buchecker.jpgCaitlin Buchecker, all of 15, gave her mother some milk.
Police in Mifflin County, PA say the Yeagertown girl added something special to the drink. They say she added household cleaner.
Caitlin’s mom, Joanne Giampa, drank the milk on Tuesday. Her next stop was the emergency room.
Caitlin was arrested later that day at Indian Valley Middle School. Police are charging her with aggravated assault and simple assault and maybe a few other related crimes.
And yeah, you know her name because Caitlin Buchecker is being charged as an adult.
Looking at her online presence, it seems like Caitlin certainly wanted to be an adult. Her alleged method of achieving that status was just not legally acceptable.
Caitlin began creating MySpace pages 3 years ago, when she was still 12. She gave her age as 20, but information on each profile made it clear she was just a kid. Her AIM and Yahoo screen names, for example: HelloxKittyx12 and Lilshedevil2016.
And by age 12, Caitlin appeared to be a little boy-crazy. On one MySpace profile she wrote the following: “I don’t really get along with girls that much because I find that they become jelous or hate me because they WANT to be me. I think that guys are more likely to like me because I am into sports and I have been told from a lot of guys that there is something about me that makes them love me.”
On another personal profile, Caitlin spoke of her love for animals, like her cat Goose. She wrote, “I am not that smart, big words confuse me, I am a trouble maker in class, and can’t wait until the last day of Highschool so i can say FUCK YOU to all of the teachers!”
Boys came up again as well: “I love boys! they are like gold to me! I am a giant talker in class, home, outside, online, on the phone, i talk anywhere!”
On yet a third profile, Caitlin decided she wanted to go by “Cait.” She also referenced again her lack of regard for other females: “I’m the chick girls love to hate.”
I don’t really know if Caitlin Buchecker’s problems with her fellow holders of XX chromosomes extended to her mother, but a report from TV station WGAL stated that Caitlin was “tired of living with her mother.”
The teenager is being held on $50,000 bail. [msnbc.com]
A reader going by kara left the following link in the comments below:
It looks like a link to Caitlin Buchecker’s music myspace, where she goes by “CaitMonstar.”
From the profile, a “shoutout”:
“My Mom – The woman who gave me life & the woman who taught me wrong from right; she’s my biggest hero. I love my mom more than anything, no matter what goes on between us. She’s the one person I know that will support me with anything I do. I love you, mama!”

genericrimescenephoto.jpgRemember this guy? The robber who engineered an armored car heist using Craigslist, pepper spray, and an inner tube? Police in Monroe, WA think they may have arrested the guy some called “D. B. Tuber” when this remarkable armored car robbery made news about a month ago.
The man arrested wasn’t my theoretical suspect, Most Wanted fugitive Jason Derek Brown. Nope, Monroe police picked up one Anthony J. Curcio, age 28. They say they connected him to the robbery through DNA. From KOMONews.com: “DNA was collected from evidence gathered at the scene and on Oct. 28 the Washington State Patrol crime lab sent the Monroe police a DNA report that matched Anthony Curcio’s.”
Police have also jailed Robert G. Ellis, age 26. He’s been booked on suspicion of holding stolen property.
The investigation into the robbery is ongoing. Police still want to know more regarding the legendary inner tube that may have been used in the commission of the crime. The Monroe PD has a tipline at 360-863-4600. [KOMONews.com]

nkersh.jpgPolice in Homewood, Alabama are seeking a 23-year-old woman who vanished on Monday. Her vehicle was found Tuesday in west Birmingham.
Sgt. Doug Finch told The Birmingham News that the circumstances of Nadia Kira Kersh’s disappearance have him “concerned.”
“I’ve worked a lot of these cases,” said Finch, “and I’m concerned.”
The first sign something was wrong came Monday when Kersh failed to pick up her kid from childcare.
Even though her vehicle was found the next day and police admit they are worried about what may have happened to the young mother, they don’t have evidence of a crime, yet.
Nadia Kira Kersh has brown hair and blue eyes. If you think you know something about her disappearance, contact Homewood police via their webpage: http://www.homewoodpd.org/. [al.com]

fifthnail.jpgJoseph Edward Duncan III has been given 6 separate terms of life in prison. Judge Edward Lodge told the confessed serial killer that his crimes were “unfathomable, cruel and sadistic.” Lodge also stated that Duncan’s rampage in May, 2005 “exceeded the bounds of human understanding.”
Duncan, ever the remorseless, narcissistic psychopath, was true to form when he spoke in Lodge’s Idaho courtroom on Monday: “I care very little why I’m judged by your or by any human court. Indeed, I do not even judge myself […] My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. The truth is my only judge.”
Jet forgets that in order to have a clear conscience, one must actually have a conscience in the first place. [Idaho Statesman]

Criminal Complaint against Kristina Dorniden.
Police in rural southern Minnesota believe three people conspired to kill Edwin Hawes, age 46. Authorities allege Hawes was shot with a crossbow, beaten with a baseball bat and run over with a Volkswagen Passat. Then they say Hawes was taken to a remote farm and his remains burned to bone and ash. And two of the conspirators were his own brother and sister.
Andrew Hawes is 36, his sister Elizabeth is 43. They, along with Andrew’s girlfriend, 29-year-old Kristina Marie Dorniden, now face multiple charges related to Edwin’s murder. The Star-Tribune reports that the younger siblings may have been seeking revenge. They believed that Edwin embezzled money from a family-owned landscaping business.
Gawker, a site that doesn’t typically cover true crime stories outside of New York, framed this as a new Coen Brothers Movie. Their justification for such a flight of imagination was pretty good. I’ll quote from the criminal complaint, because sometimes the dry prose of a legal document reveals just how strange the story truly is:
“City of Westbrook [MN] Police Chief Wahl went to the Hawes farm where he observed a large, illegal fire. At the scene was Andrew Hawes, who the chief knew. Chief Wahl spoke with Andrew regarding the fire and then left the scene. Chief Wahl returned about 1:00 a.m., with additional law enforcement officers and Andrew was no longer at the scene, however Elizabeth was now at the fire. When asked at the scene about the fire, Elizabeth Hawes said ‘That’s not my brother.'”
Unfortunately for Elizabeth Hawes, dental records revealed her to be a liar.
Elizabeth and Andrew Hawes and Kristina Dorniden are in the Anoka County jail. They could all face up to 40 years in prison. [StarTribune.com via Gawker.]

genericrimescenephoto.jpgIs something bizarre and deadly going on in Southern California? Are the homeless being targeted, somehow?
Earlier in October, we heard about the hideously cruel murder of a homeless man named John McGraham. He was attacked by unknown assailants who doused him with gasoline and set him on fire.
Tonight comes an even deadlier report: 5 people found shot to death in a homeless camp near a freeway ramp in Long Beach.
Police received an anonymous call directing them to the camp around 8:30 a.m. PT. They found 5 adults in an overgrown no-man’s land.
Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office said the dead were “two female adults and three male adults.” Police believe they are definitely looking at a mass murder. [KNX1070.com, CBS2.com]

A promotional trailer for Mark Andrew Twitchell’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion, a Star Wars “fan film.”
On August 27, 2008, wannabe Canadian filmmaker Mark Andrew Twitchell, age 29, published a message on a Facebook discussion board. Twitchell referenced a new film he was planning, Day Players, and his post was about a short he planned to “kill some time” until Day Players was “ready.” Twitchell continued:
“Here’s the vitals.
“Title: House of Cards
Genre: Mystery thriller
Shoot dates: Friday September 27th 2008 – Sunday September 28th 2008
“Roles required . . .
“The Killer: Need a male, playing age mid to late 20’s. Needs to deliver in a cold, sociopathic tone. Since face is disguised for the most part, need someone with a commanding voice.
“Roger: Primarily the victim in the scenario. Male playing age mid 40’s, preferably silver-ish hair. Family man type with a deceptive streak built from a place of insecurity.
“Wife: Rogers significant other. One scene req. Female playing age late 30’s. Other physical attributes not important.
“Kids: Need two children, preferably one girl and one boy ages 7 – 8.
“Writer: Male, playing age mid – late 20’s
Writers girlfriend: Female, Playing age mid – late 20’s.
“I’m casting all of these roles personally so just contact me through facebook to start the process. We’re short on time so the sooner the better.
“Roles are non paid for House of Cards but we are working on a $3M feature right after this with major A-list talent and I remember things like work ethic and true acting chops when considering roles for that too.”
Two days after the Facebook post, “xrpressdirector” made a purchase via iOffer.com, an eBay-like auction site. xpressdirector, a male in Alberta, Canada, bought a “telescopic stun gun baton w/alarm/light.” The weapon was specifically advertised as “legal in Canada.”
The item was shipped on September 5.
mtwitchell.jpgAt XpressEntertainment.ca, Mark Andrew Twitchell promoted his film work. His biggest, ongoing project was Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion. Secrets was “a full length feature film that employs professional acting talent, a multi faceted plot line and professional industry effects wizardry to achieve the production values of an $80,000,000 film on a budget of just $60,000.”
Elsewhere on the same website you could find the story of Xpress Entertainment:
“Xpress Entertainment was founded in October 2005 by Mark Twitchell as a film promotions company. It soon switched gears to film production and has stayed on that path ever since. The first major undertaking released under the banner of Xpress Entertainment is Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion. A full length feature film that was assembled, produced, shot and will be completed for around $60,000 USD which considering the production values of the film, is a paramount achievement on behalf of the company and it’s partners.
“Now Xpress Entertainment seeks to branch out into all genres of film, producing them outside of the studio system to keep the creative control in the hands of the writer and director. Star Wars was a labor of love for all who contribute to it’s fruition, primarily serving as one huge demo reel that proves our company can accomplish anything it sets out to do and stands alone as the only non profit project on our schedule.
“Every future endeavor we produce moves forward with the same goals and principals on which the ocmpany was founded. Use a powerful work ethic and ruthlessly resourceful minds to produce original and widely appealing motion pictures that will result in the career success of everyone involved and profitability for the films investors through sound planning.”
At the bottom of the page were some of Twitchell’s particulars:
“Xpress Entertainment
ph: (780) 977-7840
“Email: [email protected]
Mark Andrew Twitchell was fond of the screen name, “xpressdirector.” He used it on YouTube. He also used it on iFreelance.com. The same screen name, usually with the URL to Xpress Entertainment’s website attached, could be found on numerous message boards on the Web devoted to discussing either film in general or Star Wars, in particular.
On October 3rd, a man came to 5712 40th Ave. in Edmonton. He was about 5’10” and weight 180. He may have been driving a Black Ford Ranger. The man was well-dressed, as if he was going out for a date.
Instead, he was attacked by someone wearing a hockey mask. He broke away from his attacker and ran, as a couple walking nearby looked on in shock. The man fled with welts over one eye. Police still don’t know who he was, but his name may have been Hank, or possibly Fred.
Johnny Brian Altinger’s friends have said the 38-year-old man met someone online. On or around October 10, Altinger agreed to get together with his newfound friend.
Altinger was reported missing on October 16.
On Halloween, police arrested Mark Andrew Twitchell, xpressdirector, at his parents’ home in North Edmonton. They charged him with the murder of Johnny Brian Altinger.
It isn’t clear that Twitchell’s House of Cards was supposed to be about luring a male victim via a dating site and killing him, but Detective Mark Anstey said the following to Edmonton media about an unnamed movie Twitchell filmed late in September: “The movie was about luring a male from a dating internet site and basically killing the male in the garage and chopping up the body parts and getting rid of the body.”
The odds seem pretty good that House of Cards was the same movie about which Twitchell posted his message on Facebook.
Edmonton police believe that Altinger was lured to 5712 40th Avenue and murdered there. They believe they have more than enough evidence to make the first degree murder charge they’ve leveled against Mark Andrew Twitchell stick — even though they have yet to find Altinger’s body.
They basically think Mark Twitchell wanted to make his movie real.
Movies were everything to Mark Twitchell. From his MySpace:
“My life blood is film making. I’m hooked. It’s a ton of work and very demanding but if I don’t end up doing it for a living I’ll feel that I failed somewhere along the line. Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion is my baby and I’m makng it as good as it can be because I truly believe people around the world deserve to have this story told with the highest production values a non profit movie can possibly get and since everyone in the entertainment industry is in it because of Star Wars it’s easy to get the help. So here’s to my cast and crew, gods and goddesses each and every one of you. My other passion in life is my beautiful wife Jess. I’ve never been so in love in my life and until I met her I really had no idea what love was or how great it could be. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I love her more every day.”
Twitchell also thought he had the goods to be one of the greats. He wrote one blog entry on his MySpace weblog. It was titled, “What Happened to Star Wars?”
At the end of the post, Twitchell drew a Star Wars-style comparison, one that laid bare his narcissism: he was the young hero, and Star Wars creator was the soulless villain:
“I see Star Wars for what it was, what it should be and for what it can be again. Often I feel beside myself, stunned that it’s me who gets the divine opportunity to tell this story. And that’s when I relaize [sic]it’s fate. I was born to do this and every turn I’ve taken on the path of life has led me to this. It’s my destiny to revive the electricty [sic]of Star Wars and invoke that chill in the spine that Lucas was too focused on the money to do […] He’s more machine now than man. I feel the force and I will bring it back.”
Mark Twitchell dreamed big. His commitment was apparent in even making his addition to the Star Wars mythos at all — not only did he manage to snag real actors to for the work — including at least one cast member from the Lucas films — the only way Twitchell could legally make his film was to call it a fan movie and never profit from it.
Did he wish he could somehow make the Star Wars universe real? Anyone who has ever enjoyed even one movie from that series probably does.
But even a sociopath knows that won’t happen. So the question now is this — did Mark Andrew Twitchell’s desire to create a new universe on film spill over into his actions in the real world? Knowing he couldn’t make a real universe filled with Ewoks and Wookies, did Twitchell decide to bring his darker, more gruesome dreams to fruition?
Worse yet — did he record his acts?
It’s a question worth asking, even though no normal person wants to know the answer. After all — you have to wonder how the police have become convinced they can make a case against Twitchell for murder when they admit they don’t have a body.
They are searching, though. There’s nothing like closure in a crime like this, but at least there may come a day when Johnny Brian Altinger can come home again.
For the record — police don’t think Twitchell and Altinger were acquainted. For all they know, Altinger thought he was headed out for a date. Instead, he may have walked into something straight out of a horror film, and become the unwilling star of the drama. [Edmonton.ctv.ca and Canada.com. Excellent comprehensive page about the case far: Last Link on the Left.]

Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer.”
What better time than Halloween Night for True Crime Report to make a list of truly terrifying mo-fos from the darkest pits of your worst nightmares?
The following maniacs and psychos were not chosen at random. They were chosen because: they are or were real killers, not some Hollywood creation cobbled together from the real details of these folks’ crimes; I think their crimes make them immensely scary examples of the psychopath in action, in the real world; in some instances, they were chosen because they were already famous for being evil; in other cases, I don’t think enough people have heard of the assholes. These people were also chosen because they are all most likely psychopaths. That is, they weren’t insane when they did their dirty deeds. They knew exactly what they were doing, and they liked it.
The actual numbers below are meaningless. Ranking just how horrible these people are is a purely subjective thing. That’s the really scary thing about psycho killers like the people below — ask another crime writer or blogger who they’d put in a Top Ten Most Terrifying list , and you might get an entirely different set of monsters. This is, then, just my own personal list — you’re welcome to add yours in the comments.

1. Big Ed Kemper — Almost all you need to know about Eddie Kemper: he was 6’9″ and weighed 300 lbs. He was a serial killer. A serial killer of Shaq-like proportions. Isn’t that enough? Think about it. If he wanted to kill you, you were pretty much done, son, unless you happened to be armed with a sawed-off loaded with 12 gauge slugs. Still, the deeper details of Ed’s crimes are so astoundingly gruesome and depraved, you wonder how anyone who has ever had to deal with the guy can sleep at night, to this very day. Big Ed started early. He killed his grandparents when he was just 15. Ed explained this by saying he just wanted to know what it was like to kill them. That got him shipped off to a state mental hospital for 5 years. Then they had to let him go — as is noted in the video above, he was returned to his ever-lovin’ momma. Whom he hated with a rage-filled passion few of us can fathom. Ed didn’t kill mom right away, though. First he practiced on co-eds in Santa Cruz, CA, where he lived at the time. Eddie generally tended to stab his high school and college-age female victims before taking them to the house he shared with his mom, where he might remove the girls’ heads and take a few pics to commemorate the moment. Necrophilia and cannibalism were also part of the package. Ed killed at least six girls this way before he worked his way up to mom. Ed killed his own mother with a claw hammer, removed the head from her corpse, had sex with the headless body, then he tried to shove his mom’s voice box down the garbage disposal. His final act was to take out his mother’s best friend, who pretty much received the same treatment. Fortunately for the hitchhiking college girls of Santa Cruz, Ed Kemper eventually turned himself in. Tidbits: Ed Kemper is a very smart man. The video above proves that; he’s well-spoken, even eloquent. He is also unusually forthcoming for a serial killer. Kemper’s not above messing with people still, though — he once told profiler John Douglas that he could twist Douglas’s head off and leave it on an interview room table before the guards even made it to the door. Apparently, that was Ed’s way of joshing around with the lawman. [Link]

2. Joseph Edward Duncan III — That hippy-trippy video above was made by and features the monster himself. Prior to May, 2005, Joseph Edward Duncan III was an unassuming computer engineering student at North Dakota State in Fargo. Sure, he was a level III registered sex offender, but to hear Jet tell it, in his blog, the crime that put him away for 20 years (give or take) was more a misunderstanding than anything. But Duncan finally took off the mask that May. He killed three people inside a home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in the dead of night, after stalking the family with night-vision goggles for a few days. Duncan bludgeoned Mark McKenzie, Brenda Groene and Brenda’s oldest son Slade Groene to death before kidnapping the youngest members of the household, Dylan and Shasta Groene. Duncan took the children deep into the woods, where he brutally molested and tortured them both before finally killing Dylan. Duncan was finally arrested on July 2, 2005. Shasta Groene was by his side, still alive. After his arrest it became apparent that Jet Duncan was every inch a monster in human skin. During a brief period of parole in the late 90s, he killed at least 3 other children — all of them abducted and molested before they were murdered. Duncan is still collecting life sentences as we speak. He has also been nearly as forthcoming as Ed Kemper since his arrest, though Duncan is much less direct, referring in a blog he kept by proxy after incarceration to a serial killer he knew, even though it was clear that he was the killer in question. Yeah… Jet Duncan is the ultimate boogeyman, the weird stranger who looks a little too long at your children. And I didn’t even go into the rumors of necrophilia. To learn more about this charming fella, just check the link on the right. [Link]

3. Ted Bundy — Yeah, sorry to be so conventional here, but Teddy-boy owns a default position on any list like this. Why? Come on. There’s a reason Ted Bundy became so famous. It wasn’t just the fact that he was handsome and engaging, even charming. It wasn’t because he was wily, eluded police several times, made daring escapes. Those things have added to Ted’s infamy, but what he actually did was bad enough. Bundy may have killed upwards of 50 women. He didn’t just rape and murder — he would return to bloated corpses in the woods and do things to them. Bundy would take heads back to his apartment and put them on a shelf, do things in front of them. Under that urbane veneer, that smooth voice, there lurked a remorseless animal who completely enjoyed what he did. Ted Bundy didn’t feel an ounce of remorse. He was fully aware of what he was doing, and he just wanted to get away with it as long as he could. Because he loved it. There are a ton of good links for Ted Bundy online, but I’ll default to Wikipedia, this time — it’s as good an overview as any. [Link]

4. Robert Charles Browne — There’s a new book about Browne on the shelves, and if half of what Browne says he did is true, he easily belongs on this list. Between 1970 and 1995, Browne may have killed as many as 50 people, all across the United States. “The Devil’s Right Hand Man” was a wandering sexual predator, and he claims he killed people in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington. He’s been convicted of two murders already — Heather Dawn Church, who was killed in 1991, and Rocio Delpilar Sperry, who was murdered in Colorado in 1987. Brown says he killed others, and he did it in a variety of ways — with guns, with leather shoelaces, with a screwdriver. Browne did whatever was expedient, according to him. Here is what Browne said about his approach to murder in 2006: “None ever got away; never gave the opportunity […] If you’re going to do it, just do it.” Browne’s description of what he did to Rocio Sperry is the stuff of nightmares. He says he dismembered the woman’s body in a tub, popping her joints as he pulled her apart. Investigators are still trying to prove Browne’s claims, but so far, he’s been pretty plausible. [Link]

5. Carl Panzram — I don’t care how hardcore you think these guys were — freaking Carl Panzram would have called the whole bunch of them pussies. Then he probably would have tried to rape them — even giant Ed Kemper. For few psychopaths in the history of modern crime (and he just qualifies as modern — just) have been quite as overtly remorseless and unapologetically criminal as Carl Panzram. Panzram was a thief, an arsonist, a buggerer, and a killer. He wasn’t a gay killer, though — Panzram seemed to understand this about himself — for him, raping a male victim was an expression of rage and domination. It was pure sadism on his part — he just liked the fact that he was degrading and humiliating the person under his control. Here is what Panzram had to say about his crimes: “In my lifetime I have murdered 21 human beings, I have committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, larcenies, arsons and last but not least I have committed sodomy on more than 1,000 male human beings.” Panzram was clear on his feelings about his history. “I am not in the least bit sorry.” Being executed didn’t bother Panzram at all. History records that he said, “[Hurry] it up, you Hoosier bastard! I could hang 10 men while you’re fooling around!” Panzram may not have been as prolific as Bundy or Browne. He wasn’t exactly a committed mysoped like Duncan, but he was a grade-A textbook example of a psychopath who, at the end, stopped even bothering to wear that “mask of sanity.” All these guys are scary as hell, but in a lot of ways, he’s the scariest of the lot. [Link]
If you want to read up on a few other guys who could have just as easily been on this list, check out the following links:
* Ivan Milat
* William Bonin
* Doug Clark and Carol Bundy
Unfortunately, the list could go on, and on.
Happy Halloween. Sleep tight. Don’t let the looming shadows bite.

Happy Halloween!!
You know whenever there’s some coulrophobia to spread, I’m here to provide.
Chris Hanson is the diabolical brainiac behind Diabolical Brainiac Productions. For a little while now, Chris has been churning out these chilling, simply-made YouTube videos about certain unsung “true crime” cases.
They’re unsung because — sorry to spoil the joke — they’re not true. Chris simply takes old home movie footage, spooky music, and he creates a story. The effect can be astonishingly creepy if you don’t know what you’re looking at. I’ve already covered one of his earlier tales of murder here. The video above will tell you the horrific story of Danny Finan. The big challenge in waiting for the entire story to be told is making it through the terrifying clown parade that fleshes out the middle of the video.
Chris (no relation to the “have a seat over there” dude of “Dateline” fame — last name is spelled differently) wrote to me the other day to thank me for the earlier post. He also provided some unnecessary reassurance: “Just to assure you, I am a very sane person who just happens to have a very black sense of humor.”
He needn’t have worried. I wouldn’t enjoy his crazy videos if I wasn’t similarly afflicted. [YouTube – The Clown Murders: 1966 TRUE CRIME CASE]

CBS 12’s segment about the deaths of Jessica Kalish and Carol Anne Burger.
August, 1994 marked the 25th anniversary of the legendary concert in Woodstock, New York. A reporter from The Palm Beach Post spoke with Carol Anne Burger about Woodstock.
“I inhaled,” she told him.
And Carol mentioned her passing moment in cinematic history. In the documentary film made about Woodstock, Carol Anne Burger was”the naked girl in the pond.”
“I had a lot of fun,” Burger said, “I have a picture of myself leaning over.”
“It’s just such a lovely photo,” she said.
Carol Anne Burger was 17 when she attended Woodstock. As she spoke to the Post reporter, she pointed to a belt she was wearing in a photo made at the concert. She said, “I gave that belt away.” Burger continued, “Some fellow had lost his pants and someone had given him another pair that were too big. He was walking around holding them up with his thumbs through the loops, and I said, ‘What would happen if you let go?’ And he said, ‘My pants would fall down, man, want me to?’ And I said, ‘That won’t be necessary,’ and I gave him my belt.”
It was a time of “peace and love.” People just gave things away.
If you’ve ever seen the Woodstock movie, you know the images — the whirling hippies, wild and nude in the rain, passing fat joints back and forth. The thumping music. All the hair. It was decadent, sure. But there was an underlying innocence, too. An optimism. Perhaps it was the last gasp of a movement, a final moment before many ceased denying that the world would never quite conform to the free love ethos.
Woodstock was remarkable in part for its relative lack of violence. All those drugged-out hippies, including Carol Anne Burger, indulged in the peace, love and drugs with no fear for what might happen to them as they bent over the water in the pond to examine the eternity inside the ragged patches of sunlight that kept flickering through the stormclouds above.
No one was knifed or shot. That would come at another huge concert, later. The nude girl in the pond was safe and she knew it.
It’s a long, long way from 1969 to today. A long way from the friendly girl in the pond, the girl who gave away her belt, to the writer who died last week. To the woman police believe stabbed her former lover 222 times with a screwdriver before taking her own life…