said he could get together travel papers for the girls, who would be told they were simply going to The Netherlands for dancing jobs.
Peter R. de Vries’s new exposé — broadcast Sunday night — also stated that van der Sloot makes about $13,000 per girl delivered into Dutch prostitution. Van der Sloot reportedly stated on camera that the sex workers make only ‘300 dollars a month.’
Morally bankrupt behavior from Joran van der Sloot? Who’da thunk it?
Anyone who followed the Holloway case must take note of this. According to De Vries, young Joran could face “big problems in Thailand.”
We can only hope. A couple of years in a Thai prison? Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. []

smusilbuehler.jpgFrom the Anna Maria Island Islander, an article titled, “HBPD recruits for missing child program,” published February 22, 2007:
“‘I think that it is important to start a search at the earliest possible time, to get the word out and have people look for missing children,’ said volunteer Sabine Musil-Buehler. ‘The chances to find them are a lot bigger when things happen fast.'”
Sabine Musil-Buehler was reported missing on November 5. At 49 she’s not a kid anymore, but it is hard to ignore the irony in the story quoted above.
According to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office in Manatee County, Florida, Musil-Buehler “was last seen Wednesday night in the area of 14th St. W and 26th Ave. in Bradenton.”
The press release also states that investigators “don’t suspect foul play” in Buehler’s case, but they do want to “verify her well being.”
Others are not so sure about foul play. Speaking to the Bradenton Herald, Thomas Buehler said, “We are really worried, really afraid for her life.”
Thomas Buehler is Sabine’s husband. He and Sabine are the owners of Haley’s Motel, a Holmes Beach establishment. The Herald reports that the couple is separated, but they remain “business partners and friends.”
Even though police are still saying they “have no reason to believe there is any foul play” in this case, they did find Sabine’s car on Thursday, just a few hundred feet from where she was last seen on Wednesday night.
Anonymous comments left on any blog post or a news article must be viewed with skepticism, but there is an interesting consistency to the comments attached to the Herald piece about Sabine Musil-Buehler’s disappearance. “Miabella704’s” post was a good example: “The more I think about this the more I realize something is VERY wrong here. Sabine would not have been in that section of town. She was the one who warned me about the bad areas when I moved here from Ohio. She loves her many pets and her business. She’s very settled, caring, and domestic. Something here just isn’t right.”
This is the website for the motel co-owned by Tom and Sabine Buehler:
If you think you know something about Sabine Musil-Buehler’s disappearance, call Crime Stoppers — 866-634-TIPS. []

genericrimescenephoto.jpgAn 8-year-old boy is being held in juvenile custody tonight in Apache County, Arizona. Police believe the boy shot his father, 29-year-old Vincent Romero, and Tim Romans, age 39. Police were called to the Romero residence on Wednesday evening after neighbors heard gunfire. St. John, AZ Police Chief Roy Melnick told a local paper that this crime “is precedent-setting.” Melnick continued, “We’re going to charge an 8-year-old with two counts of homicide.” United Press International reports that the little boy’s name is Christian Romero. Why some press outlets give the alleged killer’s name and others don’t is anyone’s guess. [ and]

Brian Nichols, Atlanta’s Courthouse Killer, has been found guilty of killing 4 people during a city-wide rampage on March 11, 2005. There were 54 counts against Nichols in all. He didn’t skate on a single one. He wasn’t found guilty by reason of insanity, wasn’t found guilty but insane, just plain guilty. The jury didn’t buy Nichols’s defense that he was delusional and therefore not accountable for his actions. They believed he was a cold, calculating psychopath. Because frankly, he was. Brian Nichols will now face the penalty phase of his trial. He could go to death row when all is said and done. []