Brian Nichols, Atlanta’s Courthouse Killer, has been found guilty of killing 4 people during a city-wide rampage on March 11, 2005. There were 54 counts against Nichols in all. He didn’t skate on a single one. He wasn’t found guilty by reason of insanity, wasn’t found guilty but insane, just plain guilty. The jury didn’t buy Nichols’s defense that he was delusional and therefore not accountable for his actions. They believed he was a cold, calculating psychopath. Because frankly, he was. Brian Nichols will now face the penalty phase of his trial. He could go to death row when all is said and done. []

rbailey.jpgAccording to cops in LaGrange, Indiana, Ryan Bailey was looking for a female victim that April night. When Bailey couldn’t find a female, he settled for a man.
Bailey, a 29-year-old whose criminal past includes DUI, meth-related charges and domestic violence raps, allegedly told the man he attacked that he’d been seeking an Amish girl. He couldn’t find one, so he settled on the victim — an Amish man whom Bailey saw riding a bicycle beside the road. reports what allegedly happened after Bailey found his mark: “Bailey tackled the victim, forced him at knifepoint into Bailey’s car, drove to a secluded area and sexually assaulted him…”
To be clear — Ryan Bailey allegedly wanted to rape an Amish person. When all was said and done, he didn’t care what sex. His alleged act was born out of a need to humiliate and dominate another. If Bailey did as alleged, he was acting out like a psychopath.
Bailey’s DNA did him in. He was arrested November 5 in South Bend, IN.
Bailey’s alleged victim was perceptive. He told police that his attacker had “angry eyes.”
That’s Bailey in the photo above. His eyes do look angry, Angry, and probably, if the photo were clearer, empty. Is there another way to explain his alleged assault on one of society’s more innocent adults?
Here’s his MySpace, which hasn’t been in use for more than a year. Take a look if you want. I don’t find him worth any further comment:
[WRTV Indianapolis]

tshepherd.jpgAuthorities in Hardin County, Ohio may have a serial killer in custody. Terry Shepherd, age 40, has only been out of prison since December of 2007, but in that time, three women have met mysterious, deadly fates.
Claradell Keller, age 78, was murdered in her home on September 27. Her remains were found among the ashes of her burned-out residence. Keller’s car was found burning in a cornfield not far from her address.
Then on October 12, Judy Kearley and Deb England vanished. They left the home where they lived in Kenton Ohio at half past 8 on the 12th. They were reported missing the following day.
The day Kearley and England disappeared, a remote, abandoned house burned down in rural Hardin County. Investigators found the bones of a woman in the rubble. Those remains have not been identified.
As locals searched for England and Kearley, the truck in which the women were riding the night they disappeared was found behind the home of Terry Shepherd’s brother. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Shepherd is a convicted rapist who served more than 20 years in prison. He is now in jail for violating parole.
The Upper Sandusky Daily Chief-Union reports that Shepherd is “a suspect in the deaths of not only Debra England, 52, and Judy Kearley, 56, but also of in the death of Claradell Keller.”
According to the same publication, authorities in Hardin and Wyandot Counties “are convinced the person in custody at the jail is the individual responsible” for the three deaths.
Col. Ken Hilty from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office says that Shepherd will face charges connected to the murders “in the near future.”
Someone who described victim Claradell Keller as a friend of the family wrote about Keller’s murder here — the blogger states that the elderly victim was shot, as well.
This is suspect Terry Shepherd’s Ohio Sex Offender Registry page: #A489065.
[The Daily Chief-Union,]

caseymanthony.JPGThe Florida State Attorney has once again released a large number of documents in the case against 23-year-old Casey Anthony. There are transcripts of interviews with Anthony’s best friend, Amy Huizenga and Casey’s father, George Anthony. The following interesting statement from George was captured for posterity. Referencing the same car police suspect once held the dead body of little Caylee Anthony, his granddaughter, George said, “Deep in my heart and my gut and my brain I know it…I don’t want to think about that but I had bad vibes the very first day that I got that. I can be straight with you guys and that I hope it stays in the confines of us three. I don’t want to believe that I have raised someone and brought someone in this world that could do something to another person.”
Sounds like George Anthony, a former cop, has had his daughter’s number for some time. That’s what I get from the “heart” and “gut” part of his statement. Check out the link on the right for further details. [MyFox Orlando]

After Ashley Todd, it pays to be skeptical of stories like this. See what you think. Seventeen-year-old Ali Kamara, a Muslim from Liberia, claims that he was attacked Tuesday night by 4 white men wielding baseball bats. Kamara said that the first word out of the mouths of his attackers was “Obama.” Kamara got away, and even though his cell was busted in the attack, he made a dramatic call to his mother, saying he was ‘bleeding’ and ‘dying.’ There are no suspects in this case at the moment. The Council of American-Islamic Relations is asking the FBI to begin a hate crime investigation. []

crimescene2.jpgThe stuff hit the fan in northeast Austin this morning. Now two neighborhoods are on alert, locals in lockdown mode, and 7 schools have been closed.
Around 4 a.m. police responded to a call about shots fired. They found two injured people who were sent to the hospital (they’re currently in stable condition). Then they set about tracking down 5 armed men. A shootout followed, and one of the armed men was killed. He was wielding an AK-47 assault rifle and wore body armor. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo spoke to local press about the man who was killed, saying he was “a man bent on creating chaos.”
Two of the remaining men are in custody, but two are still at large and thought to be armed and dangerous.
This entry will be updated as information becomes available. [ The Blotter]

buchecker.jpgCaitlin Buchecker, all of 15, gave her mother some milk.
Police in Mifflin County, PA say the Yeagertown girl added something special to the drink. They say she added household cleaner.
Caitlin’s mom, Joanne Giampa, drank the milk on Tuesday. Her next stop was the emergency room.
Caitlin was arrested later that day at Indian Valley Middle School. Police are charging her with aggravated assault and simple assault and maybe a few other related crimes.
And yeah, you know her name because Caitlin Buchecker is being charged as an adult.
Looking at her online presence, it seems like Caitlin certainly wanted to be an adult. Her alleged method of achieving that status was just not legally acceptable.
Caitlin began creating MySpace pages 3 years ago, when she was still 12. She gave her age as 20, but information on each profile made it clear she was just a kid. Her AIM and Yahoo screen names, for example: HelloxKittyx12 and Lilshedevil2016.
And by age 12, Caitlin appeared to be a little boy-crazy. On one MySpace profile she wrote the following: “I don’t really get along with girls that much because I find that they become jelous or hate me because they WANT to be me. I think that guys are more likely to like me because I am into sports and I have been told from a lot of guys that there is something about me that makes them love me.”
On another personal profile, Caitlin spoke of her love for animals, like her cat Goose. She wrote, “I am not that smart, big words confuse me, I am a trouble maker in class, and can’t wait until the last day of Highschool so i can say FUCK YOU to all of the teachers!”
Boys came up again as well: “I love boys! they are like gold to me! I am a giant talker in class, home, outside, online, on the phone, i talk anywhere!”
On yet a third profile, Caitlin decided she wanted to go by “Cait.” She also referenced again her lack of regard for other females: “I’m the chick girls love to hate.”
I don’t really know if Caitlin Buchecker’s problems with her fellow holders of XX chromosomes extended to her mother, but a report from TV station WGAL stated that Caitlin was “tired of living with her mother.”
The teenager is being held on $50,000 bail. []
A reader going by kara left the following link in the comments below:
It looks like a link to Caitlin Buchecker’s music myspace, where she goes by “CaitMonstar.”
From the profile, a “shoutout”:
“My Mom – The woman who gave me life & the woman who taught me wrong from right; she’s my biggest hero. I love my mom more than anything, no matter what goes on between us. She’s the one person I know that will support me with anything I do. I love you, mama!”

genericrimescenephoto.jpgRemember this guy? The robber who engineered an armored car heist using Craigslist, pepper spray, and an inner tube? Police in Monroe, WA think they may have arrested the guy some called “D. B. Tuber” when this remarkable armored car robbery made news about a month ago.
The man arrested wasn’t my theoretical suspect, Most Wanted fugitive Jason Derek Brown. Nope, Monroe police picked up one Anthony J. Curcio, age 28. They say they connected him to the robbery through DNA. From “DNA was collected from evidence gathered at the scene and on Oct. 28 the Washington State Patrol crime lab sent the Monroe police a DNA report that matched Anthony Curcio’s.”
Police have also jailed Robert G. Ellis, age 26. He’s been booked on suspicion of holding stolen property.
The investigation into the robbery is ongoing. Police still want to know more regarding the legendary inner tube that may have been used in the commission of the crime. The Monroe PD has a tipline at 360-863-4600. []

nkersh.jpgPolice in Homewood, Alabama are seeking a 23-year-old woman who vanished on Monday. Her vehicle was found Tuesday in west Birmingham.
Sgt. Doug Finch told The Birmingham News that the circumstances of Nadia Kira Kersh’s disappearance have him “concerned.”
“I’ve worked a lot of these cases,” said Finch, “and I’m concerned.”
The first sign something was wrong came Monday when Kersh failed to pick up her kid from childcare.
Even though her vehicle was found the next day and police admit they are worried about what may have happened to the young mother, they don’t have evidence of a crime, yet.
Nadia Kira Kersh has brown hair and blue eyes. If you think you know something about her disappearance, contact Homewood police via their webpage: []

fifthnail.jpgJoseph Edward Duncan III has been given 6 separate terms of life in prison. Judge Edward Lodge told the confessed serial killer that his crimes were “unfathomable, cruel and sadistic.” Lodge also stated that Duncan’s rampage in May, 2005 “exceeded the bounds of human understanding.”
Duncan, ever the remorseless, narcissistic psychopath, was true to form when he spoke in Lodge’s Idaho courtroom on Monday: “I care very little why I’m judged by your or by any human court. Indeed, I do not even judge myself […] My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. The truth is my only judge.”
Jet forgets that in order to have a clear conscience, one must actually have a conscience in the first place. [Idaho Statesman]